Why You Don’t Exercise

Regular exercise is the key to a healthy body. It makes your body fit, strengthens the muscles, and reduce the risk of fatal diseases. But researches show that more than 50 percent of people are not physically active enough.

Some people don’t perform exercises and other physical activities though it is highly recommended for them. Some people start exercising but get demotivated for some reason and quit.

Why You Don't Exercise

Why You Don’t Exercise

If you are facing this problem, then you must figure out the real causes behind them. Without finding and solving them, you can’t stay motivated to do exercises. There is various kind of reasons for ignoring exercises. In this article, we are presenting the top causes why you don’t exercise and their solutions.

Busy Schedule

People with busy schedules can’t manage time for exercises and skip them. Exercise produces energy. So if you do exercises, you can work more efficiently. That’s why find out at least 30 minutes for workout no matter how busy your schedule is.

If you look at your daily routine, you will get some free time. Make the best use of this time by doing exercises. If you still can’t manage, try to walk to reach your office, climb stairs as much as you can.

You Don’t Get Effective Result

Many of us follow random fitness programs and get disappointed for not getting any results at all. The reality is, the most suitable fitness plan for you depends on your body, fat zone, health issues, etc. You can’t expect to get similar effects by following other people’s workout plan. If you want to burn belly fat, you won’t get any result by doing hand exercises.

You Don’t Get Fast Results

Some people quit them for not getting a quick result they expected. Remember that you won’t get any results overnight. You have to be persistent and continue the fitness program for a sufficient amount of time. Besides, exercising too hard to get fast results can be injurious also.

Not Enjoying Exercises

Workout programs may seem very boring when you are a beginner. You may feel exhausted and find them hard on you. But as you do them regularly, they will be easy for you and you will enjoy them.

To enjoy exercises, you can listen to your favorite music while doing them. You can join the gym with your friends and do strength training together. Moreover, some gyms offer some game exercises which you can play with your friends and family.

Your Body Hurts After Exercises

You may found exercising is a tiring and painful task. It happens at the beginning of starting to workout. So many people say goodbye to workout programs. But as soon as your body starts to adapt to them, you will get comfortable and won’t feel any pain.

Be sure that you are not exercising too much or trying too hard. It will end up in creating soreness in your body. Start from a low-intensity workout plan and gradually increase the intensity levels.

You Can’t Afford to Go to the Gym

Getting a gym membership can be expensive for many people, and that’s why people quit them. We can’t deny that the gym provides all equipment for exercising. But if you can’t afford a gym, you can still exercise in your home with or without equipment.

There are a lot of cardio exercises that don’t require any fitness tools. Even some regular household chores like sweeping are responsible for burning calories.

You Feel Shy to do the Exercise

Some people skip workouts because they are too old or too fat. They get embarrassed when they compare other people with them. If you ever feel so, just shed the thought and love yourself. Everybody deserves to lead a healthy life regardless of their age and shape.

Wear this kind of clothes which don’t cross your comfort zone. If you are not comfortable to exercise in public, exercise with your family and friends.

You Hate Sweating

Sweating is a natural process and a good indication of burning calory. But many of us hate sweating and stop exercising because they have to take another shower. In that case, you can plan your fitness routine before taking a bath. Moreover, there are a lot of exercises which burn calory without sweating. Try swimming or exercising in an air-conditioned room.

You Feel Tired

Many people try to exercise along with a poor diet plan. It results in feeling too tired to exercise. It would help if you had energy for performing workout programs.

If your diet doesn’t contain a sufficient amount of nutrients, you will get sick and won’t get energy for physical activities. So stop eating more, but plan a healthy diet which can supply the required amount of energy to do everyday work.

Final Words

Though there are many reasons for neglecting exercises, there are more benefits to workout regularly. Once you get used to doing it in spite of all impediments, your body will thank you. You will gradually notice a significant improvement in your body and mind.


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