ProForm 250I Elliptical Review

Many fitness-savvy enjoy using elliptical trainers as these machines enable them to exercise without going outside or even experiencing the pain that may come from running, jogging, weightlifting outdoor. The elliptical machines are very famous worldwide due to their flexibility and comfort. These fitness tools are considered the best machines to perform great workouts.

ProForm 250I Elliptical Review

Although ellipticals help exercisers do the workout efficiently, all ellipticals can’t provide users excellent results. For your information, the market is flooded with lots of malfunctioned ellipticals. Thus, it becomes tricky for first-time purchasers to sort the best elliptical machine from the bad. That is why it becomes essential for people to purchase from a brand like a ProForm.

ProForm 250I Elliptical Review

ProForm is a reputable brand that manufactures lots of top-quality ellipticals, such as the ProForm 250I Elliptical. With magnetic resistance, present programs, and other features, it is one of the best elliptical machines under 500. Let’s get straight into its features:

Flywheel & Drive

The ProForm 250I is a front-drive elliptical trainer. It comes with one of the lightest flywheels, weighing only above 10 lbs. It is an inertia-enhanced flywheel and can generate smooth motion. Users can efficiently perform elliptical workout smoothly and quietly.


In the market, you will find lots of ellipticals with non-magnetic resistance. Although some of them offer tensions to do the elliptical exercise, you shouldn’t entirely rely on these devices. The ProForm 250I Elliptical delivers a decent amount of tensions for newbies. It contains the (smr) silent magnetic resistance, providing 14 adjustable magnetic tensions. Users can set the resistance system as per their needs and acquire their fitness goals.


The ProForm 250i elliptical comes with 17 inches strides, ideal for exercisers from 5 to 6 feet tall. 17 inches strides. They can easily use this compact elliptical trainer without stretching themselves much.


The Proform Elliptical contains a necessary console that displays workout information. It allows users to connect their smartphones and lets them track workout metrics: resistance levels, speed, total strides, burned calories, heart rate, and more. Below we will discuss some of the workout metrics.

Heart Rate

The ProForm elliptical machine monitors the user’s heart rate with the pulse sensor’s help. These sensors are located on the handlebars. The heart rate feature enables you to track your heart condition and take the necessary steps if needed.

Speaker & Cooling fan

The other essential features of the ProForm 250i is the speaker and cooling fan. You will notice both functions on the console. You can plug your Mp3 or smartphone to use the speaker and do the workout. While exercising, you can keep your body cool with the cooling fan’s help.

Pedals & Handlebars

The Fitness machine houses over-sized pedals that can accommodate large feet. Anyway, unlike the expensive elliptical trainers, ProForm 250i doesn’t feature any pedal cushion. But its handlebars come with a soft cushion. These handlebars ensure optimal hand grips.

Apart from the pedals and handlebars, this fitness trainer features a water bottle holder that keeps you hydrated during the workout. It also has a tablet holder and transportation wheels. Overall, it comes with all the essential features that may fulfill your requirements.

Bottom Line

The ProForm 250i is manufactured for novices and mid-level exercisers. Although it doesn’t come with a high price tag, it offers lots of high-quality features that any manufacturer will barely offer at this price range. The significant fact regarding this fitness trainer is it doesn’t contain complicated functions to make users confused.

From entry-level users to advanced exercisers, everyone can easily use the elliptical functions. That’s why the ProForm 250i is renowned as the most user friendly elliptical of present times. Thus, if you want to maintain your good physic without breaking the bank, you may invest in this fitness trainer. And if you have a high budget, you can try out the best home elliptical under 1000.


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