The 10 Best Water Rowing Machine in 2023

Best Water Rowing Machine

Very few machines can deliver exercisers a full body strengthening and cardio workout. One such machine is the water rower. It helps users with calorie burning and provides them a full-body workout. Exercisers enjoy a low-impact, high cardio exercise. And this kind of exercise is appropriate for people of almost all ages. That’s why water rowers are more famous now than ever.

You will notice these fitness devices in nearly every gym and fitness enthusiast’s home. If you are also a fitness lover, you should have a water rower in your home gym. If you don’t own one, then you should grab the best water rowing machine. But make sure that you inspect the ins and outs of the rower before purchasing. And in case you prefer recommendations or want to avoid the hassle of choosing, you may dive inside our informative list of the top ten water rowers. Let’s begin:

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5713 Water Rowing Machine

Best Water Rowing Machine

The Sunny Health’s Obsidian Surge 500 is a top-quality rower. It keeps your workout engaging and lets you work on almost every muscle group of your body. Let’s get straight into its features:

The rower provides genuine water performance as it features instant resistance. The resistance is available with the flywheel and sixteen fan blades. When the fan blades spin fast, the water rowing machine can generate higher resistance giving the users a unique experience. These hydro blades can mimic the dynamic movements of exact rowing, though.

Engineers have built the rower with rugged steel to ensure ultimate durability. The steel construction makes the rower pretty light. The Obsidian Surge 500 comes with sweat-resistant handlebars offering comfortable gripping. It also features a padded seat enabling exercisers to do the workout comfortably.

The Sunny Health Rower’s significant feature is its R2 fitness meter. It can track essential exercise metrics, including total time, strokes, calories, temperature, and more. The rowing machine offers easy transportation as it comes with high-density and non-marking rubber wheels. Storing the exercise rower is hassle-free. Overall, it offers a lot of features within this little price range.


  • Creates smooth and steady rowing experience
  • Offers unlimited resistance
  • Comes with a comfortable and functional molded seat
  • Allows easy transportation and storage
  • Affordable price


  • Could come with a better LCD

2. Stamina Elite WAVE Water Rower

Best Water Rowing Machine

The Stamina Water Rower falls into the best water rowing machine category. It houses a fitness monitor and chest strap. The stamina water rower provides infinite levels of resistance. It can create more resistance as the users pull the rower harder and faster. While creating resistance, the rower machine produce sounds like rowing on the water.

Other noticeable features of the rowing machine are siphon for filling and emptying water from the reservoir. It also features a wide, molded seat that offers maximum comfort. Its steel rowing beam and ball-bearing rollers offer smoother rowing. Apart from all these features, this rowing machine features adjustable-length footplates that can accommodate various foot sizes.

These footplates contain adjustable foot straps offering a quick-adjust and more secure fit. The manufacturer has made the rower compact and given it a folding design for easy storage. Again, the rowing machine comes with end cups with a dialing knob. Users turn the knob to attach end cups to the floor. As a result, the machine remains stable while rowing. In summary, it houses all the essential features that a standard rower should have.


  • Offers infinite resistance
  • Rugged construction
  • High-quality features
  • Ideal for almost all people
  • Fairly priced


  • Some may find turning the dial knob a bit hassle

3. Mr. Rudolf Water Rowing Machine

Mr. Rudolf

Mr. Rudolf Rowing Machine delivers you the feeling of real-life outdoor rowing at your home. The indoor rower is manufactured from black walnut wood, making it ideal for regular training. Its dimension is 82 L x 22 W x 20 H inches, it weighs around 58.5 pounds and can tolerate weights up to 320 pounds.

The Rudolf Rower is equipped with a customizable monitor. It supports Bluetooth technology and helps you manage your time and achieve your exercise goal. With its three mode’s help, you can make your workout more challenging.

The fitness rower’s other significant feature is an ergonomic seat, offering optimum comfort while exercising. It also has an active recoil system and height-adjustable footplates with straps. Lastly, the rowing machine allows easy transportation as it contains transport-wheels. You can lift it and transport it to wherever you want.


  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Stylish and functional
  • Space-saving design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Less pricey


  • Features no water level indication

4. Mr. right Water Rowing Machine

Mr. right

Mr. Right Water Rowing Machine can provide the users real water resistance. It allows users to feel real-life outdoor rowing. It comes with an aviation-grade water tank made out of polycarbonate. The kettle is resistant to impact, corrosion, and high temperature. The water tank ensures that water won’t deteriorate for an extended period. Anyway, the manufacturer recommends changing the water every four months.

The rower’s construction is highly rugged and durable. It is constructed from solid oak wood, making the rower ideal for regular training. Its dimension is 82 L x 22 W x 20 H inches, and its weight is around 58.5 pounds. The water rower can accommodate weights up to 320 pounds.

Mr. Right Rower houses a 3d seat cushion, which is designed ergonomically. It is impact-resistant and offers maximum comfort. For that, users can do the rowing workout for a long time. Besides the ergonomic seat, this rowing machine comes with footplates, which are adjustable and non-slip. Users can adjust the footplates using the oval button located in the middle of those footplates.

Again, the rowing machine features Bluetooth Monitor, which is customizable. It allows users to choose from any of the three exercise modes and help them achieve their fitness goals. Storing the water rower is very convenient; users can lift it and store it against the wall or closet. In short, it is much more than a rowing machine that delivers commercial-grade performance.


  • Features active recoil system
  • Operates quietly
  • Has an aluminum alloy rail track
  • Classic design
  • Affordable price


  • May get damaged if many exercisers operate it

5. Merax Water Rowing Machine

Best Water Rowing Machine

Merax Rower is one such fitness trainer that comes with high-quality features. From rowing handle to large monitor, it houses all the necessary functions. That’s why many fitness lovers have rated it the best water rowing machine of the present time.

The Merax Rower is manufactured from solid steel. It offers steady performance and longevity. For its sturdy construction, it can support weights up to 330 LBS. The rower comes with a unique water tank, which ensures powerful resistance. The significant fact is that you can adjust the water level resistances with funnel and pumping siphon’s help.

The fitness rower also features a 19″ inch handle to facilitate your rowing performance. It has a 12.5″ x 10″ contoured seat, which is molded and offers comfort while rowing for a longer period. It’s 12″ footrests with Velcro ensure a secure fit to your feet.

Like the other high-quality rowing machines, it also contains a large LCD that accurately displays your rowing intensity. Besides housing all the essential features, this LCD comes with a race mode that enables you to challenge your rowing workout. Last but not least feature of the Merax Water Rowing Machine is its built-in wheels. They offer easy rolling-in and out of your room. Overall, it is good to go rowing machine offering soothing glides.


  • Sleek design
  • Rugged structure
  • Features ergonomic handle
  • Offers effective rowing
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • Isn’t foldable

6. MaxKare Water Rowing Machine Water Rower

Best Water Rowing Machine

The Maxkare Water Rowing Machine is specially manufactured for people who intend to experience real-life rowing. The rower makes the rowing workout enjoyable and helps users get better health.

The rower is built from sturdy steel that ensures maximum durability. You can conveniently use the fitness machine for a long time ever after hard use. The Maxkare Water Rower features a large LCD that monitors fitness metrics, including time, spm, distance, strokes, and calories.

Alongside that, the screen comes with a race mode making your workout more challenging. It adds motivation to your workout and helps you develop fitness. Again, the water rower features pulleys, which aids in moving the machine easily anywhere. It also has a support point that enables you to store the device upright.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Convenient to hold
  • Appropriate for exercisers under 264 LBS
  • Allows more challenging rowing
  • Fairly priced


  • Foot straps may get loosen over time

7. MARNUR Water Rower Machine


MARNUR is one of the top brands that manufacture superior quality water rowers. That stated, undoubtedly, the MARNUR Water Rowing Machine comes with lots of high-quality features. It is even marked as the best water rowing machine of recent days.

It features a double-track aluminum body that offers better stability. If you compare ii with single-track rower, you will find that it is more durable and enables the users to experience smoother and quiet rowing. Moreover, it can supports maximum weights of up to 300 lbs.

The MARNUR rower contains a large water tank that can hold up to 18L of water. The tank is entirely sealed, delivers pure water resistance. The machine’s water-resistance depends on the water level, paddle’s dimension, and rowing speed. By adjusting the resistance, you can do aerobic workouts and achieve your fitness goal.

The Water Rower also houses a large LCD, which dimension is around 9 inches. Unlike other rower’s displays, it is adjustable, which means users can adjust it as per their heights. Like traditional fitness meters, it also shows exercise time, calories burned, stroke count, distance, and more.

The rowing machine features a superior-quality seat, which size is 14.37*11.42 inches. The ergonomic seat offers optimum comfort while exercising. Besides the seat, the fitness trainer comes with foam-filled handlebars, ensuring an excellent fit to the palm. Likewise, its anti-slip foot pedals offer a secure fit and comfort.

Transporting the fitness machine is pretty easy as it comes with porting wheels. You can convey it easily indoor and outdoor. Storing the MARNUR Water Rower is convenient because you can store it vertically. In summary, it has all the essential features to meet your needs.


  • Comes with anti-slip bottom
  • Stabilizes your lower body
  • Portable design
  • Contains lots of high-quality features
  • Low price


  • Assembling the rower may require you to spend a bit of time

8. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5910 Water Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness

Almost all fitness enthusiasts have heard the name of Sunny Health once in a lifetime. The brand is so reputed and famous for its high-quality fitness stuff like the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5910. It is a water rower with a unique 60° angle water tank and 16 hydro blades.

It produces more consistent resistance and delivers you a higher quality rowing experience. The water rower features a heavy-duty frame, which includes a double-arm structure. The frame ensures stability and provides support to the water tank. The exercise water rower has a durable design, and so it can handle max user weight up to 300lbs.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Hydro Rower features a padded seat, offering a soft, secure ride. It delivers users a comfortable rowing experience. Like the padded seat, the water rower comes with padded handlebars, preventing calluses. The handlebars are non-slip; thus, they offer comfort while exercising.

The hydro rower’s significant feature is it comes with an advanced R2 monitor. As usual, it tracks time, distance, strokesOpens in a new tab., spm, calories, pulse, temperature, etc. Another notable feature of this rower is its adjustable foot pedals. Users can adjust the foot pedal’s height and weight for comfortable workouts.

The Hydro Rower comes with a bottle holder that helps users stay hydrated. The fitness machine also has a device holder, letting you place your device in the holder tray. Lastly, the Sunny Health water rower is convenient to transport and store. It has wheels for transportation, and it is foldable to store conveniently.


  • Features a 60° angle water tank
  • Comes with sixteen hydro blades
  • Foldable design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Affordable price


  • The design could be better

9. Mr. Captain Rowing Machine for Home Use

Best Water Rowing Machine

Mr. Captain Rowing Machine is more of a standard water rower. It comes with a ship alike design, and it provides the users exact outdoor rowing experience. The manufacturer of MR. Captain Water Rower has used solid wood dual rails. Thus, it becomes appropriate for everyday training.

The water rower is appropriately sized, its dimension is 82 L x 22 W x 20 H inches, and it can accommodate weight up to 320 pounds. Mr. Captain Water Rower features a Bluetooth Monitor that lets users use its three modes: manual, interval custom, and target. These modes can help exercisers accomplish their exercise goals.

Apart from that, this fitness rower features an ergonomic seat, an active recoil system, and one-way adjustable footplates. The water rower is convenient to store and transport. It contains transport wheels for easy movement. Overall, it is a perfect fitness device that runs smoothly and quietly.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable footplates
  • Allows easy storing and transport
  • Comes with a comfortable seat
  • Inexpensive


  • The instruction manual isn’t so promising

10. HouseFit Water Rower Rowing Machine

Best Water Rowing Machine

HouseFit is well-recognized and renowned across the entire world. Consumers appreciate the versatility of most of their high-level products, including the HouseFit Water Rowing Machine. It features a humanized design and has 330 lbs weight capacity. The specialty of the rower is it remains stable on various surfaces thanks to its unique rear stabilizer.

The HouseFit Water Rower is manufactured from rugged steel, covered stainless slide rail, and resistance. With six levels of water resistance, this workout rower suits different exercise plans. Plus, it can accommodate variously-sized user’s feet with its adjustable pedals. Like the non-slip pedals, the water rower features an angled monitor. Users can adjust the monitor to the most comfortable angle as per their needs.

Additionally, the HouseFit Exercise Rower comes with a 10.2″ inch tablet support, allowing users to put their tablets, smartphones, or even books on the rower, making the rowing workout more enjoyable. As the water rower has a special design, users can store it in a standing position. With the wheel’s help, they can easily transport the rower anywhere they want it to be.


  • Features sixteen fan blades
  • Has an ergonomic seat cushion
  • Adjustable pedals
  • Allows easy transportation
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • Not ideal for people under thirteen or below

Water Rowing Machine FAQs

How to Choose Your Perfect Water Rower?

By checking essential features, exercisers can easily select the perfect water rower. They can start inspecting rower’s features step by step. First, they can check its material. For your information, most water rowers are made from either steel or wood. No matter which type they pick, it should be rugged and highly durable.

The next feature is the slide rail; users need to check whether it allows smooth sliding or not. After that, users should look for the seat, water tank, fan blades, monitor, handle, foot pedals, respectively. Lastly, they have to ensure that the water rower is convenient for transportation and storage. After ensuring all these features, users should finalize it considering the budget.

Are Water Rowers Easier Than Concept 2?

In terms of versatility, durability, and performance, both fitness machines are widely famous. Both rowing machine’s working mechanism is quite similar. They help you burn calories and achieve your fitness goals. But if you compare them according to their features, you will find noticeable differences. The water rower creates low noise compared to Concept 2 and takes less space on your fitness floor.

On the contrary, Concept 2 has high resistance levels, and it monitors so much exercise data. Thus, you have to choose which one is best and easy to operate. It depends entirely on your requirements and fitness level.

How Much Does It Cost to Fill a Water Rower?

According to expert rowers, exercisers should fill the water rower with approximately three and a half gallons of water. But users can go higher or lower depending on their rowing preferences. The best practice is to go with the manufacturer’s instruction manual before filling the water tank.

How Long Do Water Rowers Last?

Some high-quality water rowers last five years. Some expensive ones even last up to fifteen years. Some rowing equipment starts to deliver low performance after one or two years of use. However, the standard lifespan of a high-quality rower is around five years if maintained correctly.


Most exercisers find water rowers impressive as they offer them a total body workout. People love this piece of fitness equipment for home gym as it is affordable and operates quietly. Plus, it delivers the users the most realistic rowing experience at their comfort. That’s why the water rower’s production is increasing, and the market is flooded with various rowers. As a result, users get lots of options to choose from and easily get confused, and most of them can’t pick the best water rowing machine.

However, all of the mentioned above rowers fall into the best category. All these fitness trainers are from trusted brands. There is no chance to get confused and end up buying faulty stuff. So, you may go with any of the rowers and start doing the rowing workout at the gym or home.

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