Best Ways to Exercise at Home

Best Ways to Exercise at Home

We all wish for a perfect fatless body. But it requires a healthy diet, sound sleep, right meal-time, and regular exercise. Exercising is the most efficient way, which gives us the perfect shape. We can get the best result within a short time by exercising regularly. But many people have no time to go to the gym daily.

It also costs money. We don’t even have those fancy equipment used in gyms. But there is good news for these kinds of people. You can exercise at your home, which works the same as exercising at the gym. Let’s introduce you to the best ways for home exercising.

First of all, determine what kind of exercise one has to do. Some exercises may be useful for losing belly fat, some may be for shoulder fat, and many are available for reducing full body fat. Choosing the right exercise time is mandatory too. Some exercise gives better result before a meal where some works better after taking the foods. So select the exercise according to this.

Walking and Stair Climbing

The more you walk, the more fat will be burnt. It is so beneficial to lose calory. Walk as much as you can. Try to use the stairs instead of the lift. You can keep it in your exercise plan to reduce the belly fat. Aim for a 30 minutes workout of climbing stairs. Try to do it at a moderate speed at first. Increase the time gradually.


Yoga is a guideline of positions with a different kind of posture, breathing process, and meditation. Though it doesn’t include any stressful physical activity, it can promote your calory consumption as well as a metabolism rate. Some yoga only relaxes your mind, and some are used as exercise. If you include physical activities in yoga for a long time, you can notice a significant weight loss.


Keep your palms on the exercise mats keeping the shoulders apart from the surface. Stretch the body and balance on the hands and toes. Now take your body upward using the strength of arms. Your body weight now lies on the arms and the finger ball of toes. Now go downwards as far as you can without losing the balance of weight. It strengthens the arms, shoulders, and helps to build abs.


Can you think of any ways which can be a form of enjoyment and exercise at the same time? Yes, dancing is one of them. One hour of dancing can burn more than 350 calories. Hip-hop, samba, belly, or any other kind of dance form make you sweat, thus burn fat in your body. If you are a heavy weighted person, try to dance slowly for a limited time. Gradually increase the speed and time of dancing. It can lose weight up to 5 pounds per week.


Lay down on a mat slowly. Bend your knees and keep them perpendicular to the mat. Position the hands such that the thumbs go behind the ears, and the other fingers are on the scalp. Stretch out the elbows from the head. Now slowly raise your head and hold it for few seconds. Now go down and repeat it again. Do 8-10 times at once, take a 2-minute break, do it again and proceed like that.


Keep the legs a little bit wider than your shoulder. The whole body weight is on the feet now. Now sit down, keeping the thighs parallel to the ground. Stand up and keep doing it in the same way. You can add it for 10-12 times in your routine to strengthen the legs.


Planking is similar to pushups. For doing the high plank, lie upside down the mat. Now set up the palms underneath of the shoulder and the fireball of the toe. Now get up using the strength of the hand. Hold the position for few seconds. If you are an expert, you can raise one of the legs above 10 inches from the ground while holding the balance.

Do the same for the other foot. On the other side, the low plank is a position of keeping the body parallel to the ground keeping the forearm on the floor. The forearm must be straight and parallel to each other. Hold the pose as long as you can and repeat.


Stand tall and bend your knees. Start to get down, keeping your hand downwards. When you are about to touch the ground, stretch the body, and make a push up quickly. Now push the hand along with your body upwards.  Just before detaching the hand from the ground, bring the legs close to the hand and jump straight. Repeat the process as long as you can.

There is a vast collection of other exercises like wall squats, kettlebell swings, rope jumping, lunges,  high knees, drawbridge happy frogs, and so on, which pave the way of weight loss.

We can’t deny the usefulness of going to the gym. But it is not the one and the only way to be fit. Many people prefer indoor exercises instead of exercising in the gym. It is less time consuming, convenient, and may give the best result if you follow the rules correctly.


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