10 Reasons Why It Is So Hard Lose Weight

Reasons Why It Is So Hard Lose Weight: Having a perfect and fit body is everyone’s craving. A person needs to maintain a lot of things to be in good shape. Losing weight to be fit is a challenge to fat people. Most often, they try a lot of things but don’t get any benefit. It is because they are maintaining a few things to lose weight but doing something wrong, which may lead to weight gain. Here is a list of reasons which may prevent you from losing weight.

Reasons Why It Is So Hard Lose Weight

Lack of Drinking Water

Nothing can be more useful than drinking a lot of water. It keeps you hydrated and decreases hunger. Drinking water before a meal or snack can reduce the amount of food consumption. Having a lot of water also boosts the metabolism rate. It keeps your organs active, maintains a sound digestion system that prevents storing fat. So if you are not drinking enough water, you are deprived of these advantages.

Irregular sleep

A sound sleep works great for maintaining fitness. But sleep deprivation can make you too tired to exercise and other physical activities. A study shows that people having insufficient sleep consume more calories than others. This habit produces more ghrelin and cortisol, which are responsible for boosting your appetite. It also restricts insulin production resulting in diabetes as well as weight gain.

Unbalanced diet plan

A balanced meal contains the required portion of food with enough nutrients. A diet containing low carbohydrates, healthy fat, low calory helps to lose weight. Different diet plan makes it difficult to shed extra weight. Having an idea about the portion is also essential. You can’t lose weight by eating three times where the amount is equivalent to 4 or 5 meals.

Improper meal strategies

Always take meals on time. Stop missing meals. It creates a tendency to eat more in the next meal. When you keep starving, the metabolism rate decrease, and your body stores fat. Missing breakfast can make you hungry and tired within a short period. You should always maintain a gap of at least three hours before going to sleep. Otherwise, it may increase blood sugar and insulin, causing weight gain.

Lack of exercise

If you aren’t doing exercise, losing weight can be a little bit difficult for you. You can lose weight with a proper diet, but it will be a slow process. Selecting the right exercise is also essential. You can’t remove your belly fat by doing exercise, which only affects on your shoulders. Don’t be too hard to exercise. Doing too much exercise suddenly also has a negative impact. You should increase the amount gradually.

Eating excess calories and low Protein

Some people complain that despite doing exercise and eating a low amount of food, they are not losing weight. It is because they are taking more calories than the required amount. Besides, Protein increases your metabolism rate.  Having the right amount of Protein can control hunger for a long time. If you are maintaining all other aspects but don’t focus on these, weight loss can be hard for you.

Drinking beverages

The primary goal of diet and exercise is regulating sugar levels in the blood. But some people drink a lot of sugary beverages after coming out of the gym. Drinks like white coffee, soda, lemonade, alcohol are high in calory. Even sugar-free drinks have aspartame, which increases fat on the body. So the calories you are losing by a strict diet and exercising are coming back in your body.

Overeating while being distracted

Many people have the habit of eating while watching tv, gossiping, and reading. When they fully concentrate on something, they get distracted. Then they have no track of what and how much they are eating. Some people keep eating chips and crackers until the activity is not over. They even don’t stop eating when their stomach is full. One day of excess food consumption can return the fat you lost in one month.

Habits, environment, and lifestyle

Some bad habits like excess eating, eating a lot of sugar, the unwillingness of breaking sweat prevents weight loss. People who lead a luxurious lifestyle, keep themselves deprived of physical activities. Using cars for a short or medium distance, using a lift instead of stairs, are few factors too.

Some people have more tendency to eat in restaurants where most of the food is high in calories. Job pressure, sleep deprivation, emotional breakdown are responsible too.

Physical condition

The metabolism rate of all people is not the same. Slow metabolism rate is responsible for storing fat on your body. Many women gain weight after pregnancy. Moreover, some diseases like Polycystic ovary syndrome, Crohn’s disease, or diabetes are responsible for weight gain.

Some people have a thyroid problem, but they aren’t even aware of them. It is a reason for obesity.  A low amount of Testosterone and high levels of Estrogen also increases weight. Sometimes stress and depression also work against shedding weight.

Final Words

Excessive weight is not preferable by anyone. Obesity is key to a lot of diseases, and it also prohibits your flexible movement. But before trying any method to lose weight, make sure that you are not having any of the mentioned issues.


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