The 10 Best Weight Lifting Belt for Crossfit in 2023

Best Weight Lifting Belt for Crossfit

Are you serious about weight lifting? If you are positive with your answer, then this is the right time to pick the correct weight lifting belt. A good quality weight lifting belt will allow you to lift more weight while providing additional support to your spine to keep it stable under heavyweight.

With a good quality weight lifting belt, you will be able to perform all the heavy exercises like squat, deadlift, and all the overhead power moves safely. A weight lifting belt is necessary for both men and women who want to lift the weight.

In this article today, we will talk about the best weight lifting belt for CrossFit so that both male and female users can pick the right one according to their needs. Let’s begin to the significant part of the article:

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Reviews of the Best Weight Lifting Belt for Crossfit

Weight Lifting Belts are available in different types and styles, but Cylinder Belt Tapered Belt and Cone Belt are the most common and widespread. Also, you will get leather made, and nylon made weight lifting belt of those types. All the types serve different purposes for the need of the users.

You don’t have to pick one of each kind and materials; instead, you need to know which one suits your fitness requirements. As the market is full of different options, it is quite hard to pick the right product, and often false advertisements mislead the users.

While you are searching for the best weight lifting belt for CrossFit, this article will be useful. Here we tried to gather some of the best products in terms of their performance, built quality, and price. Read the reviews entirely, and you will be able to find out the most effective one.

1. Dark Iron Fitness Pro Weight Lifting Belt

Best Weight Lifting Belt for Crossfit

The Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro is the first entry in this list. Wondering why it is the first entry? Let me tell you the answer to why. First of all, the belt is made to last with top quality leather materials.

So, it will not break, tear, or wear out like other traditional weight lifting belts in the market. The belt is made of genuine buffalo hide leather, so it’s soft, supple, and flexible.

The belt is fantastic for performing DEADLIFT and SQUAT. While wearing the belt, you can lift over 500and 600 pounds without any issue. You will not even get any discomfort. The belt is IPF, and USAPL approved.

The belt is thick and comes in perfect width. So, the users will get extra power, strength, and support in the back and abs while exercising. One can instantly increase their lifts by 10% or more. The belt powered by Dark Iron Fitness is one of the best in every aspect. Buy it, and enjoy your workout sessions.


  • Made of genuine buffalo hide leather
  • Soft, supple, and flexible
  • Supper supportive
  • Can lift the weight over 500 and 600 pounds in Deadlift and Squat
  • Offers extra power, strength, and support


  • The Ridges towards the Buckle side of the belt are a little rough and tend to hit the rib cage during squats exercise
  • A little expensive

2. Fire Team Fit Belt

Best Weight Lifting Belt for Crossfit

The Fire Team Fit brands promised money back or exchange if the belt ever breaks or loosen during lifting heavyweight. From their confidence, you can realize how awesome sauce this one is!

The belt is made of top quality materials; thus, it is durable and provides excellent back support while lifting weights.  The belt comes with a set of holes, hook and loop support straps. Also, it is adjustable.

For that, you will get your desired fit and comfort, no matter your width and height. The belt will keep you away from unwanted injuries and also boost up your exercise performance.

While wearing the belt by The Fire Team Fit, you can work out in confidence. Both men and women of any age can wear a belt with comfort.


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Comfortable and Washable
  • Maximizes workout performance
  • Keep away injuries
  • Offers excellent back and abdominal support


  • The sizing is not proper

3. Harbinger Padded Weightlifting Belt

Harbinger Padded

The Harbinger Padded Leather Belt is another remarkable stuff. it will keep you away from unwanted injuries and your lower lumber safe with additional padding and excellent construction!

Do you need any more reasons to purchase this? I guess not still I am going to explore the quality of the product to remove all your confusion from the root! The product is made out of high-quality leather that enhances its durability.

You will get four inches of leather protection around your lumbar area. So, lifting heavyweight will never be a problem if you wear a belt from Harbinger. A suede inner lining is available that ensures a perfect fit against the skin.

Around the edges of the unit, you will notice double stitching that plays a vital role in the longevity of the belt. The belt keeps sweat away and prevents odor. Overall, the design and color are attractive. And the price is fair enough.


  • Four-inch backing with board backing
  • Double stitching around the edges
  • Made of high-quality leather material
  • Offers fantastic support while lifting heavyweight
  • Excellent abdominal support and back support ensured
  • Comfortable to wear and take off
  • Keep sweats away and prevent odor build-ups


  • Not wide enough in the front side

4. Valeo VRL4 4″ Padded Belt

Valeo VRL4 4"

The Valeo VRL4 is one of the top quality belts available in the market. The product goes gentle over skin thanks to its premium leather lining. It is ideally made for both male and female weight lifters.

Again, the belt comes with the cowhide leather. As a result, it stabilizes your back and abdomen while lifting heavyweight. It will give you some additional strength.

Unlike most of the ordinary weight lifting belts in the market, this one will not give you discomfort. The suede lining features a lumbar foam pad. Besides, it has double reinforced stitched edges, which provides ultimate comfort while lifting heavyweight.

The belt reduces muscle stress. It provides safety from any unwanted injuries. The overall quality of the belt is impressive for such a price. You will love to have it in your hand!


  • Maintains proper posture with four-inch wide leather
  • Ideal for heavy lifting
  • Suede Lining Covers a Foam Lumbar Pad
  • Double-Prong Roller Buckle included
  • Stabilizes back and reduce stress


  • A bit stiff

5. Harbinger Nylon Belt

Best Weight Lifting Belt for Crossfit

Ladies, the Harbinger Nylon Weightlifting Belt will not disappoint you! If you are a lady weight lifter and looking for a belt that is specially made for women, this is your choice!

The belt is made of top quality materials. Thus, it is flexible and pretty lightweight. The five-inch wide support panel gives you the comfort and support you need while working out.

The foam core with soft, breathable, plush tricot lining will support your back and abdominals perfectly during heavy lifts. You will get a full range of motion and functional strength during the workout.

The Harbinger Women’s Nylon Weightlifting Belt is the perfect choice for lady lifters out there. The product also offers several color options. Pick it before the stock expires.


  • Ultra-light, flexible nylon weightlifting belt
  • Features 5-inch wide support panel
  • Designed specifically for women
  • Has Heavy-gauge steel tensioning buckle
  • Allows quick and easy customized fit
  • Offers excellent support


  • The front is not that thicker

6. ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt

Best Weight Lifting Belt for Crossfit

Versatility is what made ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt one of the top candidates in this list. You can use the belt for performing many exercises like CrossFit, Deadlifting, squat racks, and many more.

You can be thankful to the genuine four-inch leather construction for this. The belt will give you tons of loops for adjustment and get customized fit. You can even pass it to your partner if you wish.

The four-inch-wide leather belt is comfortable, and it will not slip or ride while exercising. The belt will support you and add some extra strength to your workout.

Also, you will get proper lower back support and abdominal support while lifting heavyweight. The product is excellent in every possible way. Overall, all these features make it valuable and one of the best weight lifting belt for CrossFit.


  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Offers excellent lumbar support
  • Four-inch wide genuine leather
  • Help prevent back injury
  • Offers additional strength and improve performance


  • Putting it on and off with two prongs is a bit uncomfortable

7. Flexz Fitness Powerlifting Belt

Flexz Fitness

Often powerlifters complained that they don’t get their favorite color while shopping for weightlifting belts. Most of the weightlifting belts are black, and many people out there hate the black color.

For those people, it can be good news. The Flexz Fitness Belt comes with several color options, but the performance it provides remains the same!

The Flexz Fitness Belt is made of high-quality artificial leather and solid steel. The outer side of the belt is excellent and enchases its durability while the inner section ensures incredible comfort with suede lining.

The belt will keep you safe from unwanted injuries while performing deadlifting, weightlifting, and many other exercises. The belt will not slide at all, even if you are lifting heavyweights. It is suitable for both men and women. The price of the product is good for the quality.


  • Offers excellent back support
  • Made of high quality, artificial leather, and solid steel
  • Prevents the risk of injuries
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Comfortable to wear and take off
  • Available in different color options


  • The sizing of the belt is not proper

8. Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight Belt

Dark Iron Fitness

The Dark Iron Fitness declared that they will send you a new one if the belt ever fails! That much confident they are with their belt. Now realize how good their built quality is!

The Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight Belt is made of premium reinforced 100% genuine leather. So, it will not break, tear, or wear out like some cheap quality fake leather belts in the market.

While wearing the belt, you can comfortably carry over 270 pounds of weight that means over 6 Olympic plates of weight! Amazing, don’t you think, thanks to its excellent construction quality. Even while carrying weight, the belt will not slide from your waist.

The metal buckle and adjustment strap is excellent and fits all weight sizes. The Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight Belt will give you the highest level of satisfaction you always desired. Don’t miss it! Hurry up the stock is limited.


  • Made of premium reinforced 100% genuine real leather
  • Offers extreme comfort and support with built-in pillow-like padding
  • Fits all waist sizes with heavy-duty buckle and adjustment straps
  • With the belt, you can carry over 270 pounds
  • Doesn’t break, tear or wear


  • The strap where it connects the belt is not that strong

9. Ader Leather PowerLifting Weight Belt

Best Weight Lifting Belt for Crossfit

Are you looking for a budget killer? Here it is! Yes, I am talking about the Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight Belt, which is considered as one of the best for the value. Ader Leather Goods presents us with a double-stitched leather belt with a double-prong roller buckle that ensures an excellent fit.

The belt is made of durable leather; hence, it is flexible, comfortable, lightweight, yet sturdy enough for heavy weight lifting. The Ader Leather Belt will make your performance better by providing some additional strength and support.

The belt is comfortable to wear, and it is also available in different sizes. No matter your body type, you will get the perfect size from the sizing options. But you will not get any color options. It is available only in black color, but the black looks posh! The Ader Leather Weight Lifting belt will not disappoint you by any means.


  • Four-inch wide belt
  • Easy to use closure system
  • Offers excellent fit
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Made of top quality leather material
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • The two-pronged buckle makes it challenging to put on or take off properly

10. Harbinger Weightlifting Belt

Best Weight Lifting Belt for Crossfit

The Harbinger Weightlifting Belt is considered as one of the finest in the market. The Velcro closure included in the belt is best in the list so far with the double-loop mechanism.

The belt is five inches wide that keeps it in the right place while lifting weights. The adjustment is quick and precise with the excellent Velcro closure system. The belt will support you well and let you feel comfortable while exercising.

The belt is made of foal-like material for providing the maximum level of comfort to the user. However, the belt offers excellent lumbar support, and the price is pretty reasonable too. But there is some confusion about the sizes.

Before shopping for this product, be very sure about their size. You can contact their customer service. Their support is excellent. Other than this, the product is a killer in every possible way.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Best Velcro closure system included
  • Five inches wide
  • Offers quick and precise adjustment
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Provides excellent lumbar support


  • The sizing chart is not good
  • The foam/nylon material is comparatively light

Think Before Buying An Weight Lifting Belt

This section will discuss some of the features you should keep an eye out for when shopping for weightlifting belts for CrossFit.


The first consideration should be the belt’s construction. There aren’t many choices. The most frequently used materials are nylon/foam and leather.

  • Leather Belt

The most significant advantage of leather belts is that they are more supportive. However, the majority of leather belts don’t feature Velcro closure. Therefore, they are not adjustable as Velcro ones; those are usually made of nylon. Afterward, leather belts frequently employ a buckle system, which is more resilient than Velcro.

However, one of the upsides of using leather weightlifting belts is that they will offer excellent support for your torso. If you’re specifically looking for a powerlifting belt, go with stiff leather.

  • Nylon Belt

On the other hand, Nylon and foam belts are a lot lighter than leather weightlifting belts and, therefore, a lot more comfortable to wear. These belts are simple to wear and remove. Therefore, they are the best for all-day wear. Besides, the thickness and width of these belts will affect how much support you get from them. By and large, these belts are designed for novice and intermediate users.


There are two common types of weightlifting belts: the one with a clamp and buckle and the one with a Velcro.

  • Velcro Closure

A high-quality Velcro keeps your belt in place during quick transitions and CrossFit workouts. These velcro belts are ideal for quickly putting on and taking off.

  • Buckle Closure

On the other hand, the belts with buckles take more time to get on and off. But, the conventional buckle is stronger than the Velcro fastening, making it more suitable for heavy lifts.


The belt’s thickness affects both comfort and support. In general, a thicker belt can provide additional support, but it may also be uncomfortable. If movements are a priority, you may want to get a thick belt that provides more flexibility and comfort. Usually, weightlifting belts have a maximum thickness of 13mm, while powerlifting belts can be much thicker.

Weight Lifting Belt for CrossFit FAQs

What is a Weight Lifting Belt for CrossFit?

It usually Nylon, leather, or foam-like material made belt, which provides lower back support during weightlifting exercises. Besides, it is also useful for preventing injuries as well. Moreover, this long time wearable belts allow stretching exercises to perform and provide greater mobility yet.

What is the Best Weight Lifting Belt for CrossFit?

According to our best Weight Lifting Belt for CrossFit review, we have found some top-notch weight lifting belts that are pretty good by their aspect. They are-


What to Look for When Buying a Weight Lifting Belt for CrossFit?

In general, all weight lifting belts look similar. But, while buying a weightlifting belt, we need to be conscious and aware of some fundamental characteristics of weightlifting belts. Such as-

  • Belt’s Width
  • Belt’s Thickness
  • Belt’s Size
  • Belt’s Material
  • Closure
  • Belt’s Quality & Performance
  • Safety

Why Should You Buy a Weight Lifting Belt for CrossFit?

Here are some reasons for which we should buy a weight lifting belt for CrossFit:

  • Prevent Injuries
  • Build strong Abs and core muscles
  • Make progress in techniques
  • Better Core stability
  • Improve Strength

What Are the Types of Crossfit Weight Lifting Belts?

According to the construction material, CrossFit weight lifting belts are two types:

Leather Weight Belts: These belts are made from genuine leather, and they are best suited for the powerlifting movement.

Nylon Weight Belts: These belts are made of Nylon, and they are easily adjustable as well.

Final Words

That’s all for the best weight lifting belt for CrossFit. While shopping for the product, you should know about your purpose and need. You should know which material matches your requirements correctly and which type is suitable for your work. Otherwise, you might end up with the best weight lifting belt that is a piece of shit for your needs. Don’t make this mistake.

Above, we talked about some of the most efficient weight lifting belt for CrossFit. I hope you’ve found one from the above list. Now it’s your turn to pick. I am leaving you here with your options.

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