Tunturi R30 Rowing Machine Review

tunturi r30 rowing machine review

Tunturi R30 Rowing Machine Review: Tunturi is an internationally-famed brand that has been making iconic products for over 90 years. It has brought an impressive “Cardio Fit” fitness equipment lineup for its customers. Their Fitness equipment lineup contains comparatively inexpensive and basic exercise machines intended for the beginner.

Tunturi R30 Rowing Machine Review

Tunturi R30 Rowing Machine

However, the Tunturi Cardio Fit collection also contains the best rowing machine under $500, like the R30 rower. This R30 compact rower machine from Tunturi comes with 8- levels of resistance to provide individuals with the most personalized workout possible. Here we are going to review this Tunturi R30 rower:

Frame Construction

The robust construction is the most appealing feature of the Tunturi R30 cardio fit rower. Its metallic surface base is made with steel and aluminum components, which ensures a solid build indeed.

Moreover, the front portion that holds the rear stabilizer and resistance elements is formed with steel tubing, and the rail is made of aluminum as well. You can easily fold the rail and make it easier to pack or store it in small rooms.

Tunturi R30 folding

Again, the rower wheel from the base is very simple for the customer to carry. A corrosion-resistant coating is used on the steel part. So, it can last for a long time and does not undergo easy damage yet. Due to no aluminum coating, the metal has excellent corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is compact, lightweight, and easy to transport.


It’s essential to be relaxed when you’re doing exercise or workout for a long time. And if you’re not comfortable, you could face some backlash like back pain and all that as a result. Hereby, The Tunturi R30 Cardio Series takes good care of your comfort. It offers comfortable seats with high-destiny foam, which is also contoured to have improved positioning when you are working out.

tunturi r30 seat

Again, the handle of this rower is also well-padded. However, it doesn’t give you a length adjustment facility that comes mostly to adjust the long legs. Afterward, its pivoting footrest offers you the comfort of not bending your legs to an unnatural degree to get your workout finished.

Tunturi R30 Rowing Machine pedal

Quickly Storage

We only want something that will not take up much room in our tiny residence. The Tunturi R30 rowing machine comes with a foldable rail, making it effortless to store in a compact spot like a closet. The machine is just 31.5 inches, while the rail is folded up. Therefore, it makes storage even better for consumers.

Eighteen Light Resistance

This cardio rower comes with 8- different levels of resistance. Therefore, you can choose from all the resistance and see which one is better for your workout level. Furthermore, there is no need for a console to raise and decrease the resistance level and, therefore, doesn’t even need the power to adjust the level.

tunturi r30 resistance

Again, the internal resistance has a magnetic flywheel and magnetic brake attached to the friction knob. If you turn the dial, it will increase or decreases the amount of resistance according to your preference. Regardless of the fact, you won’t experience any resistance while working out on the first level. So when you do work out with the metallic brake, you’ll feel the resistance, and at that pace, you’ll feel the limit.

LED Display

Its LED screen is very easy to read. The interface displays the overall time, size, number of strokes per minute, and your scores in the app. Besides, it also features a built-in pulse rate sensor where you can monitor your pulse rate with ease.

However, it doesn’t possess any preset applications for cardiac workouts and doesn’t have any online access. Afterward, it also features a sleep mode that lets you save your battery, so you don’t have to plug it in. Again, the console screen requires a pair of AA batteriesOpens in a new tab. to fuel it.

Final Word

Overall, this Tunturi R30 cardio fit rower is very beneficial for developing aerobic health and muscle ability. So, before picking up any rowing machine, consider our Tunturi R30 Rowing Machine Review.

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