The exercise bike is one of the most common sports activities for people who do cardiovascular exercises. This practice, immune to fashions, remains one of the favorite ‘cardio’ exercises both at home and in the gym, especially in these moments when exercising outside has its limitations. However, before getting on this type of bike, you have to be clear about some questions, such as knowing if it is good to do an exercise bike every day or knowing the benefits it can bring.

Is It Good to Use an Exercise Bike Every Day

To begin with, any cardiovascular exercise can help prevent diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, or cholesterol. This is explained by the World Health Organization (WHO), within its global recommendations on physical activity for health. Riding a home exercise bike is considered by the WHO as a healthy practice.

Main Benefits of the Exercise Bike

One of the greatest benefits of the upright exercise bike is the increase in cardiovascular capacity. Cardiovascular workouts strengthen the heart and lungs, improving blood flow throughout the body and positively impacting metabolism.

Other direct benefits of doing an exercise bike are, on the one hand, burning body fat, and on the other, losing calories. The main effect of both will be to help fight overweight. A study by the  National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) concluded that exercising on a stationary bike combined with a balanced diet helps fight obesity.

Stress reduction is another benefit of doing an exercise bike. Pedaling is not only good for the body but also the mind. According to several psychologists, some patients reduce stress and depression by “pedaling”. And it is that pedaling is “giving happiness” to your body and mind, something especially important in the crisis in which we find ourselves.

It should be added that exercising on a stationary bike serves to strengthen the lower body. The biggest beneficiaries are calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. The bones of the dorsal area are also strengthened, thus favoring our postural health, specifically, the back.

Therefore, doing an activity like the exercise bike: strengthens vital organs, helps lose fat; Helps fight overweight, and improves the lower body. Also, it provides a respite for the mind.

Possible Drawbacks

There are some aspects that can become inconvenient. Mainly, if the posture on the exercise bike is not correct, it could cause discomfort in the lower back and cause or reactivate an injury. Similarly, poor posture in the saddle could cause some movement that is harmful to the muscles or even the bones.

To avoid these situations, the exercise bike must respond to measures adapted to each user. If the bicycle is small and the person is large, or vice versa, its continued use could cause pain in the back or knees.

Periodicity: What Do the Experts Say?

The other big question to consider is whether it is good to do an exercise bike every day or, on the contrary, it could become a risky activity. The answer to this question is that doing this exercise every day is not harmful to health if done with planning and control.

Also, if it is planned, it would not involve any problem, it is like doing sports every day, walking or running. It would not be counterproductive. However, if the person has previous pathologies, such as hypertension, coronary problems, or diabetes, they should “consult with their doctor or specialist” to obtain the exact recommendation.

Is It Good to Bike Every Day?

If you want to do a stationary bike every day, it is advisable to start with about 60 minutes a week in low-intensity sessions of 7 to 10 minutes a day. In this way, the intensity can be graduated and increased if desired. With a low and moderate intensity, there is no problem; it is good to do an exercise bike every day. These sessions will always require an initial warm-up phase and subsequent stretching, which will reinforce the safety of the exercise.

Remember that, with a controlled and healthy exercise bike routine, your body will appreciate the effort and perseverance. Activate your body and accompany this healthy habit with a balanced diet.


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