Using an Exercise Ball If You’re Overweight or Obese

Using an Exercise Ball: We all see many people around us, struggling with overweight issues. We notice how difficult a simple activity becomes for an obese person. People who are struggling with obesity have to go through a whole different level of challenges while working out. It is a task to convince the mind and heart to work out and follow a healthy diet when you are struggling with obesity.

Using an Exercise Ball

People who are of average weight might fail to understand the hinders an obese person faces in their day to day life, especially while working out. For them walking and running for five minutes or attempting a single push-up might be a great deal to complete.

Due to the physical difficulties they face, they most often tend to lose the mojo of exercising. They stop doing anything about getting back to a healthy life where movements are not a matter of struggle and prefer keeping everything as it is.

How much people might try to defend obesity and ask to accept things as they are, it is undeniable that obesity is not good. It is a form of being unhealthy and an eye glaring proof of leading an unhealthy lifestyle if unless obesity is caused due to some uncontrollable medical condition.

Obesity causes many diseases. So, people who are obese without any valid reason should try to lose weight. If not a drastic makeover, they must at least try to lose some weight to stay healthy and active. We accept, exercising is an issue, but with a reliable determination, healthy diet, and smooth yet intense workout, one can start losing weight.

By easy yet intense workout, we signify adding exercise equipment to your exercise regimen. Using exercise equipment while working out increases the level of intensity of the workout without making it complicated. It acts as a catalyst for more calory burn. One such exercise equipment is an exercise ball. Inserting it in your workout routine will improve the quality of your exercise.

Why Use an Exercise Ball

Exercising with the exercise ball, also referred to as the Swiss ball, makes the workouts, especially the abdominal exercises easy for obese people. It also increases the core strength, improves balance, and a great cardio workout as well.

There might be a slight apprehension among obese people regarding safety while exercising with an exercise ball. Still, all the fears fade away if you have a high-quality burst-resistant exercise ball. There are quite a few available in the market. Just make sure to buy the right size to fulfill all the requirements.

How to Choose

The ideal exercise ball for any person, be it an average weighted or an obese person, depend on three key factors. You do your research and buy your exercise ball. The most important key factor is how much load the ball can take. There are exercise balls available that can support more than 2000 lbs. So, without putting a second thought by the one which supports the maximum weight.

The next key factor is whether the ball is burst-resistant or not. If for any reason, the ball cannot support the weight and intensity of working out, it might burst and cause fatal injuries. The level of injury increases leaps and bounds when an obese person faces an immediate casualty. So, the ball will have to be burst resistance. What a burst-resistant exercise ball does is it doesn’t burst at once under pressure. If it gets punctured, it slowly leaks out the air.

The other two key factors are the durability and size of the exercise ball.  It is apparent that if an exercise ball is meant for the vigorous workout, it will have to made of high-quality and thick materials. About size, the person must buy an exercise ball that suits his or her height.

Choosing the right exercise ball is compulsory to avoid painful physical injuries. It is also crucial for comfort, as, for a person who is overweight, the struggle is so high that he cannot compromise comfort while exercising.

How to Use the Exercise Ball

Start with short sessions. Increase the time of working out gradually. At the start, a five-minute exercise with an exercise ball is enough. Let this continue for a week. Let your body and weight get used to the ball. Remember, an exercise ball has no surface to stay stable.

So, one has to be cautious while exercising with it by sitting or lying on it. Start the workout with a warm-up exercise. Just sit on it and try to balance and improve your posture. It will help you to get adjusted with the exercise ball and loosen up your body. Keep the session short until you are feeling like increasing it. Do not increase the time limit drastically.

It will have an adverse effect rather than doing any good. After expanding the time limit, try some challenging exercises like push-ups, leg lifts, crunches, squats, and more. Stop exercising right away when you feel pain or discomfort. Using the exercise ball the right way will burn more calories, and that will eventually result in weight loss.


What can be more easy and comfortable when you burn calories while sitting on an exercise ball. The problem lies when one doesn’t get the motivation to start working out. So, if exercising with an exercise ball is that easy for those who are overweight, then there should be no excuse for not doing it. The hard work and dedication will tackle obesity well and bring a positive change in your life.


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