The 10 Best Pedal Exerciser in 2023

Best Pedal Exerciser

Exercising machines are the best for impactful physical exercises. There are too many exercise machines and equipment available on the market such as a pedal exerciser or under-desk bike, treadmill, rowing machine, stationary bike, elliptical machine, are some regular exercise machines used in our daily life.

Each one of them fulfills the specific requirements of the exerciser. Every individual has a fixed motive for working out. Some want to shape the body up, some want to lose weight, some need it for controlling certain diseases, and some do it to stay fit and active.

The equipment works as supports while an individual is working out. Working out is possible even without any machine, yet we all prefer using various instruments because they increase the difficulty level without making the process difficult. They work as motivation. Continuing the routine becomes exciting with the machines as they keep the record of burning calories and show the result immediately.

Among the mentioned exercise machines, some are apt for home gym and require full concentration and dedication while working out with them. However, some of these work silently without putting any extra effort while working out using them. One such machine is the best pedal exerciser for seniors.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Pedal Exerciser

1. DeskCycleUnder Desk Exercise Bike – 8 calibrated resistance settings, five function display, Kensington security slot.

2. MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike – 15-inch wide base, Patented magnetic resistance, Adjustable Velcro straps.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Mini Exercise Bike – Adjustable pedals, Eight levels of tension, 220 lb. weight capacity.

4. Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Pedal Exerciser – Folding frame, Five-function LCD, Anchor strap.

5. Exerpeutic 7101 Cycle Mini Exercise Bike – Adjustable speed motor, Carry handles, Non-skid floor mat.

6. Vive Pedal Exerciser Exercise Leg Peddler – Adjustable resistance, Large LCD, Non-slip rubber feet.

7. Vaunn Medical Pedal Exerciser – Chrome frame construction, Adjustable tension, Non-skid ribbed rubber platform.

8. Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Exercise Peddler – Five-function display, Foldable design, Four anti-slip rubber pads.

9. AdirMed Digital Foldable Foot Pedal Exerciser – Adjustable resistance, Five functions LCD, Slip-resistant base.

10. Vive Desk Cycle Foot Pedal Exerciser – Adjustable resistance, Adjustable toe loops, Non-marking rubber feet.

Reviews of the Best Pedal Exerciser

Working out with an under-desk exerciser makes a person productive, active, stress-free, and healthy.  It has a low impact yet extremely efficient for the body. The person who is exercising with it will work on the upper and lower body, stability, blood circulation, metabolism, and joints, without even realizing the impact.

It can be used in the office, during office hours under the desk while working and it will not make any noise, but only if you are spending on the best pedal exerciser. That brings us to the point where we are now going to make a list of some of the best under-desk bike.

1. DeskCycleUnder Desk Exercise Bike

Best Pedal Exerciser

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DeskCycle has the lowest pedal height compared to the rest under-desk bike available in the market. It comfortably fits a desk as low as just 27 inches. The large pedal fits any shoe size.

The adjustable straps also help to adjust the feet properly. Its base is double weighted which helps to keep the pedal upwards for easy insertion of the foot.

It provides more than twice the resistance range compared to other similar exerciser bikes. It has eight calibrated settings which start from very easy to the most intense level. The pedal motion is smooth and noise-free, therefore apt for office use while working on your project.

The magnetic resistance is similar to MagneTrainer’s patented resistance. It comfortably burns twice the amount of calories while sitting in front of the desk.

The display monitor shows five different functions and keeps track of more than 16 hours of activity. It shows the accurate result of burning calories with the help of online calory calculator and displays the time distance, speed, and scan.


  • Lowest pedal height, only ten inches
  • Eight calibrated resistance settings
  • Five function display
  • Similar mechanism and components as MagneTrainer
  • Smooth and quiet pedal motion


  • Slips if it is not kept on a rug or carpet

2. MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike

Best Pedal Exerciser

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MagneTrainer is compact and lightweight. Its sturdy steel frame makes it durable, and the wide footprint ensures maximum stability during intense pedaling. It runs on a single AA battery. It is both the arm and leg exerciser.

It is the best pedal exerciser for seniors recommended by doctors and therapists as it is healthy for the joints. MagneTrainer pioneered the magnetic resistance, and the patented mechanism is followed by other under desk exercise bikes.

The mechanism includes touch-free magnetic resistance, dual belt system, and seven heavy-duty precision sealed bearings. It provides twice the resistance range compared to other pedal exercisers and also not limited to only eight levels. It has a wide range and can be set to any value. The pedals are wide. They adjust to any shoe size. They also have adjustable velcro straps to fit the feet.

This under desk leg exerciser provides smooth, whisper quiet operation due to its 39lb effective flywheel and its electronic display monitor shows burned calories, speed, distance and time. This foot pedal exerciser comes with a 30-day full money back guarantee and a full one-year warranty.


  • Patented magnetic resistance
  • Compact, sturdy and lightweight
  • Wide footprint ensures maximum stability
  • Pedals with adjustable velcro straps
  • Electronic monitor displays different functions


  • Hard to read display

3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Mini Exercise Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418

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The mini exercise bike for elderly comes with a durable and portable design. It can be easily used under the desk due to its small size. It is a space saver as well. It has a reliable and quiet magnetic system with an eight-level resistance range controlled by a tension knob for a versatile workout.

It can also be placed on the desk for arm exercise.  It is quite effective in building arm and leg muscles. The base has four-anti slipping rubber pads to warrant a steadfast workout during the most vigorous exercise. The pedals are oversized and textured. They are slip resistant as well.

The safety straps of the pedals ensure snug placement of the feet and accommodate all foot size. The digital monitor records efficiently, which is very easy-to-read. It displays time, speed, ODM, distance, and burned calories.


  • Eight levels of tension with adjustable resistance
  • Durable, compact and stable
  • Pedals work for both hands and feet
  • Adjustable safety straps
  • Easy to read LCD monitor


  • Straps’ quality is not up to the mark

4. Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Pedal Exerciser

Platinum Fitness Fit Sit

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Fit sit deluxe stands out among the rest of the chair pedal exerciser due to its new Coolrev technology. It prevents the machine from overheating during long workouts, which is a common problem in other similar exercising tools.

Another feature that helps it to stand out from the rest is its anchor strap. It allows the user to tie the machine with the chair he or she is sitting on. It prevents the tool from sliding on.

It has a powder-coated finish and very easy to clean. It is a good leg machine and a companion for fitness and rehabilitation. Its sturdy frame is foldable, which makes it portable and easy to store. One can also travel with it.

The base has rubber foot pads to protect the floors or other surfaces from scratches. The easy-to-read five function LCD monitor displays accurate results of calories burned. It also shows time, revolution count, and revolution per minute.


  • Coolrev technology prevents overheating
  • Anchor strap connects the exerciser to the chair
  • The LCD monitor displays five functions
  • Folding frame for easy storing and traveling
  • Integrated pedal straps


  • Foot straps are not adjustable

5. Exerpeutic 7101 Cycle Mini Exercise Bike

Best Pedal Exerciser

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This bright deep blue colored mini pedal exerciser operates on 120V. Its power consumption is 6.5W. A non-skid floor mat is included with it to avoid slippage during workouts. It has a durable steel frame construction. It improves blood circulation, improves balance, strengthens muscles, and prevents strains with a controlled range of motion.

The adjustable DC motor ensures smooth, quiet operation and goes easy on the joints during the workout. The seated position exercising has such low impact that it doesn’t give a feel of exercising yet burns maximum calories without any extra effort.

The motor also automatically stops if used with excessive force or speed.  It also has 15 minutes auto shut off function when the power is on for safe use.

It has foldable pedals, and they have adjustable straps to hold the feet on the place. It has built-in carry handles for easy portability and its multi-function LCD monitor displays time, speed, distance and burned calories. It offers a one-year limited warranty.


  • Includes a non-skid floor mat
  • Allows seated position exercising
  • Adjustable speed motor goes easy on joints
  • Built-in carry handles
  • Multi-function LCD monitor


  • Small pedal straps

6. Vive Pedal Exerciser Exercise Leg Peddler

Best Pedal Exerciser

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This one is among those few foot pedal exercisers with quick-step setup. It is designed keeping the users’ convenience, comfort, and satisfaction in mind. Besides, it has dual use and works as both arm and leg exerciser.

The peddler is quiet and ensures smooth pedaling. It works on improving stamina, blood circulation, and toning the arm and leg muscles. It removes stress as well, which increases the concentration and focus level. It is an ideal peddler for office use.

It has a compact patent pending design. It fits perfectly under the desk, and you can easily workout while working on the toughest of projects due to its smooth and quiet operation.

The non-slip, non-marking rubber padded feet stay stable on any surface be it tiles, carpet, or tabletop. It allows customized exercise with its adjustable resistance level. It is controllable with the tension knob.

The pedals have molded finger grips for comfortable hold during arm exercise and adjustable loops for safe pedaling. Again, the large LCD  shows RPM, speed, distance, time, and calories. It is accessible with one button and with one touch.


  • Easy and quick-step setup
  • Patent pending design
  • Quiet and smooth pedal motion
  • The adjustable resistant level allows customized exercise
  • Easy to read multifunction display


  • Bulky

7. Vaunn Medical Pedal Exerciser

Vaunn Medical

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Vaunn Exercise Peddler has a triple-layered chrome-plated heavy duty steel construction. The sturdy and rust-resistant frame offers lifetime durability.  It is very different from the other exercise peddler in terms of its structure.

It has a single chrome frame and is not joint by screws. It does not require assembling due to the same reason. The steady single body frame also improves stability and avoids wobbly structure. It works as a leg peddler and an arm exerciser as well.

It is suited for physiotherapy due to its gentle low-impact exercise. The strength of the therapy adjusts with the tension knob. The resistance level increases with turning it clockwise, and it decreases with the anti-clockwise turn.

It has a non-skid, nonslip ribbed rubber platform and reinforced rubber feet. It helps the peddler to stay at one place on any surface. Stability was the principal purpose for its construction. The adjustable straps of the pedals help allow shoes up to 9 inches circumference.


  • Single chrome frame construction with lifetime durability
  • Adjustable tension
  • Low impact and improves blood circulation
  • Stable on any surface
  •  A leg peddler as well as an arm exerciser


  • Mild resistance levels

8. Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Exercise Peddler

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding

This lightweight, as well as a portable pedal exerciser, has a sturdy body frame. It has a foldable design. It comes assembled. Storing it is very easy. This best pedal exerciser helps in increasing mobility, strengthening the arm and leg muscles, and also works in improving blood circulation. It has a smooth pedaling operation. It doesn’t require much effort due to its low impact but burns a healthy amount of calories from the body.

The five function display shows time, revolution count, revolution per minute, and burned calories. The result on the display monitor helps to work on overall health. It has a tension screw to control different resistance levels.

Its base has four anti-slip rubber pads.  Those pads ensure the peddler to stay stable during an intense workout. It prevents sliding on any surface. The broad pedals fit shoes of any size. Each pedal base is textured to stop foot slippage while pedaling.


  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Foldable design
  • Five-function attached display
  • Adjustable resistance with a tension knob
  • Four anti-slip rubber pads


  • Squeaky


9. AdirMed Digital Foldable Foot Pedal Exerciser

Best Pedal Exerciser

It is an under desk exerciser and perfectly fits under the desk, thus perfect for office use. It is made with a durable, lightweight chrome frame and a foldable design.

This leg machine comes fully assembled, which allows for secure storage and transportation. This sturdy exercise peddler burns calories and provides long-lasting strength like no other.

It motivates to stay healthy and productive and also improves blood circulations, as well as the, strengthens of muscles. It has a tension knob to control the resistant levels.

It has a slip-resistant base. It remains stable on any surface. The four anti-slip rubber pads on its bottom ensure no scratches or marks on the surface. It also helps in preventing slipping and moving of the peddler while working out.

Its five function LCD accurately scans revolution count, revolution per minute, speed, distance, and burned calories. The display is clear and also easy to read. The pedal design resembles bicycle pedals. Each pedal comes with integrated straps for a snug fit of the foot.


  • Durable chrome frame
  • Five functions LCD
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Foldable and portable
  • Slip-resistant base prevents slippage


  • No adjustable straps

10. Vive Desk Cycle Foot Pedal Exerciser

Best Pedal Exerciser

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This quick-step setup exercise peddler is foldable and perfect for convenient storage and transportation. It is an excellent tool for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The legs fold under the main body frame and make it compact. It is only 9 inches high, so it easily fits under a desk. It provides a smooth, quiet pedaling so excellent for office use.

It works on blood circulation. It tones the arm and leg muscles as it is an exercise peddler for both arm and legs. It improves stamina and concentration. The focus level increases drastically.

It allows customized workout with its adjustable resistance levels. The tension knob controls the resistance levels. The low-impact exercise with this exercise peddler is suitable for beginners as well as rehabilitation after surgery.

It is versatile enough to place it on the desk for arm exercise as well. The four rubber pads outfitted in the base hold it on its place and provides stability. The surfaces on which it is kept remain marks and scratch free.


  • Quick-step assembly
  • Compact and foldable exerciser
  • Easy to read LCD monitor
  • Adjustable toe loops
  • Four non-slip, non-marking rubber feet


  • Heats up if used longer

Think Before Buying A Pedal Exerciser


It is recommended that, before buying any floor pedal exerciser, you consider the available space where you intend to use it and where you are going to store it. Later, you have to compare these spaces with the pedal exerciser’s t dimension.

Maximum Load

The maximum load capacity of the sitting pedal exerciser is another crucial factor. You can compare this feature with other devices, and after finalizing one, you should take your body weight into account. However, some devices also have a lower or higher weight capacity.


The weight of the stuff makes it easier to transport. Some people take their floor pedal exercisers to the office to do light exercises and tone their legs.


One of the most influential points that many people overlook. The higher the resistance level, the greater range of intensities it will include. Magnetic resistors are the most recommended because they provide a smoother, quieter, and more constant pedaling.

Display Functions

The best pedal exercisers usually include a display to rate your progression. Generally, it measures time, speed, distance, and heart rate.


The pedals are particularly crucial on a pedal trainer, and therefore there are some criteria that you should pay attention to. First, it is advantageous if the pedals have a kind of loop for the feet. Some models have an extra slip-resistant coating on the pedal surfaces. It ensures that you do not slip off the pedals during training, and you have a secure footing in the device.

Noise Level

As the floor pedal exercisers have been designed for exercising in the office or work area, the noise level is essential since you do not want to interrupt the tranquility of the people around you. That’s why some pedaling machines are entirely silent, while others begin to squeak when users pedal faster. So we recommend you opt for a pedal exerciser that operates silently.


Most of the time, price is the most influential fact in buying. Some inexpensive pedal exercisers offer good performance, and you can find them after a good search. However, the good idea is to set a maximum budget.


Most pedal exercisers come with additional warranty coverage, typically one year. Some devices do not have a warranty, and others cover certain parts for a certain time. The last important factor that you should consider is that the brand and model you have chosen has a warranty of at least one year, and the replacement of parts is covered for a minimum of six months. It will be an added plus if they offer you after-sales service after the warranty.

Pedal Exerciser FAQs

What is a Pedal Exerciser?

The pedal exercisers are small home training devices that are not explicitly designed to train muscle building or the cardiovascular system but rather keep the joints flexible and improve blood circulation in the limbs. In essence, a pedal exerciser contains a flywheel driven by two pedals.

There is a reason for the simple structure of the pedal exercise machines. It enables very different types of training. For example, you can train your legs while lying down, even in a hospital bed, or move the pedals with your arms while sitting comfortably in the armchair.

Do Pedal Exercisers Really Work?

Actually, Pedal exercises are not effective for high-intensity workouts. But, it is best suited for moderate workouts. Besides, it helps to increase the heart rate and strengthen your body’s cardiovascular system. A pedal exerciser is overall a full body exerciser. It is effective for both upper and lower body exercises yet.

What Are the Benefits of a Pedal Exerciser?

A pedal exerciser is overall a piece of effective equipment for both upper and lower body workouts. It offers several benefits to our body and health. Such as-

  • It helps to increase blood circulation and maintains blood pressure
  • It improves metabolism and reduces the risk of Arthritis.
  • Keeps joints healthy and help with multitasking
  • It improves productivity through calorie burns.
  • Tones and strengthens upper and lower body muscles

What Are the Factors to Consider Before Buying a Pedal Exerciser?

Before going for a specific Pedal exerciser, it is recommended to consider the following factors very well. Things to consider regarding Pedal exerciser:

  • Size
  • Resistance
  • Straps
  • Noise levels
  • Usability
  • Safety and Stability
  • Portability and Storage
  • Extra Features

What Are the Main Types of Pedal Exerciser?

Pedal exerciser is a piece of lightweight equipment that is usually available in 5 different settings. Such as-

  • Pedal exerciser with basic features
  • Pedal exerciser with digital display
  • Electrical Pedal exerciser
  • Manual Pedal exerciser
  • Mini Exercise Stepper

Why Should You Use a Pedal Exerciser Regularly?

You might know that regular movement of the arms and legs keeps the circulation going. Blood flows through the limbs, which in turn reduces the risk of thrombosis. A pedal exerciser can help with blood flowing as it allows you to do workouts at your comfort. That’s why you should use a pedal exerciser regularly.

Who Can Use the Pedal Exerciser?

A pedal exerciser is suitable for everyone. However, we particularly recommend that adults who have general discomfort while running or walking should purchase a pedal trainer. But younger people who have to stay in bed for some time can also benefit from the pedal exercisers, as they can keep their joints moving without great strain and prevent thrombosis.

Is the Pedal Exerciser Expensive?

The cost of a pedal exerciser depends entirely on its functionality and quality. A simple model, without great functions or electrical support, can come under 30 dollars. The prices for higher-quality and more professional pedal exercisers can also be around 200 dollars.

What Types of Pedal Exercisers Are There?

There are various types of pedal trainers that exercisers use for different purposes. Their types are as follows:

  • Simple pedal trainer
  • Pedal trainer with electric drive
  • Pedal trainer with the braking system

When Should I Choose a Simple, Non-powered Pedal Exerciser?

The simple pedal exerciser is the cheapest of their kind and doesn’t have great features like a braking system or an electric drive. But they are incredibly small, light, and compact and can be taken anywhere. Below, we will point out its benefits and drawbacks.


  • Inexpensive
  • Very compact
  • Easy to use and store


  • Low quality

Such a pedal exerciser is suitable for use in the office or training at home. It doesn’t put significant strain on the muscles or the cardiovascular system.

When Should I Choose a Pedal Exerciser With an Electric Drive?

An electric pedal exerciser is a special type of small exercise bike. These are particularly suitable for seniors and rehabilitation patients because they can facilitate user movements with various electrical support levels. Here are their advantages and drawbacks.


  • High-quality
  • Relatively compact
  • Allows comfortable movement


  • Pretty expensive

So if you have a physical injury and want to move particularly gently, these devices are perfect for you.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Pedal Exercisers With a Braking System?

Usually, pedal exercisers with an extra braking system have several resistance levels, making movement more difficult. Its benefits and disadvantages are as follows:


  • High-quality
  • Relatively compact
  • Multiple load levels


  • A bit expensive

This pedal exerciser variant puts more strain on the muscles and is a little more strenuous than the other model types. Due to the different load levels, they are particularly suitable for slowly building up muscles after an operation or the like.

How Important is a Pedal Exerciser in the Office, at School, or in Other Places?

A study shows that excessive sitting increases diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk and reduces overall life expectancy. So, you should ignore prolonged sitting and look for ways to reduce the time you spend sitting. As such, you can take a walk during your lunch break or watch less TV in the evening.

You can even use a pedal exerciser, which offers a new approach that enables movement in the office, school, or other places. You will be happy to know that the children’s behavior during class was analyzed in an American school. And it was concluded that they were more attentive in class after using the pedal exerciser. So, it is evident how beneficial a pedal exerciser can be.

Final Words

With that, our list of the best pedal exerciser comes to an end. After all the research and assessment, we arrived at the judgment of what makes it the best. The feature which qualifies it to be the best is its ability to be used anywhere, anytime.

Those who have zero interest in investing time in gyming or exercising can do whatever while exercising with it. Those of you who are working 18 hours sitting in front of a desk and barely get time for eating and sleeping, this under-desk exerciser is for you.

The day we are establishing the motto of our life as staying fit by any cost and going to stop making excuses for not exercising and moving our body, we are going to get safe from severe mental and physical illnesses.

So, watch TV, listen to your favorite songs, work on your laptop, work on your desktop, work anywhere but make sure you workout simultaneously and with the under-desk bike, it becomes easier. We are hopeful that our list will help you to buy the right one.

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