The 10 Best Wrist Weights in 2022

Best Wrist Weights: There is lots of way of keeping the body fit and healthy by using different equipment which is available inside the gym. The exercise or workout varies from one person to another person. Some people are satisfied with simple work out.

On the other hand, some people prefer the extraordinary ones that will make them sweat and helps to lose fat easily.  Most of them are using wrist weights in their workout period.

Wrist weights are perfect in building the upper body, toning up the muscle, and providing good strength. Here we are going to review some best wrist weights which are available on the internet.

Best Wrist Weights

Top 10 Best Wrist Weights

1. Reebok Thumblock

2. Tone Fitness

3. The Original Cuff

4. Spri Thumblock

5. All Pro Weight

6. Gymenist Gloves

7. All Pro Aquatic

8. Gymenist Weights

9. Yes4all Pair Set

10. Tone-y-bands 

Reviews of the Best Wrist Weights

Wrist weight is useful workout equipment in burning calories for the people of different age and gender. There are various kinds of wrist weights available in the market.

But it is so difficult to find the perfect one which is suitable for you. You have to keep in-depth knowledge before purchasing one of those. So here we help you to choose the best wrist weights.

1. Reebok Thumblock

Best Wrist WeightsReebok Thumblock Wrist Weights are quite simply, and it is an excellent match for professionals who are looking to improve upper body strength. The wrist weights are done in a supple and stretchy material with green accents and loaded up with what feels like sand.

They are pleasantly made and feel like they will hold up to various exercises well. It is effortless to put the wrist weights in hand. It is an excellent exercise accessory for walking, running, high-impact exercise, and other exercise schedules relying upon your inclination.

There is a hole in the upper side of the product; by using this users can lock their thumb for avoiding slippage problems in exercise time. The easy-grip pull tab feature also helps to remove it quickly and safely.

The dimension is 9 x 10 x 6 inches, and the weight is about 4.25 pounds. Reebok’s Thumblock Wrist Weights are a simple and proficient expansion to typical exercise schedules.

With this simple expansion, you can consume more calories for quicker outcomes while conditioning his/her arms. It isn’t only for gym or exercise; however, for individuals who are undergoing treatments and different activities. It might be ideal for those people who want to burn calories by walking or workouts.


  • Durable fabric
  • Good for beginners and professional
  • Easy-grip pull tab function
  • Thumb lock feature
  • Comfortable to use


  • Minimal design
  • Not budget-friendly


2. Tone Fitness

Tone FitnessTone Fitness Wrist/Ankle Weights are completely comfortable and breathable wrist weights to wear. They are great wrist weights for the beginner as well as professional. Users can boost their cardio routine and build muscle perfectly by using these products.

It can be used to add resistance to a variety of workouts for its versatile weights. Users can use it for toning, walking and stretching exercises and almost any other exercise purpose for taking more challenge. They are constructed from soft and stretchy neoprene fabric.

The additional weight given by these movable weights can help increment all over conditioning and improve flexibility and scope of movement. This pair of best wrist straps for weightlifting is outfitted with straightforward nylon affixing closures intended to give a safe and cozy fit for all sizes.

There are two colors of the product. The blue color is available for 3 pounds weight, and pink is available for 2 pounds. The hook and loop closure feature provides a secure fit for the ankle.

You can increment the assortment of their activities by utilizing the Tone Fitness Wrist Weights while they are doing raises, walking, or leg lifting.  By using this product and, you may get a healthy and beneficial amount of resistance for exercise or workouts.


  • Constructed with durable but soft fabric
  • Compact enough to hide under clothes
  • Can be used for therapy purpose
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable to use


  • Weights can slide out
  • Minimal design


3. The Original Cuff

The Original CuffThe Original Cuff Ankle and Wrist Weight is a comfortable wrist weight to wear and flexible to fit the wrist and ankle snugly. Since 30 years, it has proven that the original cuff and wrist weight is very useful for medical treatment.

It has an extended closure strap which guarantees protected and comfortable fit in every work out time. It is constructed with heavy-duty materials and double-stitching throughout.

One of the most excellent features is, the Original Cuff Ankle and Wrist Weight are available from 0.25 pounds to 25 pounds individually or in a set. But the wrist weight, which is about 5 pound is useful for both beginner and professional.

This wrist wraps for lifting dimension is 14.5 x 4.8 x 0.5 inches, and the gross weight is almost 4.98 pounds. The Original Cuff Ankle and Wrist Weight, 5lbs, Black is great for home workouts, walking, jogging, and physical exercise.

It can be used for medical therapy’s accessory. It is effortless to clean. The double-stitching feature ensures durability and provides a secure and comfortable fit in workouts time. Since Velcro strap has a lot of giving to wrap around, it is excellent for thicker legs like slim legs.


  • Constructed with durable but soft fabric
  • Flexible to snugly fit the ankle or wrist
  • Double-stitching feature
  • Comfortable to use
  • Highly effective for therapy purpose


  • No thumb hole
  • Closure strap is short


4. SPRI Thumblock

Wrist WeightsThe Thumblock Arm Weights Set for Women & Men has a non-slide and comfort fit design. It has a comfortable grip pull tab which helps it’s used to remove it quickly and safely. It is impossible for them to come out in exercise time for its adjustable closure feature.

The wrist weights can be an excellent choice for burning more calories with workouts.  They have constructed with lightweight. They can be adjusted up to 4 pounds; each wrist 2 pounds. By increasing a user can get the perfect amount of resistance which he/she needs in his/her workouts.

Comfort lock technology keeps them in their position. So it is quite impossible to slip. The thumbhole size is perfect for all types of user. They are available in 2 pounds and 4 pounds set.

SPRI Wrist Weights are an excellent option for any workout or exercise and especially for those who want to burn calories quick. The gloves are perfect for men and women, and they are constructed with durable fabric which is guaranteed to last.


  • Comfort-fit design
  • Easy on-off feature
  • Easy-grip pull tab with durable fabric
  • Comfort locks technology
  • Can be used as therapy equipment


  • Minimal design
  • Poor stitching


5. All Pro Weight

All Pro WeightAll Pro Weight Adjustable Wrist Weights have a premium quality that set weights are 4 pounds; 2 pounds each. The all-pro weight adjustable Wrist Weights are an amazing decision with regards to building upper body strength carefully.

They have a comfortable fit. So the user can wear them for an extended period without feeling uneasy. They are available in fluorescent blue color. The wrist weights can be adjusted first and simple for its easy adjusted design.

One of the great things that these wrist weights are constructed with durable fabric, so without having any trouble, you can use it for a long time. It is 4 pounds set, so each wrist weight weighs 2 pounds.

The weights are a cylinder in shape which is constructed with wrought iron material. So they are more durable from others. The material of the wrist weight casing is water-resistant, so you can wipe it when it gets dirty.

They are both soft and permeable, so the user may feel comfortable to wear it. Men and women, as well as kids, use it by using the adjustable straps.  For being very comfortable for long periods, these wrist weights may be the best wrist weights for a user.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Comfortable and padded design
  • Solid iron weight adjustments
  • Up to 2lbs weight in each ankle weight
  • Easy on-off function
  • Water-resistance casing


  • Not very comfortable for bare skin
  • No thumbhole


6. Gymenist Gloves

Gymenist GlovesThese weight gloves seem well made, and they can distribute the weight perfectly. These gloves are excellent for training exercises, cardio fitness classes, boxing classes, outdoor, running sports.

The design of the model is unique and commits to giving ultimate protection. They secure the hand without a doubt; they ensure the wrist clearly, but also every single finger and thumb from wear and tear.

For all-around ultimate protection feature, you will get hardcore workouts in with quick recovery. One of the most helpful features of it is the adjustable strap, which makes it soft or tightens when you train with it.

This is not only satisfying details, but necessary one is- it also helps your health by decreasing bacterial growth. It allows the less washing that will extend the lifetime of the product.

It has the right amount of thickness and padding. You get the proper dryness with the excellent open design. So you can get through very extreme sessions with less stickiness.


  • Right thickness and padding
  • Leather palm protection
  • Ultimate protection
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lightweight & comfortable to wear


  • The weight is not evenly distributed


7. All Pro Aquatic

All Pro AquaticThe All-Pro Aqua Power Wrist Weights 4-lb Pair fit comfortably around the wrists to add fundamental load-bearing activities to a water practice schedule. You can change their level of resistance by evacuating or including singular loads.

They are easily adjustable and comfortable to wear. Unlike other, standard water wrist weights, All Pro has explicitly structured these weights to be removable to increment or decline the dimension of resistance.

Each adjustable wrist weight includes 2lbs (4lbs total for the pair) of 16 removable, vinyl-coated 4oz weights. While some dry land weights may be alright to use in the water, the All-Pro Aquatic Wrist Weights were explicitly designed for strength training in the water.

The waterproof neoprene external layer is friendly to wear and impervious to water logging. The stress-free insert panel cushions and ensures sensitive skin around the wrist for a progressively comfortable fit.

The individual metal weights are anything but difficult to include or evacuate and are safely bolted into a spot inside the cushioned wristband. The wristband verifies with a slip-evidence, non-metal buckles and heavy Velcro conclusion for simple on and off.

All Pro Aqua Power Wrist Weights 4-lb Pair is perfect for vigorous water exercise. They are so natural to customize, enabling clients to develop to the most extreme weight at their own pace.


  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Great for water ballet and muscle tone
  • Adjustability
  • Advanced quality
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Poor quality Velcro straps
  • High price range



Best Wrist WeightsGYMENIST Pair of Wrist Weights is perfect for training exercises, fitness, boxing, cardio, outdoor sports. Great for straightening your forearm and shoulders. There is a thumb hole which provides the great assurance that the weights will never fall off.

Thumb whole also guarantees that it won’t move up or down your hand like the various wrist weights. For a better workout, you can wear it while going out for work. By wearing it, you can also give your muscles a better workout during the day without going to the gym.

It will stay on your wrist that is especially great to improve your punching and boxing skills. There are various colors of the product; Blue, Purple, Green. These are well constructed and a great value.

It is effortless to utilize. You need to wrap it over your lower legs, legs, arms, or wrists. It isn’t only for the utilization of rec center fans yet for individuals who are experiencing treatments and different exercises.

Not merely that, you can pick the weight contingent upon your capacity and your inclination. One size fits all since it is adjustable. It is made of expert evaluation materials, and it is inside your financial plan.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Good for beginner and professional
  • Can be used for therapy
  • Adjustable feature
  • Budget-friendly
  • Hole for thumb


  • Inaccurate size
  • The weight is not evenly distributed


9. Yes4All Set

Yes4All SetYes4All Ankle/Wrist Weight Pair Set with Adjustable Strap is constructed with high-quality neoprene material with a strong adjustable Velcro strap. Mainly it is designed with delicate, smooth neoprene material to anticipate scraped area on your skin.

Again, the secure D-ring and the huge Velcro band also give a great fit to your lower leg/wrist weight. It is perfect for fitness, cardio exercises, or physical therapy.

It may add more resistance and challenge to improve lower body strength improve balance, rehabilitate muscles and coordination for physical therapy, walking, home exercise, core training, gym, jogging, CrossFit, aerobics, and many other fitness exercises.

For the best wrist weights for walking in the market, you should need to consider Yes4All Ankle/Wrist Weights. This is a standout amongst society’s best advantage on account of its material structure that objectives the comfortability of the wrist weights when being used.

They structured it as dependent on the exercises that the people will utilize. It adds protection from your everyday exercise schedules and also advances healthy activity too.

We ensured that with this item, your safety isn’t undermined. With its high-class material composition, we are confident that it can keep up your exercises, and you will most likely work out effectively and efficiently.


  • Constructed with high-class materials
  • Good for beginners and professionals
  • Can be equipment for therapies
  • Comfortable to use
  • Budget-friendly


  • Minimal design
  • The cloth that houses the sand can easily be scratched


10. Tone-y-Bands

Tone-y-BandsTone-y-Bands | Fully Adjustable Wearable Wrist Weights is Wearable Wrist Weights for arm toning. They are comfortable to use and very easy to clean.

They are the perfect amount of weight to add a little intensity to your workouts. They are truly wearable wrist weights designed for the wrist that stays comfortably in place no matter how you move.

You can perfectly intensify any workout like that running, walking, yoga, Pilates, Barre, Bounce, traveling, home workouts, core training. A hands-free way to tone arms, build muscle, burn fat.

It looks and feels like arm jewelry or watches. It can be worn for the day in your optimal solace as the loads can be effectively included or expelled an ounce at any moment.

These adjustable wrist weights are available in three different weights and seven different colors depending on your preference. 1lb set, 1.5lb set, 2lb set all are available for black, deep blue, neon yellow, ocean blue, pink, plum, and white colors.

One great option, you can use it for physical and rehabilitation therapy. It modifies dependent on your capacity; that is the reason they gave you choices. It doesn’t pressure and weights your muscles all through your exercise. It develops step by step and improves its quality.


  • Stylish patented design
  • No scratchy Velcro
  • Odor, sweat and waterproof
  • Good for professional
  • Can be equipment for therapies
  • Adjustable feature


  • It does not fit all sizes
  • Not good for long periods


Wrist Weights FAQs

Are Wrist Weights Good?

Yes, according to the health experts, wrist weights enhance calorie burning during aerobic exercises. But you have to be aware of using it as it creates workloads on your joints like- elbow, wrists, and shoulders yet.

Is It Ok to Wear Wrist Weights All Day Long?

No, it’s not ok to wear wrist weights all day long, especially when you are sleeping. Besides, if you are bearing additional weight on your body, it is wiser to avoid wrist weights. Also, overweight people are suggested by fitness experts for not to use wrist weights yet.

What Are the Best Wrist Weights?

You will get a lot of options available in the market. Based on our review, we found some excellent wrist weights, such as-

  • Reebok Thumblock Wrist Weights
  • Tone Fitness Wrist/ankle Weights
  • The Original Cuff Ankle and Wrist Weight

How to Select the Best Wrist Weights?

To get the desired and ideal one, certain factors are essential to consider while choosing wrist weights. These factors are-

  • Adjustable
  • Non-slip
  • Quality
  • Comfort

What Are the Benefits of Using Wrist Weights?

Use of wrist weights with proper awareness and caution helps you speed up your training and reach a certain level of fitness within a very short time.

Wearing wrist weights puts all the potential of muscle growth into your legs and tone your legs exactly what you need. It provides enough resistance to keep your energy stable and increase your endurance levels to the best.

Final Words

If you’re interested in using wrist weights, you need to know first about your weight limitations. You have recourse to professional and find how much weights are suitable for you. If you don’t use it; you may fall in injury. We hope that this article on the best wrist weights helps you to choose the best one from the marketplace.


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