The 5 Gym Machines That Burn Fat

You should know about the five gym machines that burn fat: Losing weight is one of the main goals when starting to go to the gym. The machines are diverse, and the variety of weight loss routines are much greater in quantity.

Gym Machines That Burn Fat – What Exercise Machine Burns the Most Calories?

The abundance of variants leads to doubts about the best device and the most suitable method. In this framework, specialists defined the best ones to suppress calories.

Gym Machines That Burn Fat

1. Stationary Bike

It is a classic of most gyms: you get to train, and all the stationary bikes are busy. Why are they so successful? In addition to being preferred for heating before switching to other machines, the stationary bike t is one of the most effective for burning fat. An hour on the bike at medium pace can mean an approximate loss of 300-700 calories.

For years, spinning has been one of the preferred cardio activities, especially for women. The stationary bike is the ideal option to warm up the muscles before starting any workout. It is a great ally to eliminate calories with very little impact on the joints and strengthening the ankles.

A study from Harvard UniversityOpens in a new tab. concluded that a 70-pound person could lose up to almost 400 calories. One of the variants that added many fans is the SoulCycle, a high-intensity indoor routine combined with music that improves elasticity, resistance, and speed.

2. Elliptical Machine

It is another of the most popular machines in the gym for its effectiveness in burning fat and tone buttocks and legs. In an hour of elliptical, you can burn between 300-600 calories. Composed of two pedals and two vertical bars, this machine works the upper and lower body, activating a large number of body areas: legs, glutes, arms, pecs, and even abdominals.

Combine various movements of different activities such as climbing, walking, pedaling, or skiing.  According to a study, a 73-kilogram person training on the home elliptical for one hour suppresses 365 calories. That research showed that it is more effective than walking since that activity eliminated 314.

3. Treadmill

The treadmill is another favourite in the gym. It is not the same as running outdoors, but it is quite effective in burning fat and slim down. They can lose between 450-650 calories per hour. It is the prime machine for those who want to burn a lot of fat. Likewise, they are contraindicated for people with pronounced overweight, since too much effort falls on their joints.

Before starting the activity, it is advisable to have a good running technique and know-how to support the foot to avoid injuries. The tibial musculature increases its activity when running on a treadmill due to the simple fact of having to raise the forefoot and overcome it, unlike what occurs on the asphalt. In fact, it is very natural to hear in gyms, especially in the first days of training- that people ‘burn’ in front of the leg.

4. Static Rowing Machine

In this case, he is one of the great forgotten and goes unnoticed in many training sessions of the gym. However, static rowing can help you lose 350-600 calories in an hour. You can know more about this gym machine in our previous article about some best compact rowing machine.

5. Climber or step

It is the gym machine known by many for being real torture. It is called a stair climber or step, and the movement that is made in it is like climbing stairs, but with more resistance and constantly. In it, you can lose between 350-550 calories in an hour.


However, not all produce the same effects when it comes to suppressing calories.


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