How to Choose the Right Elliptical Machine

Learn How to choose the right elliptical machine: A modern person, especially in a big city, often lacks movement. Simulators allow filling this deficiency.

How to Choose the Right Elliptical Machine

How to Choose the Right Elliptical Machine

Engaging in them, you can solve several problems at once: improve your appearance, lose weight, improve your health, prevent the development of diseases associated with low immunity, and overweight.

The Benefits of an Elliptical Trainer

One of the most popular simulators now is the elliptical, and it is also the elliptical or orbitrek, invented in 1988. It inherited the positive aspects of its predecessors without its disadvantages.

  • Training is practically no contraindications: This device was designed to simulate running and walking without overtaxing the joints.
  • It is often used in the rehabilitation of injuries or illnesses: the safe design is suitable for consumers of any weight and age.
  • The maximum number of muscles of both the lower and upper half of the body is involved in training, and you can choose which ones to develop by changing the settings and body position.
  • Orbitrek refers to cardiovascular equipment, which means that it has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory system.
  • Training on it is the most comfortable and convenient way to lose weight.

Types of Elliptical Trainers

Training will be effective if the simulator is chosen correctly and meets both the consumer’s requirements and personal data. The choice depends on many factors.

  • Loading system: The loading system determines how the device works.
    1. In devices with a magnetic system, the load is controlled by a magnet acting on the flywheel – a large rotating metal disc. The closer the magnet is, the more resistance is passed to overcome. The distance between the magnet and the flywheel is manually adjusted using a mechanical switch. This type of elliptical does not need a network connection.
    2. In electronically controlled magnetic devicesthe resistance is not set manually, but much more accurately, through an electronic console and a servo drive. They require a network connection. The presence of a console and a built-in computer significantly expands the capabilities of the orbit track.
    3. The electromagnetic loading system is based on the principle of induction – when the load changes, nothing moves, only the current in the electromagnet changes. This changes the magnetic field acting on the flywheel, and hence the resistance. Load regulation becomes even more accurate, devices are even more reliable and multifunctional, but energy costs also increase.
    4. A special generator is built into devices with an aeromagnetic load system. When the flywheel rotates, it generates energy, due to which the console and the electromagnet work. Very convenient, but also the rarest option – mainly due to the high cost.
  • It is customary to distinguish between front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive devices. In the first case, the flywheel is located behind the pedals, in the second – in front of them. Ellipses with a center or side drive are rare. As a rule, “own” type of drive is chosen empirically.
  • Flywheel weight is very important. The heavier it is, the more inertia it acquires during rotation and the smoother and softer the exercise machine will be.
  • The length of the step is selected depending on the height of the user and his experience. The larger they are, the longer the stride should be. The best indicator is considered to be a length of 500 mm, simple, inexpensive ellipses, as a rule, have a step length of 300 mm. There are models with variable step length.
  • Q-factor is the distance between the pedals. The closer it is to the legs’ natural position when walking, the more comfortable the workout. It gains optimum value in front-wheel-drive devices.
  • The maximum user weight is determined by the type and material of the frame and body. It is recommended to select a device that can support 10-15 kg more than the user’s weight.
  • The angle of inclination of the pedals can not be changed in all models. For advanced athletes, changing the incline expands the training options.
  • The display that shows the training parameters is a necessary component of the simulator. It allows you to control the process, monitor your physical condition. The training programs installed on the built-in computer are designed to achieve various results. The best models have powerful audio and video systems, the ability to connect to the Internet.

How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer for Home

Elliptical trainer for home is a complete workout for the whole family. Installing it has its own specifics.

  • Elliptical track dimensions: The simplest models take up the least space. A good solution for those who want more functionality is a foldable, compact, and mobile option.
  • Purchase budget: It is customary to refer to inexpensive models, the cost of which does not exceed 500 dollars. Among them, ellipses with magnetic loading with manual and electromagnetic load control prevail. They are efficient and convenient devices, especially for beginners. Not all of them come with a large software package, but in any case, the home ellipse has a console with a screen and a load adjustment system.
  • Height and weight of users: The choice of stride length and maximum allowable weight depends on the height and weight of users. Along with them, you can choose a convenient width of the pedals and the height of the handrails
  • Product brand. A well-known brand means high quality, but also a higher price. When choosing a little-known manufacturer, you should carefully read the reviews of buyers and experts.

Thus, the optimal configuration of an elliptical machine for the home may imply a magnetic loading system with an electric drive, the possibility of folding or small dimensions, a step length of at least 400 mm, a user’s weight from 120 kg, the presence of transport rollers and uneven floor stabilizers.

Everything else – the weight and location of the flywheel, Q-factor, the composition of the software package, the capabilities of the computer, and additional options – the user determines for himself. As a recommendation, the online store Eleptica.Ru offers its own choice of home devices: a selection of elliptical exercise equipment for the home.

Prices for Elliptical Trainers

The elliptical machine price depends on many factors: brand, feature set, body material, number of load levels. The price variation, even for the same drive type, can be significant.

  • Prices for magnetic devices with mechanical adjustment start from 300 – 1500 Dollars.
  • The cost of magnetic ellipses with an electric drive is much higher – from 500 dollars to 1000 dollars and even more.
  • Simple electromagnetic devices can be purchased at a price of 1500 dollars. There is simply no upper limit here: the cost of premium-class models can be up to 2000+ dollars.
  • The price of aeromagnetic simulators, as a rule, exceeds 500- 1000 Dollars.

Which Elliptical Trainer is Better to Choose?

The ellipse market is home to a huge variety of manufacturers, from giants like Reebok to small firms. They all have their own characteristics. You can get acquainted with the current rating of the best elliptical trainers in our review.

The will allow the user to find an elliptical according to the specified parameters using both simple and advanced search. The search bar is located on the left side of the page. Photo and video materials will help you evaluate the appearance of devices.

What Muscles Work on an Elliptical Trainer?

  • With a direct stroke, the quadriceps (quadriceps muscle of the thigh) are actively working.
  • During the reverse stroke, the biceps femoris muscle (hamstring) is trained. It is also useful for his/her to exercise when increasing the angle of the ramp.
  • In the uphill mode, the gluteal musclesOpens in a new tab. are worked out in the best way.
  • The calf muscles are well influenced by fixed arm exercises and reverse.

Thanks to the vertical position of the body and a set of handles, the muscles of the upper half of the body are worked out – biceps and triceps, large back muscles, oblique and transverse abdominal muscles, and the shoulder girdle.

How to Train on an Elliptical Trainer?

Before starting training, you should consult a doctor and make sure that there are no contraindications. Then free up time for training, preferably a few hours before bedtime, pick up comfortable clothing and shoes that do not restrict movement.

For a comprehensive effect on the body, you should combine training and the correct diet. For beginners, regular training 3-4 times a week are enough for at least 20 minutes a day at a comfortable pace with a low level of load. It is also necessary to increase their intensity and duration regularly once a week.

When they become familiar, you can move on to one of the built-in programs or interval training, in which periods of intense activity are alternated with gentle ones. It is recommended to start the workout with a warm-up not to damage unheated muscles – squats, running and pedaling with a minimum load.

Finish the workout with a “hitch” to relax and stretch the muscles. Heart rate during exercise should not exceed the value calculated depending on the purpose of the exercise.

The calculation uses the concept of maximum heart rate, that is, heart rate (220-age). When the heart rate is 60-80% of the heart rate, fat is burned, at a frequency of 80-95% of the heart rate, endurance increases.

An optimal workout for weight loss may include a warm-up and then alternating between moderate-intensity workouts and maximum-intensity workouts. In conclusion, you should perform a “hitch.”

The duration of the intervals of moderate and intense exercise can be adjusted. To increase endurance, you can recommend long training (up to 1 hour) with a constant load or interval training with alternating 0.5-1 minutes of high load and 1-2 minutes of moderate.


The elliptical trainer is a hybrid of a treadmill, stepper, and stationary bike. With its help, you can correct your figure and raise the overall muscle tone. In addition, it is effective for weight loss and muscle building. Our Training Guide will help you learn more about the programs and modes of training.


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