Confidence Fitness Vibration Plate Weight Loss Review

Confidence Fitness Vibration Plate

Confidence Fitness Vibration Plate is a kind of power plate trainer that mostly enhances the possibility of your body toning than casual workout activities. So, whether your goal is to build up body and muscles or to lose weight for improved and firm fitness and flexibility, this best Vibration Plate for Weight Loss will prove worthy for you. This vibration plate amplifies and stimulates your weight-bearing exercises even while lying, sitting, or standing during performing exercises.

Confidence Fitness Vibration Plate Weight Loss Review

Compact Design

This small Vibration Plate is ideal for home use. It has a dimension of 29″ x 27.5″ x 48″ with maximum 300 lbs user weight capacity. Besides, it also includes wheels weighing 62lbs for easy maneuverability.

The vibration plate dimension of this exerciser is 21″x15″ and it weighs only 70lbs. Furthermore, this vibration plate exerciser’s maximum power is 1.5hp, and its input power is 600W. Besides, its input voltage is 100-120v. Afterward, this vibrator plate exercise features a 50-60Hz frequency range and a 1-50 speed range.

Yoga Straps

The Vibration Plate includes yoga straps to improve the upper body and arms. These yoga straps are fitted in different positions with a vibration plate. These yoga straps work for the growth and toning of different muscle groups. Furthermore, pulling the straps against the resistance is very useful for further muscle fibersOpens in a new tab..

Power Vibration Plate Trainer

Confidence Fitness Vibration Plate Trainer offers a low impact and fast, resulting in easy workouts. Whether you are a fitness conscious guy or an inexperienced gym-goer, this power vibration plate will make you feel comfortable training. It helps to improve your bone density, metabolismOpens in a new tab., blood circulation, flexibility, joint stress, muscle strength, muscle suppleness, and combats cellulite.

10 Minute Workout

These vibration plate trainers deliver high-frequency vibration to create the effects of exercise within the body. Its vibration helps the muscles contract involuntarily and causes a stretch reflex without exertion like conventional exercises.

Moreover, as part of low fat and low-calorie diet, if you spent 10 minutes on this vibration exerciser, it will result in the same as 60 minutes of conventional exercise. You will also get the result after using this vibrator plate 2-3 times for 10 minutes in a week.

Controls and Speed Settings

This new Vibration Plate from Confidence Fitness comes with the latest design. This compact Vibration Plate trainer offers fast resulting and easier low impact exercise at your home. Its simple navigation menu and user-friendly display console provide a comfortable training experience to its users.

Besides, this user-friendly fitness trainer includes a heart rate monitorOpens in a new tab., speed controls, and 3- built-in programs. Also, it offers a wide speed setting ranging from 1-50 to makes its users able to set the speed according to their ability levels.

Pros and Cons


  • Improves muscle strength
  • Increase circulation
  • Develops general fitness
  • Enhances Combats cellulite, bone density
  • Features 1-50 speed range


  • If you have joint problems or heart diseases, it is recommended to visit your medical doctor before using this vibration plate.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Confidence Fitness Vibration Plate is an excellent piece of a fitness trainer to boost your home weight loss workout sessions. In fact, it is scientifically proved that this vibrator plate trainer is effective in enhancing your fitness condition better than conventional exercises. So, if you are in need of a home weight loss trainer, you can give a try to this Confidence Fitness Vibration plate once.

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