Stamina Ats Air Rower 1405 Review

Stamina Ats Air Rower 1405 Review

Stamina Ats Air Rower 1405 Review: If you don’t want to shell out any money on a Concept 2 D or Concept 2 E, the Stamina ATS Air Rower Model 35 1405 could be your next best option. It’s one of the strangest product names devised for a rowing machine by one of the leading fitness companies.

This best home rowing machine is a durable piece of fitness equipment that is inexpensive and of good quality. This rowing machine, which is manufactured by Stamina, packs many comfort features into it.

Stamina Ats Air Rower 1405 Review

Stamina Ats Air Rower 1405

We will give you a comprehensive overview of the ATS Air Rower 1405’s features and capabilities in our complete rowing machine analysis below.

Build Quality

The Stamina ATS Air Rower Model 35 1405 features a comfortable seat with lots of padding, an ergonomic handle, and wide footrests with nylon straps.

This air-resistance rowing machine delivers not only one of the smoothest exercises you can find but also the least impact when exercising. Besides, its oversized styling and a steel frame for stability make it capable of intense workouts. For sure, this non-commercial rowing machine under $500Opens in a new tab. is one of the best models available.

Metal Chain

The most remarkable aspect of the Stamina ATS Air Rowing Machine 1405 is its metal drive cord. In the price range, several other rowers are using nylon pulls, which wear out over time.

This metal-link chain is more robust. But the chain can often slip when you are going uphill, particularly during more rigorous workouts. This concern has also been a common problem with earlier versions of the ATS Air Rower 1405.


Stamina Ats Air Rower 1405 monitor

Although this rowing machine features quality construction, substantial intensity, reasonable value, you can’t calculate your pulse with this monitor. In this rowing machine, no fitness plans are available. Thus, if you want a precise calorie count, you can’t rely on this setting. However, you can set targets depending on the time setting, and the distance traveled yet.


One other benefit of this rower is how easy it is to sit on. Consumers have lauded the padded foam bench, which is a much easier seat to sit on than the molded plastic benches you find on cheaper rowers.

Stamina Ats Air Rower 1405 comfort

This rowing machine has wide, adjustable footrests to provide comfort to rowing, while the straps help hold the feet securely in place. Besides, its steady air resistance offers a non-jarring rowing stroke as well.


Storing the Stamina ATS Air Rower 1405 is another positive feature. At 73 lbs, this unit is light and very quick to pass around. It comes with wheels that make it easy to maneuver. Besides, the most significant advantage is that the rower is portable to take out. This is a lightweight rowing machine used by apartment dwellers and individuals with little space to exercise.


Stamina Air Rower 14051405 is fitted with an unlimited number of resistances. It has a variable resistance because the faster you row, the harder the air rower can operate.

It’s the biggest reason why we choose the Stamina mid-ranger over many of the magnetic rowers currently on sale. Versatile resistance helps you to set as many targets as you want. In comparison, magnetic rowing’s most significant drawback is that it can be too easy at the entry-levels.

Bottom Line

The Stamina ATS Air Rower 1405 has a range of positive qualities. It offers a reasonably comfortable rowing position for users and relatively well-priced for its quality. So, before picking up any rowing machine, consider our Stamina Ats Air Rower 1405 Review.

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