How Much Exercise to Lose Weight?

How Much Exercise to Lose Weight: Losing weight is a difficult task. Once an individual puts on some weight, shedding it becomes close to impossible. They start gaining weight without even realizing and when they do we are already bulked up. We gain weight not only because of eating foods with fat or overeating junk foods.

There are several other reasons for gaining weight. Thyroid, Insulin, Leptin are some of the hormones which cause obesity. A sedentary lifestyle is another reason which causes obesity. Sitting continuously for a long time also causes weight gain. We get so engrossed in our works that we forget to take breaks in between.

How Much Exercise to Lose Weight?

How Much Exercise to Lose Weight

People might gain weight genetically as well. People suffering from depression and diabetes also tend to gain weight due to the medicines they intake. Those medicines cause weight gain as side effects. One might wonder how easy or difficult it is to lose the already gained weight. If the person is determined enough to shed the extra pounds, then losing weight is easier than one can imagine.

One might get a bit skeptical thinking about its excessive hard work. Of course, it requires immense hard work, but it is all worth the pain, as a result, will fill your life with full of happiness, energy, and confidence. Regular exercise is compulsory to lose weight. Include a healthy diet with it, and the result will be visible.


Make a list of the exercises you like to do and skip the ones you don’t. Adding the ones which you don’t like will lessen the enthusiasm, so better opt for the ones which you will feel excited to do even if they are comparatively less effective.

Understanding the intensity level is very important. Avoid intense workout till the time you are ready. However, not coming off the comfort zone at all is never a good idea in any challenge of life.

So, start and continue the exercise remaining in your comfort zone. When you feel that you are getting used to it, add one or two exercises that you don’t prefer to increase the intensity. It will not only add variation to your exercise routine but also increase the challenge of a top-notch higher.

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How Much Weight to Lose a Week

Physical exercise is mainly sweating. The more you sweat, the more you are burning calories which results in losing weight. Now when you have decided the exercises and added a healthy dietOpens in a new tab. to your regular lifestyle, time for calculating how much exercise you need to do for losing the extra weight.

Never opt for quick results. Do not get obsessed with weight loss as well. It is always good to be health conscious but getting obsessed with anything is never good. So, do not over exercise. Set up a goal of losing a maximum of two pounds or 0.9 kg a week.

Losing that much weight in a week is enough and exceeding it is risky and unhealthy as well. It also harms the body. So, set your goal to lose 10 pounds. Then you will have to exercise for at least five weeks to get the result by maintaining the health quotient.

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How many hours of exercise to lose weight

If you are planning to exercise daily, then 25-30 minutes of exercise is enough to lose weight. Vigorous physical exercise in a short period will burn more calories and increase the chance of weight loss right from the beginning.

However, as we said earlier, if you are not sure about adapting to vigorous exercise then start with mild exercises and then opt for the challenging ones. If you are planning to exercise every other day, then you must increase the time length. An hour exercise every other day will be more than enough.

However, if you are exercising for 30-40 minutes every other day then do a vigorous 70-80 minutes exercise on weekends. This one is the best option as it provides time to rest and the exercise schedule is a mix of both short and long hours.

If you are planning to exercise only on weekends, even then weight loss is possible. As they say, doing something is better than doing nothing. The situation is not that bad and hopeless in the case of exercising on the weekend for weight loss. Exercising every other day is difficult and every day is impossible for plenty of people.

So, they can, of course, make an intense and vigorous exercising schedule on weekends and do it for at least two hours. These four hours of exercise in a week proves to be beneficial in many ways.

Twice a week of physical effort might be tough as it lacks continuity and the body might require time or fail to adapt it. Take time and have patience. Explaining the importance of weight loss is not fat-shaming. Obesity is unacceptable not because it makes us look bad. It is unacceptable because it increases health risks and hampers our daily activities.

Leading a healthy life should be everyone’s priority and losing the extra weight is the first step to prioritization. So, those of you who are still making excuses for lack of time for not losing weight should try at least one among the three timetables mentioned above for physical exercise.

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