The 10 Best Rowing Machine Under 300 in 2022

As we all know the importance of exercise, but most of the time we don’t have enough time to go to the gym or outdoors and do high-intensity exercise though. For that, we can’t maintain our weight as well as the overall health of the body. So we need to do workout regularly to stay fit and healthy. And so, if we choose an indoor rowing machine, this problem can be solved.

Because these machines suit the home environment and are perfect for burning calories as well as building muscle. And they are hugely popular for cardio, strengthening and toning workout. By doing both upper and lower body workout, we get the chance to experience a total body workout as well. Again it saves our time and offers us the gym-like workout at home.

Best Rowing Machine Under 300

But some people find it difficult to exercise with the rowing machine. Even some get intense pain on their back, shoulder, and joints while exercising on a rower. And the reason is either they choose a wrong rowing machine, or they don’t have the proper guideline about how to use the stuff.

So, we should be very cautious at the time of choosing the best rowing machine. Otherwise, we may be unable to reach our desired fitness. However, if you are searching for the best rower machine at an affordable price, then you may take a look at our list of the best rowing machine under 300.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Rowing Machine Under 300

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

2. Stamina 35-1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

3. Stamina 1205 Precision Rower

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Sf-rw5623 Air Rowing Machine

5. Stamina Multi-level Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

6. Sunny Health & Fitness Dual Function Rowing Machine

7. Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower

8. Circuit Fitness Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine

9. Sunny Health & Fitness Sf-rw5856 Magnetic Rower

10. Circuit Fitness Deluxe Magnetic Rowing Machine

Reviews of the Best Rowing Machine Under 300

Choosing the best rowing machine under 300 is very difficult as there are numerous designs and different features available in the market. And it gets harder for beginners to select the best affordable rowing machine. So, before choosing any stuff, we need to check its features properly and gain enough knowledge against the stuff. And in the case of the rowing machine, first, you need to check the price.

Then you need to know whether it suits your floor or not. Here are some other essential facts that you need to know before buying

  • “How durable the rowing machine is?”
  • “Does it ensure optimal comfort?”
  • “What is the resistance type?”
  • “Does it offer to track the fitness progress?”

And so forth. Hence you need to ensure that your rowing machine has the mentioned features to get the best workout result. In case you face up with any difficulties, we have reviewed the top ten best rowing machines under 300 which suit all requirements of the workout enthusiast. Let’s have a look at the features

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine Under 300Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing SF-RW5515 is a perfect machine that you can use to improve your cardiovascular health. Generally, this type of apparatus comes with a high price range.

So, most people can’t afford a premium quality rowing machine. But Sunny Health offers all the premium features under 300! The equipment is constructed with a heavy-duty steel mainframe to ensure maximum durability.

Besides that, its handle has a reinforced nylon strap. As a result, rowing allows you to get a smooth and quiet stroke. The main feature of the machine is magnetic resistance.

You get eight different resistance levels which you can adjust according to your need. By turning the knob, you can control the resistance. And the machine follows a magnetic mechanism to create the resistance.

Sunny Health also features a digital screen to track your progress. You can monitor the time, strokes, and burned calories with the display. The rowing machine has a comfortable padded seat and non-slip foot pedals. Both of them are large enough to fit any size.

This best affordable rowing machine is portable because it has wheels for transport support. And lastly, it has a foldable feature which means you don’t need ample space to store the Sunny Health rowing machine. Overall, it is suitable for both beginners and serious athlete.


  • High quality
  • Modern design
  • Affordable price
  • Ensure the improvement of cardiovascular health
  • Easy to assemble


  • Requires big space when it is not folded

2. Stamina 35-1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine Under 300Stamina 35-1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms is the low-impact and budget-friendly indoor rowing machine. We call it budget-friendly because it comes under 300. Let’s check its features:

You can build a stiff back and rev up your metabolism to burn more efficient calories with 1215 orbital rowing machine. It features free motion arms which can mimic the smooth motion of rowing on the water.

Its Free Motion Arms let you target the upper body muscles such as arms, shoulders, abs, and back. And the padded seat which lives on a ball-bearing roller system helps the lower body muscles as well.

These rowing arms also have foam grips to keep your hand stable and comfortable. The stamina also has a multifunctional monitor to keep you motivated and track your fitness improvements.

You can monitor the time, speed, burned calories, and stroke count with the help of the display. The rowing machine features an adjustable hydraulic cylinder resistance which provides a reliable and smooth base to your rowing workout.

Besides that, the adjustable beam incline helps you to get a more intense exercise. Again, the machine comes with large foot pads which have adjustable nylon foot straps with hook and loop closures to keep your feet secure. Stamina also features safeguards to protect your floor.

You can use the machine for a long time as it is highly durable. Its center beam is made of aluminum so that it can withstand the years of use. So, it is an ideal option which you may choose for cardio workout and can keep yourself fit and lean.


  • Superior quality
  • Durable construction
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Low impact
  • Easy assembly


  • Not suitable for the intense leg workout

3. Stamina 1205 Precision Rower

Stamina 1205 Precision RowerThis is another low-impact rowing machine manufactured by the Stamina. It is worldwide famous and known as the Stamina 1205 Precision Rower.

The manufacturer has designed the tool for workout enthusiast and kept its price under 300. It has two adjustable hydraulic-piston resistance. And the pistons are attached to the rowing arms to intensify your workout.

You get the exact motion of the water rowing while using its arms. The seat of the rowing machine is padded and placed on a ball- bearing roller system.

So, you can comfortably sit and can do prolonged workouts. As we know, we need to keep our feet stable while doing exercise. That’s why Stamina 1250 features with pivoting footplates to ensure maximum comfort.

It has a fitness monitor to track speed, distance, strokes and more. Engineers give it a rugged design, and its frame is made out of steel. And the beam is comprised of aluminum which makes it sturdy and durable.

Although the structure is solid, the precision machine is lightweight. Overall, all features make it the best budget rowing machine, and you may check this for your indoor workouts.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Small footprint
  • Well-made
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comfortable seat and handles


  • Comes with no wheels


4. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5623 Air Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5623Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5623 is a very user-friendly and low-impact machine. It is designed to ensure the correct intensity of the workout. For that, the rowing machine features eight levels of resistance.

On top of that, it has a tension knob to adjust the level of resistance. Besides that, it has a fan to create a dynamic response to the resistance. That means it increases the stroke-power and speed as well.

The Air Rowing Machine has a padded seat which ensures maximum comfort during longer workouts. Aside from that, it comes with nonslip handlebar which is sweat resistant.

It also features large foot pedals to give confidence for hard exercise. Then the rower has an LCD digital monitor to track your workout progress. Like the other rowing machine’s display, it also can show you the time, speed and other relative things.

But it can show you the heart rate as well which you probably won’t find in other similar machines. Overall, it is that kind of machine which deserves a second look and worth the price.


  • Stiff and durable
  • Ensures enough levels of resistance
  • Superior quality
  • Provides optimal comfort
  • Fairly priced


  • Pretty louder than the similar machine


5. Stamina Multi-Level Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine Under 300The Stamina Multi-Level Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine is specially designed to provide a total-body workout. Its rowing beam is made of aluminum which is ideal to ensure the durability.

For a smooth seat gliding, it has the ball-bearing rollers. Again you will experience more enjoyable rowing because of having a padded and molded seat.

Besides that, you get the sixteenth levels of magnetic resistance so that you can intensify your workout. And you can comfortably row the handles for more extended sessions because the handles feature with foam for comfortable gripping.

The machine has pivoting footplates to keep your feet secure. These footplates allow you to have an extensive range of motion while pulling the rower. And it also holds your feet tighten.

The machine comes with a multi-function digital monitor and a chest strap. You can track your strokes, time, distance, and speed with the monitor as well as you can also measure your heart rate with the chest strap.

Besides that, the machine features safeguard for the floor and it has wheels for easy transportation. Again you can fold the rowing machine and can store it.

Even though you have a small space in your room, it will surely fit there. In a nutshell, the Stamina Multi-Level is a great machine which may suit your requirements.


  • Durable materials
  • Ensures great resistance
  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy to transport
  • Affordable price


  • May create a little noise

6. Sunny Health & Fitness Dual Function Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machine Under 300If you are searching for a dual function rowing machine at a reasonable price, then you may inquire into the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5622 Dual Function Magnetic Rowing Machine.

Besides using as a rowing machine, you can also use it as an upper body strength machine. That means you can target your arms, biceps, and shoulder with standing workouts.

The budget rowing machine provides you with eight levels of magnetic resistance to optimize your workout. You can control the resistance of the machine by rotating the tension knob according to your need.

Also, the SF-RW5622 features a padded seat and an anti-slip handlebar. The handlebar is cushioned to ensure enough comfort and support during rowing.

Besides that, you can track your time, speed, distance, and burned calories with the LCD monitor. The engineers give it an ergonomic design to make it durable as well as comfortable.

Again, it has wheels for transportation with ease. And you can also fold the rower to keep the machine in a convenient place.

Overall, Sunny Health never disappoints its customer. So like their other rowing machine, SF-RW5622 offers a lot of features, and you may choose the machine for yourself.


  • Dual function footplates
  • Portable and foldable
  • High-quality
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Affordable price


  • Requires a little time to assemble


7. Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower

Merax Magnetic Exercise RowerMerax Magnetic Exercise Rower Machine is designed to provide the best performance during rowing. Because it has eight levels of magnetic resistance to boost up your rowing workout.

The machine allows you to control the resistance by twisting the tension knob. Also, the Merax features an upholstered seat to ensure ultimate comfort and support.

Besides that, engineers have designed the seat-rail in a 15-degree angle so that the seat can move quickly in front and back as well. Besides the padded seat, the machine has footplates which come with a rotary design.

And these footplates can provide enough support while doing workouts. The manufacturer uses a magnetic flywheel to minimize the noise during rowing.

You can track your progress and also can appropriately modify your current routine. Because the machine comes with a large LCD so that you can monitor the time, calorie, stroke and much more.

Again the machine is equipped with wheels to ensure smooth transportation and the rower frame is also foldable. For that, you can conveniently store the Merax. Overall, it has a lot of features and it worth the price.


  • Durable construction
  • Superior quality
  • Ensure optimal comfort
  • Fairly priced
  • Silent design


  • The monitor could be better


8. Circuit Fitness Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine

Circuit Fitness Foldable Magnetic Circuit Fitness Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine is specially designed for the cardio workout. You can get a flat body and tone muscle with the rowing machine.

The rowing machine comes with a magnetic flywheel which weighs only 9 pounds. And the flywheel offers eight levels of resistance for the customizable cardio workout.

Again you can control the resistance with the variable resistance of the rowing machine. Besides that, the machine has a comfortable seat which is designed by following the injection-molding process.

As a result, the seat ensures ultimate comfort and support during the workout. Again the handle is also anti-slip and is covered with the foam.

The machine comes with two-foot pedals which are resistant to slip, and both of them have customizable straps to ensure stability. The rowing machine also features a display panel so that you get necessary information such as time, total count, distance, rpm, and calorie count.

The Circuit Fitness also has a media holder so that you can place your tablet or other devices in the holder. And can enjoy the workout with music, movies, etc. lastly, the machine features transport wheels and foldable rower.

In a nutshell, Circuit Fitness is considered as the best rowing machine under 300! Which you may check for your cardio purpose


  • Folding design
  • Allows cardio workouts
  • Suitable for newbies and experts
  • Affordable price
  • High-quality


  • Pretty heavier than other similar machines

9. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5856 Magnetic Rower

Best Rowing Machine Under 300Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5856 Rower Machine enables you to do in-home cardio exercises comfortably. It comes with 44.7 inches rail a padded seat and you can slide forward as well as back while rowing.

You also get foam grip handlebars to ensure a firm grip. Also, the machine provides you with non-slip footplates to maintain the balance. And these footpads keep you stable during exercise.

The footplates are textured and can accommodate all sizes. Then the main feature of the SF-RW5856 is its eight levels of magnetic resistance.

You can control the resistance with a magnetic knob. Again there is a flywheel which weight is around 11lbs. And it utilizes the resistance of the rower machine. The wheel-drive is built to provide a smooth and powerful stroke during rowing.

Besides that, you get significant information about exercises on your digital monitor. The monitor displays time, speed, stroke count, calories burned, and much more to help you to reach your fitness goal. The machine features floor levelers to create a balanced rowing experience on almost any floor.

It also has transport wheels so that you can effortlessly move the machine to a convenient place. Overall, the SF-RW5856 fits the essential requirements of the serious athlete.


  • Ensure comfort
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • High-quality
  • Has fitness instructio


  • Needs a little time to assemble


10. Circuit Fitness Deluxe Magnetic Rowing Machine

Circuit Fitness always make high-quality stuff to impress their customer. The company tries to produce a durable product and offers it at a reasonable price.

That’s why Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine comes under 300! With a lot of features. The rowing machine features 11-pound flywheel which offers eight levels of resistance.

The flywheel helps you to increase cardiovascular endurance and provides you with a smooth as well as efficient workout. The machine also has a variable resistance to set the resistance as per your need.

The manufacturer has taken special care to its handlebars which is covered with foam so that users can stay focus and consistency throughout their workout.

Besides that, the manufacturer uses a seat that is built by following mold-injection technology. As a result, the seat ensures optimal comfort during long time exercises.

The machine comes with comfortable footplates that have adjustable straps to keep your feet stable. And lastly, the affordable rowing machine features an LCD to track your fitness progress.

You can trace the time, distance, calories and much more with the display. Again the foldable design of the rowing machine allows you to store it conveniently when you are not exercising. In a nutshell, the magnetic rowing machine has all the features that an ideal rower should have.


  • Durable construction
  • Allows smooth rowing
  • Ensures ultimate comfort
  • Fairly priced
  • Foldable Design


  • Small LCD


Rowing Machine Under 300 FAQs

Which Are the Best Rowing Machines Under 300?

Based on our review, here we have found some best rowing machines under $300, they are-

  1. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine
  2. Stamina 35-1215 Orbital Rowing Machine
  3. Stamina 1205 Precision Rower

What Type of Rowing Machine Will I Get Under $300?

If you have a very tight budget and want to buy a rowing machine under $300, you should go for an entry-level model. Usually, rowing machines come in 4 different types of resistance: air, magnetic, hydraulic, and water resistance. At this price range, it is obvious that you will not found water resistance high-end rowers yet. But you will found fundamentally designed pretty and aesthetics entry-level models of rowing machines at this price range. You will find rowers with a combination of magnetic and air resistance as well.

Besides, hydraulic rowers are also available under $300 price range. So if you are only looking for a functional but not high-end rower, you will found a huge range of models for under $300. These inexpensive entry-level core designed rowers are helpful to save money on those secondary features you don’t need. So you don’t need to get stuck anymore even with this fixed budget range.

Can You Get in Shape by Just Rowing?

Yes. Rowing is an excellent way to burn calories and blast away fat. It uses almost every muscle in our body and helps to build our lean muscle very well. Overall, rowing is the best exercise for heart rate enhancement, weight loss, and Ab muscles building yet.

Does Rowing Machine Slim Thighs?

Rowing is one kind of aerobic low-impact core exercise that is crucial for cardiovascular conditioning. It is very effective for toning your abs, things, lower legs, buttocks, and entire upper body. Regular rowing machine exercise strengthens your thighs that result in slim.

Is a Rowing Machine Better Than a Treadmill?

Yes. Whereas, rowing machine offers full-body workouts while the treadmill only focuses lower body yet. Besides, the treadmill is more effective than rowing machines. But both these low impact exerciser are really effective for our fitness and health.

Final Words

Fitness experts agree that rowing machines help us to get the best workout outcome. By exercising on a rower, we can target our muscle groups. Not only the muscles but also we can target shoulders, core, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and arms as well. And with that, we can track our fitness progress too.

Which means the rowing machine provides us more than just a cardio workout. It helps us to build muscle and lose weight. Although there are various types of rowing machines available in the market, all of them can’t provide the maximum workout efficiency.

So you need to choose wisely the best rowing machine to get the best result. For that, you may select one rower from our list of the top ten best rowing machine under 300. And can acquire your desired fitness goal. Hope you find this review helpful and can select your rowing machine.


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