What Is The FITT Principle?

What Is The FITT Principle? The F.I.T.T. principle refers to frequency, intensity, time, and type of workout. It is an excellent way of monitoring any exercise program. When people understand the F.I.T.T. principle, it helps them to create a workout plan which becomes effective.

What Is The FITT Principle

What Is The FITT Principle?

As a result, they can easily reach their fitness goals. That’s why it is essential, especially for fitness enthusiasts to think about those four elements while creating their workout schedule. Here you may read through the article to learn how the F.I.T.T. principle works.


While preparing your workout plan, the first fact that you need to consider is the frequency. It indicates how often you do exercises. It usually depends on various factors, including the type of workout you are doing, how hard you are working, your fitness level, and of course, your fitness goals. However, you can maintain the intensity of your workout and other relevant factors by following an expert’s guideline.

For cardio

You can improve your health condition by doing moderate exercise five or more days a week. Also, you can go with intense cardio three days a week. Mainly, it entirely depends on your goal. If you desire to lose weight, you should do workouts more frequently, and it can be up to six days a week.

For strength training

The average frequency for strength training is two to three days a week. But you can follow a split routine. That means you have to do upper body workout one day, and the other day, you need to do lower body workout. In this way, you can make your workouts more periodic.


Intensity means how hard you work during workouts. If you do the high-intensive workout, then your intensity will be high. And the opposite thing will happen when you do low-intensive exercises. Thus, it depends on the workout type.

For cardio

If you are doing cardio workouts, you can monitor the intensity by heart rate, perceived exertion, or a combination of those measurements. Based on the expert’s recommendations, we should do the workout at a moderate intensity.

While doing exercises, we should take an interval; as a result, it will affect the intensity to reach high. Besides doing interval training, we can follow a mixture workout plan. That means we can do low, medium, and high-intensity cardio exercises. In this way, we can accelerate different energy systems and avoid overtraining.

For strength training

We need to check a different set of parameters while monitoring the intensity of strength training. As we know, the intensity is made up of the exercises we do like weightlifting, reps and sets workouts, etc.

That means we can control the intensity by changing the workout we do. By completing a decent number of reps and lifting the adequate weight, we can keep both the intensity and the fitness at an ideal measurement. But if we want to lose weight or build muscle, we need to lift lighter loads.


The next element of the F.I.T.T principle is the time. It indicates the duration of each session. Generally, there is no rule for how long you should do the workout. It entirely depends on your workout type and fitness level.

For cardio

Experts recommend that 30 to 60 minutes of cardio workout is enough to stay healthy. The duration of your activity depends on what you are doing, though. Usually, experts recommend people to do exercises 30 to 60 minutes regularly.

But if you follow interval training or any kinds of high-intensity workouts, then you should exercise for 20 to 30 minutes. But, if you are a newbie, you might do exercise for 15 to 20 minutes. By maintaining the time duration, you can experience a stable and balanced cardio program.

For strength training

The time duration for strength training depends on your workout schedule and how you do exercises. For example, if you do a total body workout, then it will take up to an hour.

On the contrary, a split routine can take less time because you are working for fewer muscle groups.


The last element of the F.I.T.T. principle is the type of exercise you do. It allows you to manipulate weight loss plateaus and helps you to avoid overuse injuries.

For cardio

Cardio is popular due to its changing facility. You can choose from running, walking, cycling, and dancing to stay physically fit. Also, you can go with more than one cardio workout to keep your body healthy.

For strength

Strength training also has variation in terms of workouts. It offers you to do some resistance workouts like bands, dumbbells, machines, etc. Besides, it also offers bodyweight exercises. In summary, you will get to choose different types of workouts as per your needs.

Final Words

Variation is the key to the F.I.T.T principle. It indicates that we shouldn’t get stuck in an exercise program. We can do some workouts for long sessions, such as long walks or repetitive lifting of lightweights. Again, we can do short intensive exercises such as climbing stairs or interval training.

No matter what type of activity we do and how we follow a workout schedule, we should remember that rest is essential for the human body. For that, we need to take a day off or develop an easy plan.


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