Google Fit vs. Mobvoi – The 8 Key Differences

Google Fit vs. Mobvoi

The health and fitness market has witnessed a surge in recent years, with many different products being released to meet the needs of tech-savvy consumers. Amongst these products are the Google Fit and the Mobvoi platforms. Both tools feature integrated functions developed to provide easy access and tracking of users’ fitness activities. So which one should you choose? Read on for an in-depth comparison of Google Fit vs. Mobvoi.

There has always been a debate among fitness enthusiasts and techies on which fitness tracker is superior. The two most popular choices today are Google Fit and Mobvoi, which have become known to most users due to their advanced features. This article will compare the pros and cons of these two trackers so that you can decide which one is right for you.

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Google Fit google fit

Google FitOpens in a new tab. offers a comprehensive platform for tracking physical activity. Its expansive library of connected devices lets you measure movement in multiple ways – heart rate, steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned – then presents it clearly on its interface.


The app is alarmingly simple to navigate and can sync up effortlessly with various third-party fitness platforms such as Strava or MyFitnessPal – although only with their Android versions, currently (iOS integration remains elusive). It also boasts a robust activity algorithm that detects individual routines over time for more accurate long-term data logging.

Mobvoi mobvoi

MobvoiOpens in a new tab. is a minor player in the fitness tracking market than Google Fit but makes up for its size with clever innovations. This includes GPS technology integrated into smartphone apps so you can retrace your itineraries during runs or hikes and map out optimal routes for future activities.

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It also provides real-time audio coaching while you work out. It uses AI algorithms to extend its reach beyond your immediate lifestyle choices towards more personal goals like weight loss or improved performance levels. The health metrics in Mobvoi are comparable to those offered on Google Fit. Some additional features, such as Heart Rate Variability score, are embedded within it – making it ideal if you’re looking for extra support with advanced operations such as interval training or sleep quality evaluation.

Google Fit vs. Mobvoi – Key Differences  

Google Fit and Mobvoi both are leading in the business of health and wellness data, offering comprehensive monitoring services to keep track of your daily activities. But what makes these two services different from one another?

CategoryGoogle FitMobvoi
FeaturesAutomatic tracking, sleep, heart rate, exercise, caloriesSame features + laptop and tablet compatibility
FunctionalityBasic tracking, lacks sleep and heart rate monitoringComprehensive features, TicExercise app
ExperienceEasy to useCustomizable, over 5-day battery life
Cost-efficiencyNeither significantly cheaperMobvoi offers savings in different areas
DesignFrequent upgrades, new colors and strapsOLED display, ahead of rival with sensors and GPS
Integration with SmartwatchesAndroid Wear integrationSyncs with Google Fit
AccuracyPretty accurate trackingPretty accurate tracking
Customization“Goals” featureTotal control, custom screens, activity notifications

Let’s take a closer look at the unique and detailed features offered by Google Fit vs. Mobvoi that make them each ideal for other users.

1. Features

 When it comes to features, Google Fit and Mobvoi both have impressive ones. Google Fit offers automatic step-count tracking, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoringOpens in a new tab., exercise tracking, calorie counting, and more. Mobvoi also provides all the same features. Both are compatible with both Android and iOS phones. However, with Mobvoi, you can also pair it up with your laptop or tablet if needed.

2. Functionality

Google Fit is clunky but does offer some basic tracking capabilities, such as steps and calories burned. However, it lacks detailed metrics such as sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring, although these features were recently added to its latest version. Mobvoi, on the other hand, has a comprehensive array of features, including sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring, using its sophisticated TicExercise app.

3. Experience

In terms of user experience, both platforms are straightforward to use – even people who may not be used to using electronic trackers can still understand how they work quickly. People who already own Google products (e.g., Android phones) seem to prefer Google Fit since it seamlessly syncs data across all the other Google apps they’ve invested in – making the organization more manageable than ever!

Mobvoi allows you to customize your device through its live wallpaper feature and personalize its looks through interchangeable straps in different styles (sporty or casual). The battery life on Mobvoi also lasts over 5 days – much longer than other trackers. So users don’t need to worry about recharging every few days like some of its competitors require them to!

4. Cost-efficiency

 In terms of cost-efficiency, neither is notably cheaper than the other one; however, users should take into consideration that with something like a Mobvoi device, they may be able to save money in different areas, such as replacements bands or accessories that come with specific versions while when purchasing a Google Fit device these additional items might not be included allowing extra costs later down the line if necessary!  

5. Design

Both trackers offer frequent design upgrades, including new colors and strap options. But when it comes to tracking data, the Mobvoi watch is a bit ahead of its rival with heart rate monitoring sensors, GPS tracking capabilities, and an OLED display which makes reading your stats easier than ever before.

6. Integration with Smartwatches

Another exciting aspect is that Google Fit’s integration with Android Wear smartwatches allows users to access information conveniently while on the go. Mobvoi is the smartwatch’s companion app that syncs with Google Fit so that users can easily access their health and fitness information from both platforms.

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7. Accuracy

Regarding accuracy, both Google Fit and Mobvoi’s TicHealth trackers offer pretty accurate readings when measuring metrics such as your step count or calorie burn. However, when monitoring sensitive metrics like heart rate, more precise tracking devices outperform both because they use medical-grade sensors rather than consumer-grade technology.

8. Customization

Mobvoi’s customization options let you track your daily activity exactly how you want it — from creating custom screens to set notifications for specific activities or goals. These customizations give users total control over their wearables so they know when they’re hitting their targets or slipping behind on progress.

However, Google Fit also allows users some customization efforts with its “Goals” feature, where you can set goals and receive tailored notifications, i.e., start countdowns toward those goals to encourage greater engagement with your activity levels throughout the day.

Google Fit vs. Mobvoi – Which One Is Better?

Image: Google, Mobvoi, Canva.

In terms of which platform is better suited for its intended purpose, Google Fit has been favored by many users, thanks mainly due to its incorporation of so many connected third-party services. Still, Mobvoi’s Smart Feed seems more suited to improving overall efficiency in daily life rather than just offering simple activity monitoring capabilities.

Mobvoi could be seen as beneficial if you’re looking not just to make exercise part of your routine but also constantly strive towards self-improvement in other areas too!

Ultimately, it depends on user type: some might value Mobvoi due to its quick access through Android Wear while others may prefer the comprehensive analytics offered by Google Fit.

Video: Mobvoi TicWatchPro – Set Google Fit as Default

If you own a TicWatch Pro, you may have noticed that the default health app is the manufacturer’s app. While this app provides some useful features, you may prefer to use Google Fit instead. In this video by K.R. Davidson, you will learn how to change the default health app on your TicWatch Pro to Google Fit. By following these simple steps, you can take advantage of all the features of Google Fit and have a more personalized and useful health-tracking experience on your TicWatch Pro.


When deciding Google Fit vs. Mobvoi, there are several factors to consider, such as features, design, accuracy, and customization. Depending on your circumstances, one may be a better fit for you than another, so take some time to research each option thoroughly before making a final decision.

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