Titan Power Speed Sled Review

Titan Power Speed Sled

Titan Power Speed Sled Review: Staying physically active is crucial to lead a prosperous life. For that, we purchase gym memberships and do a full-body workout. Some of us even have personal indoor gyms as we don’t have enough time to go outdoors.

The significant goal of going to the gym is to develop muscle and strength. Some people choose dumbbells to build muscles, while others prefer to boost metabolism using treadmills or rowers.

Titan Power Speed Sled Review

Again, some exercisers go after one fitness machine that allows them to build muscles and develop metabolism. That particular fitness tool is the power sled. It is an excellent fitness trainer that lets you burn calories and helps you get better in your other athletic attemptsOpens in a new tab..

But make sure you use the best power speed sledOpens in a new tab.; otherwise, you may not get your desired fitness result. According to the experts and users, the Titan Power Speed Sled with Adjustable Harness is a fantastic Fitness Sled when it is about the best fitness machine. Let’s get straight inside of its features.


The power sled’s shape varies in meaningful ways. Each sled’s shape offers advantages and disadvantages. Some are designed for pushing heavy plates, and others are suitable for light Olympic plates. The Titan Power Speed Sled is something built for heavy users.

The engineers have ergonomically designed its structure and made it robust. They have attached it with a skid to tolerate heavy weights and distribute the weight evenly. It doesn’t matter whether you push the power sled forward or pull it backward; it will always allow you to control weight distribution.

Essential Features

The Titan Power Speed Sled has all the top-quality features that a standard sled should have. It has an ideal dimension of 20 x 15 x 10.5 inches. The Titan Fitness Sled suits both standard and Olympic plates.

Titan Power Speed Sled waist

It also features proprietary handles that users use to push the power speed sled forward. It helps users develop their hamstrings. Like the other standard power sleds, this fitness sled comes with a padded vest and a leash. The leash measures 9ft. The sled’s total weight 9 LBS.


As a speed sled user, you may know that all sleds aren’t suitable for all surfaces. Some power sleds are perfect for grass surfaces, while others are built to use on carpet.

The Power Speed Sled works on both surfaces. You can push and pull it either on grass or carpet. But this power sled isn’t ideal for uneven surfaces such as dirt roads, etc. This fitness trainer is designed to reduce traction when you use it on grass or carpets.

Weight Capacity

The Titan Power Speed Sled can handle up to 100lbs weight. It enables users to use the largest 35lb plate. The speed sled has a pole that you can use for the Olympic size weights.

Titan Power Speed Sled weight

You can also use smaller plates accordingly. Overall, it is perfect for light training. If your goal is to train the muscle and build strength, you can start training with the Titan Power Speed Sled.

Bottom Line

The Titan Power Speed Sled provides adequate fitness opportunities. It lets users try forward dragging for speed development. The fitness sled also enables users to do backward-facing drags.

It activates their quadriceps and helps build strength. With the power sled’s help, exercisers can develop explosive speed and strength. They can use both standard and Olympic plates, which help them achieve their fitness goals. Overall, it is an excellent fitness machine that is useful for both indoor gym and outdoor.

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