The 10 Best Standing Punching Bag in 2023

Best Standing Punching Bag

To improve the punching technique, speed, and strength, training with a punchbag can be the wisest thing you can perform. But for that, you must have the right product hanging in your place. Otherwise, despite trying hard, you will never meet your goal.

Today, we are here to present the reviews of some of the best standing punching bag, so that you can have the right one within a short period. In the analyses, we will try to focus on both the positive aspects and negative sides of each product.

At the end of the reviews, you will be able to judge which one is worth for you and which ones need to overlook. However, it is recommended to read all the reviews carefully to understand each of the product’s nature and features. Without wasting more time, let’s get straight to the point.

Reviews of the Best Standing Punching Bag

Many Professionals have said that you need to try to start with only hitting the punching bag that is heavier than you usually do. It is the primary and most common method of increasing punching strength. To improve both speed and power, you must have a punching bag that is at least a hundred pounds.

The heavier the punching bag is, the better result you will get. Another essential factor is to stay balanced to improve your punching strength. You need to be relaxed and maintain correct posture while punching. But to follow all those tips, you have to have the best standing punching bag by your side.

Otherwise, despite trying hard, you won’t get the result. Let us guide you to the path of glory by presenting ten of the most popular and effective punching bags of the present time. It’s time for the reviews. So, let’s start.

1. Century Original Freestanding Punching Bag

Best Standing Punching Bag

Let us present the most loved and popular best free standing punching bag of the present time with pleasure. Yes, I am talking about the Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag, considered as one of the best of the current time.

The punching bag offers an excellent way to train and build your strength. The base of this bag allows users to fill it with water or sand. The bag is made of premium quality materials; therefore, it is durable and able to serve you many years without any problem.

The dimension of this punching bag is 47.1 x 24.8 x 24.8 inches, and its weight is 22 pounds only. Any sized boxer cans ideal use the product. But it is ideal for novice. The bag looks attractive, and the price is reasonable for everything.


  • Approximately 250lbs of weight when filled
  • Offers excellent resistance and rapid rebound
  • Suitable to fill sand or water
  • Round base for easy roll away
  • Height is adjustable from 47 to 68 inches


  • Moves around a bit

2. Century Martial Arts Wavemaster XXL

best free standing punching bag

Wavemaster XXL is a reliable best free standing punching bag created by Century. The weight of the punching bag is around 270 pounds when it is filled with water or sand. It is not spring loaded but features shock collar of sorts between the core and base.

So you will get stationary boxing experience, and some people even get the satisfaction of hitting because of this feature. You can get assembly instructions on YouTube and just to let you know that assembly is pretty easy.

The bag does move a bit. But if you hit something constantly that doesn’t move at all, all the energy will come straight back to your body.

If you kick and the bag doesn’t move, your hips will take the pressure, which is not that good. So a punching bag with little movement is good for reaching your goals. You better give it a try.


  • Solid construction with quality materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Help improving punching strength and technique
  • Weighs up to 270 pounds when filled
  • Can be filled with sand or water


  • Slightly moves

3. Century Aerobic Wavemaster

Century Aerobic Wavemaster

Century started in 1976, and since then they are producing excellent quality products. For the last thirty years, they are providing quality products for boxing, media, yoga, and fitness niches.

The Century Aerobic Wavemaster is an example of their quality. The bag is excellent for improving your punching technique, speed, and strength. When filled, it weighs approximately 170lbs. The product is made of high-density foam with poly-shell.

You can fill the low profile base with sand or water whatever you prefer. It is rounded for smooth roll relocation. The best part is that you can adjust the height in four different positions from 53.5 inches to 65.5 inches. The price is affordable, and it has some color variations too!


  • 170lbs of weight when filled
  • Can be filled with water or sand
  • Four height adjustment facility
  • Low profile base
  • Don’t move so much


  • Hard to fill sand
  • Not easy to clean

4. Dripex Adult & Kids Freestanding Punching Bag

Dripex Adult & Kids

The Dripex Free Stand Kickboxing Punch Bag is another excellent option of the present time. With fantastic construction quality, this one can serve you many years without any problem.

For its excellent features, many users consider this as the best free standing punching bag available in the market today. The bag works perfectly on any smooth surface, and it stands approx 69″/175cm tall.

The bag comes in a multi-layer construction. The striking surface is made of 2mm thickened PU leather, high-density EPE foam, and eco-friendly fabric buffer. So, it is tear-resistant, fast rebound, and able to withstand heavy use like a true champion.

The Dual TPU absorbers with four springs achieve 360° Shock and noise absorption, and you can also remove spring for less vibration. There are 12 strong suction cups included beneath the base to keep it stable. For improving stability, it is recommended to use sand instead of anything else.


  • Works on any even floors
  • Stands approx 69″/175cm tall
  • Dual TPU absorbers + springsx4 achieve 360° shock and noise absorption.
  • Spring is removable
  • Multi-layer construction with 2mm thickened PU leather striking surface, high-density EPE foam, eco-friendly fabric buffer
  • Has 12 strong suction cups beneath to stop base movement


  • A bit pricey

5. Wavemaster Kid Kick

Best Standing Punching Bag

If you are looking for the best free standing punching bag for a kid, The Wavemaster Kid Kick is the right choice you can make. It is an excellent option for introducing boxing, kickboxing, karate, and other martial arts to your kid.

The product is excellent, based on built quality. Just for your information, it is made in the USA. And we all know the quality of USA made products. This one is not an exception. The Wavemaster Kid Kick is made of premium quality materials and able to serve you many years without any problem.

The punching bag can be filled with sand or water, and when it is filled, it weighs around approximately 170 pounds. You can adjust it in four different positions. The product is good enough for kids, but not ideal for adults.


  • Offers four height adjustment facility
  • Made in the USA
  • Low profile base
  • Can be filled with water or sand
  • Weights 170 pounds when wholly loaded
  • Durable nylon covers high impact foam


  • Cannot able to withstand a jumping combo

6. Power Core Bag

Best Standing Punching Bag

The Power Core Bag is another reliable option for the present time. It is ideal for a complete fight sports routine. The built quality of the Power Core Bag (EA) is incredible with top quality materials.

The product can withstand a hefty punch and kick. Also, it can serve you better for many years. Like all the other products, it also has a low profile, and you can fill it with water or sand.

But many users suggested not using water as it leaks sometimes. Besides, using sand will make it more stable in times of punching. You can surely enjoy the cardiovascular, strength, and agility benefit of a heavy bag if you purchase it right away.

The assembly is not complicated; still, some people find it hard. So, the manufacturer should do something to make the process more straight forward. Overall, this is the right product for the price.


  • Durable enough for toughest workouts
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Low profile base
  • Don’t move that much
  • Ideal for all fight sports fitness routine


  • Challenging assembly

7. Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag

Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag

The realistic torso shaped punching bag from Century will make your martial art training way more fun than before. You will feel that you are fighting with a real opponent due to the design.

The punching bag is excellent as it offers you to learn to strike different areas of an opponent. The construction quality of Century Bob is excellent with premium quality materials. Admittedly, it will serve you for many years.

Furthermore, the Training bag will let you adjust the height in seven different positions from 60 inches to 78 inches tall. You can change the height quickly in less effort. The product is ideal for people of any height.

You can use the BOB with or without gloves. The bag is ideal for punching and strikes. It is made for home use still strong enough to withstand heavy use. If you need high-intensity training, the Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag should be the choice you need to make.


  • Height adjustable in seven different positions
  • Easy and quick height adjustment facility
  • Can be used with or without gloves
  • Offers high-intensity training
  • Offers realistic feeling


  • A bit pricey

8. Wavemaster Powerline

Wavemaster Powerline

The Wavemaster Powerline is made to help you practice karate, tae kwon do, kickboxing, or any other form of fighting exercise. With practicing with the Wavemaster Powerline, you can even get back in to shape quickly. The built quality of the bag is fantastic with top quality materials.

You can adjust the size in eight different positions from 47 inches to 68 inches. People of any height can comfortably use the Wavemaster Powerline. The punching bag can be filled with sand or water. And it weighs approximately 270lbs after being filled.

With the Wavemaster Powerline, you can surely take your workout to the next level. The product is available in two different colors, and the design is pretty attractive. You can surely have the punching bag without any fear.


  • Eight height adjustment facility
  • Can be filled with sand or water
  • Robust construction with premium quality materials
  • Able to withstand rough use
  • Weighs approximately 270lbs when filled
  • Ideal for practice any fight sport


  • A bit smaller compared to other products
  • Slides a bit

9. VERSYS Century V.SPAR.1 Spar Simulator

Best Standing Punching Bag

The VERSYS Century V.SPAR.1 Spar Simulator for Youth is another beautiful attraction in the market today. It is the epitome of quality free standing punching bags. The bug is ideal for increasing strength, speed, and fighting techniques.

Unlike all the other products on the list, this one has integrated handles on the top. This little handle will let you work on your knee and elbow strikes and many other techniques that need controlling your opponent’s movement.

The bag is designed to move. While in real life, your opponent will not stand tall jus to get hit from you. That’s the reason the manufacturer has made the VERSYS Century V.SPAR in this way.

It will move so that you can learn better. Overall, the product is excellent in every possible way. The price is not prohibitive. I am sure you will love to punch in the bag. You can give it a try before the stock expires.


  • Versatile bag ideal for any form of fight sport
  • Helps to increase strength and speed
  • Has integrated handles on the top for working on knee and elbow strikes
  • Made of top-quality materials
  • Designed to move so that you can learn something more
  • Withstand rough use


  • The base is a bit smaller

10. Century Arashi 770 Hybrid Bag

Best Standing Punching Bag

The Century Arashi 770 is the last remarkable stuff on the list. The product is the latest addition in the market, and it is gaining popularity due to its incredible built quality and fantastic performance at a reasonable price. The Century Arashi 770 Hybrid Bag will let you punch and kick in full force.

The product’s built-quality is excellent. You can practice any martial arts with the punching bag. Besides, the bag has a handle on the top that will let you hold the bag for practicing various knee shots and elbow tasks.

The base of the Century Arashi can be filled with water only. Unfortunately, you cannot use sand in it, but with water, it works way better than you can even imagine. The product doesn’t move that much. Overall, it is good for the price.


  • Ideal for all kinds of martial arts training and fighting sports
  • Solid construction
  • Only fills with water
  • Handles included on the top side for versatility in practice
  • Helps to improve strength and techniques of punch and kick


  • The base is not broad enough nor that heavy

Think Before Buying A Standing Punching Bag

There are several important factors to consider when buying a free-standing punching bag. If you are new to buying standing punching bag, keep the following things in mind:


There are a few different varieties of free-standing punching bags; depending on your fitness routine, you can select the most appropriate one.

  • Punch and Kick Bag: These bags feature a broad striking surface, providing a larger space for practice. You can fill their base with either water or sand.
  • Fitness Bag: Due to its smaller and lighter size, it is excellent for cardio activities.
  • Hybrid Bag: These punching bags are used for regular boxing sessions as well as sparring partners.
  • Reflex Bag: These punching bags are mainly used to develop speed, aiming, and reflexes.

Size and Weight

Before you invest in a punching bag, you should ensure that you’re purchasing the right-sized bag. If you spend a lot of time working out or putting a lot of strength into your punches, your punch bag should be stable enough to stabilize after you take your blow. Besides, it is better to choose a punching bag suited for your height and activity regimen.


If you buy a punching bag made with inferior quality materials, it will be more likely to tear no matter how lightly or heavily you punch. On the other hand, if you opt for high-quality material, the bag will withstand much punishment. Usually, a bag made from leather or vinyl is ideal for practicing punches.


Some companies provide customization options for their standing punching bags so that you can adjust the height and reflex speed to your liking. It offers you the chance to expand your training options and improve your punching technique yet.


A few types of standing punching bags offer portability. Usually, most of the bags can be easily transferred from one room to another without any hassle. Therefore, you should opt for a portable punching bag that can be emptied as needed or simply transported into another room of the house.

Standing Punching Bag FAQs

What Are the Best Standing Punching Bag?

According to our review, the following Standing Punching Bag is best indeed. They are-


How Do I Stop My Free Standing Punching Bag From Moving?

As we know, sand is quite heavier than water, so filling the free punching bag with some sandbags is the most effective way to reduce a lot of movement and keep your punch bag in place. Whereas, filling the punch bag with water cause additional sliding as well.

Is Hitting a Punching Bag Bad for the Body?

Actually, hitting a punching bag with proper technique is not harmful to our body. But, hitting a punching bag without any technique can cause serious damage to our muscles and hand.

Especially, if you hit the punch bag too hard or when you are not ready for the next punch after punching the bag once, there is a chance to cause severe body damage.

Besides, excessive punching or too long punching session is also harmful to our body.

Why Should I Buy a Standing Punching Bag Over a Hanging Bag?

Standing punching bags are usually compact in size. It does not require enough space to place. Besides, you can also simply roll them and take them anywhere you want.

You can place it in the corner of your room as well. And so, free standing punching bags are the most convenient option for home workout.

However, a hanging bag requires more space and needs to hang from the ceiling. It is best suited for the gym, not for the home yet.

What is the Advantage of Hitting a Standing Punching Bag?

Standing a punching bag is an ideal option for home and small gym. As it doesn’t require any mounting, so you can carry it almost everywhere you want.

It can be rolled into a closet when your exercise is done and can be taken for outdoor usage. Besides, it does require any brackets, bolts, and bracing yet.

Final Words

While shopping for the best standing punching bag, you need to consider the weight, height, base stability, material, and price seriously. Based on those facts, we can say all the above products are worth looking at. If you purchase the best free standing punching bag, it will surely create differences in reaching your fitness goals.

Without the right product, it is not possible to achieve the correct technique, increase speed, and get all the other benefits. Hence, professionals recommended purchasing for the one that fulfills all your fitness needs.

I’ve already led you to the path to glory. Now it’s up to you. Whether you want to punch on something that deserves, or you want to hit on something that is a useless piece of shit.

However, I hope you will purchase the right free standing punching bag that will ensure a great work out and let you burn off some energy in the right way. Keep away from injuries with the best.

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