Elliptical Vs. Exercise Bike: Which Is Better to Achieve Your Fitness Goal

In recent days, the number of health-conscious people is rising. People become more cautious about their health. They eat balanced meals and often go to the gym. Those who can’t maintain a gym routine go outdoor for a walk, run, and jogging. Some purchase indoor exercise equipment and do the workout on ellipticals, stationary bikes, treadmills, rowers, and so on.

Elliptical Vs. Exercise Bike

No matter which fitness machine they use, their goal is to burn calories and tone their body. When it is about burning calories and staying fit, some people get confused about which fitness equipment, significantly the elliptical vs. exercise bike, provides faster and better results.

They also think about safety and comfort before using one of these fitness machines. It depends on various factors like personal interest, comfort level, budget, and health conditions. After taking into account all these factors, avid exercisers decide on the purchase.

This article will show how experts determine the best fitness trainer between elliptical and stationary bikes. We will also compare their features and working mechanisms. Let’s begin:

Uncovering the Elliptical

Elliptical machines are a famous option for exercise, thanks to their workout features. They work on the entire body. These machines feature handles or movable poles that target the user’s arms and shoulders. While doing exercises, the user’s lower body gets an intense workout too.

Users can cycle forward and backward; as a result, they can activate their hamstrings and calves. Elliptical machines also target the user’s core muscles. These fitness machines tend to contain workout programs. Some of these programs monitor the user’s heart rates. Some programs adjust the resistance levels. That said, users can utilize these various programs and achieve their fitness goals.

Using ellipticals is relatively easy; users need to stand in the upright position and hold the handles. Then, they start sliding the footrest backward and forward. Likewise, they pull and push the handles at the same time. It is the best method to burn fat on the elliptical. Following this workout method for thirty minutes, users can burn from 330 calories up to 650 calories.

The elliptical is an appropriate fitness machine for people with joint problems. It is renowned for putting less stress on the user’s joints. For that, some experts mark this fitness device as better than outdoor running and jogging. The only drawback of the elliptical is that it isn’t ideal for people with balance issues.

Inspecting the Exercise Bike

The exercise bike is mostly known as a stationary bike, which is another excellent workout machine. While purchasing an exercise bike, you should consider three types: indoor cycles, upright bikes, and recumbent bikes. All exercise bike types have similar features: a flywheel, pedals, brake system, and seat.

The significant difference among these bikes arises when manufacturers add additional features. In terms of indoor cycles, these bikes let you stand while pedaling. They also enable you to adjust the handlebars according to your height. They do feature resistance knobs so that you can switch gears.

Again the upright cycle contains magnets to make resistance. They are pretty close to elliptical as they come with workout programs. And the recumbent bike is ideal for comfort lovers as it has a chair-like seat with a backrest. The seat is placed close to the ground, and pedals are located in front rather than below the rider. These bikes are ideal for burning calories and working on legs.

Thus, we can say that some bikes contain magnetic flywheel to create smooth motion. Some exercise bikes have pre-programmed workout options while others feature seats with backrests.

But all of these exercise bikes follow the same bike’s mechanism. They require users to pedal so that they can target the user’s leg and core muscles. Besides strengthening the legs and core, the exercise bike helps users burn efficient calories quickly. The burned calories number depends on the user’s weight and how fast users are cycling, and how long they are doing it.  Some research shows that people can burn calories from 400 up to 750 using exercise bikes for half an hour.

The exercise bike is famous for allowing low-impact workouts. It puts close to less or no stress on joints while using. But the demerit of this fitness equipment is that it doesn’t provide a total body workout.

Elliptical Vs. Exercise Bike

The age-old debate regarding the elliptical vs. exercise bike goes on. Some will vote the elliptical as the best workout machine, while others prefer using the exercise bike. Well, in terms of calorie-burning, a stationary bike is more worthy than an elliptical. Thus, exercise bikes draw more attention to people who want to lose weight fast.

On the contrary, ellipticals engage the user’s almost all muscles while they are exercising. They offer more weight-bearing than the stationary bike. As a result, it helps users improve their bone health.


In summary, people who want to experience a full-body workout should go with the elliptical. But if you have knee, hip, or other pain, you should focus on the cardiovascular workout and choose the stationary bike.

No matter which fitness machine you choose, make sure you get the best potential out of it. Anyway, if you can’t decide which one to use, we recommend you purchase both devices and get the maximum benefit.


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