The 10 Best Medicine Ball in 2023

Best Medicine Ball

Looking for adding extra in your workout session? A medicine ball can be an addition. Medicine ball might be a new name for many, but it’s the oldest piece of workout equipment. New generation fitness enthusiasts rediscovered the benefit of medicine ball as home gym equipmentOpens in a new tab.. Medicine ball offers an excellent way to improve overall body strength.

However, it precisely utilizes all your muscle groups, which help to improve power and speed. Again, you don’t also need to be an expert since it is fun to do. It allows you to bring variations in the exercise by own or along with a partner.

Medicine ball is the only equipment that you can use for whole body toning. We get confused while planning to purchase a medicine ball. Nonetheless, it is the time to get the ball rolling since here we reviewed ten best medicine balls. You should have a look over them.

Reviews of the Best Medicine Ball

The modern-day medicine balls are made of rubber or synthetic leather shell. It comes in different weights and sizes which justifies all the fitness purposesOpens in a new tab.. Like, the lightweight medicine balls can be used for faster-paced activities.

Whereas, the heavyweight balls are perfect for professionals. The ball used for heavy-duty exercise comes with a reinforced outer layer and stitching. Also, the best medicine ball comes with superior gripping ability. We consider all these facts while making our list of the best medicine ball for abs.

Our purpose is to provide the best to you. You don’ have to waste your precious time in research or reading reviews. Any of our listed medicine balls offer optimum performance with excellent durability. Read on to know more about them.

1. j/fit Soft Wall Ball

Best Medicine Ball

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The first one in the list is j/fit- a renowned fitness brand. They are serving the professional fitness enthusiasts for almost 17 years. The j/fit soft wall ball comes up with thicker and tighter skin.

It features a heavy-duty and triple-stitched soft covering which assures the durability. The ball will last longer for all of your explosive tossing drills. The outer layer won’t hurt you if accidentally it hits you.

The construction is so sturdy that it can endure any rough uses. It also keeps the ball in shape for added security. The inner layer has overstuffed cotton batting, which makes the ball soft and easy to catch.

The ball is extremely effective at absorbing impact. It includes a sandbag inside the ball for maintaining balance. And so, you can frequently throw the ball to any rough surface.

In short, it’s an excellent choice for strength training to improve balance and coordination. The added resistance makes it perfect for twisting, lunges, and squats. It assures quick result and price is also reasonable.


  • Quality construction
  • The thicker and soft outer layer
  • Easy to hold
  • Maintain balance
  • Absorbs impact
  • Great for lunges, squats, twisting, and tossing
  • Keep its shape
  • Last for long


  • Not proposed for slamming

2. AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

Best Medicine Ball

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You can easily challenge your core strength while improving balance with the range of AmazonBasics medicine ball. It also helps to enhance coordination and muscular strength.

This classic bouncing medicine ball is equipped with a sturdy, textured rubber. The rubber provides a solid grip so you can hold the ball for long. You can flawlessly bounce the ball on the hard surface.

It’s a smart choice for anyone who is planning to do lower and upper body exercise. AmazonBasic brings a wide range of weight for both beginners and experts.

The easy-grip resistance makes it an excellent choice for twisting, squats, sit up, and lunge. You can hold the ball with the bare hand or with weight-training gloves. Also, it is so easy to clean and requires a small space for storage.

In general, this weighted ball offers extreme durability so you can reach your fitness goal. This popular among fitness experts due to the robust construction and affordable price. So, give it a try!


  • Solid rubber construction
  • Textured rubber exterior
  • Superior grip
  • Extremely durability
  • Comfortable to hold even with gloves
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to store
  • Multi-purpose use


  • Not allow slam use
  • Size is a few inches bigger than other

3. DYNAPRO Medicine Ball


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Another textured design in the list by DYNAPRO for the newbies over here. The DYNAPRO medicine ball is designed to withstand the pressure of constant bouncing.

This solid medicine ball for beginners is made out of durable rubber casing. The rubber material is burst resistant and offers twice bounce capability than others. Besides, it has air-filled inside the ball.

It is designed with a diamond pattern on a black surface and a textured marble design on the rest of the part. This dual-textured surface offers a secured and steady grip so you can hold for long.

The ball delivers variation exercise moves. You can combine different formation for a better outcome. The best about it that you can even perform slamming along with tossing and bouncing.

In short, the ball is perfect for facing extra challenges. You can use it alone or with a partner or in groups at home or outside. The price is reasonable, as well.


  • Extremely durable construction
  • Endure rough handling
  • Burst-resistant
  • Provide more power
  • Greater grip
  • Built to last for long
  • Versatile operation
  • Optimum balance


  • A bit rubbery smell
  • Not very effective for bouncing

4. Valeo-Pound Medicine Ball


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Valeo is dominating the fitness industry for many years with high-quality workout equipment. Valeo medicine ball is an excellent addition to their quality list.

The ball comes with a solid rubber construction along with the textured surface. It assures a secured grip and easy holding capability. Besides, you can use the ball for long with a bare hand or with gloves.

Similar to the AmazonBasic medicine ball, it helps to develop core strength and coordination. The ball delivers a fine-tune balance even in strength training, balance training, and building muscle.

The ball comes in a proper size that makes it easy to handle. It has no filling material so there no chances for leaking. This bouncy ball offers better stability while throwing and catching.

Additionally, the ball can also be used for water aerobics. The ball shape won’t change even after throwing on the rough surface. You are getting this ball at an extremely reasonable price.


  • Solid construction
  • Effective performance
  • Fine-tune balance
  • Secured grip
  • Durable
  • Water safe
  • Endure rough use
  • Better bounce


  • It may split during slams
  • Leaves scuff mark on few surfaces

5. Champion Sports Balls

Best Medicine Ball

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Champion brings an elegant and slim design for professional athletes. The Champion sports medicine ball makes your fitness goal enjoyable. Its solid blending performance elevates your workout routine.

The exterior of the ball is made with synthetic leather which offers a supple texture. Though the outer layer is smooth, it assures a superior grip. You can hold the ball even when sweaty.

Besides, it maintains a similar grip when you are using it on the floor for weight lifting and aerobics. Its professional-grade material can hold up to every throw.

The ball features premium-quality stitching which ensures long-lasting functionality. You can use this multi-purpose ball for a variety of exercises.

However, it offers an array of color, size, and weights to allow you to shuffle your exercise routine. This leather medicine ball can withstand extreme exercises and cross-training routines. Also, the price is reasonable.


  • Synthetic leather exterior
  • Withstands extreme use
  • Premium-quality stitching
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Quality construction
  • No-slip grip
  • Proper balance
  • Variety of sizes, color, and weights
  • Endure slams


  • The shape may change due to leather

6. Titan Soft Wall

Best Medicine Ball

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Titan Fitness brings a quality soft medicine ball with a design similar to the j/it medicine ball. The unique about this Titan medicine ball it that the ball includes a strap for holding.

It’s an excellent choice for working out your core, improving muscle, and burning calories. You can throw them into the wall with greater force to get the better result.

The ball is equipped with heavy-duty synthetic material on exterior and sandbag inside the ball. Its tight-double stitching seamed the ball entirely to inhibit leakage.

It is designed in a way that can withstand an hour of wall throw. The ball has a color-coded feature that allows you to identify weight easily. The ball includes two straps in both sides of the ball; which will enable you to hold the ball for long.

Moreover, the ball offers more functional exercises, like targeting muscles groups and joints. It’s an excellent choice for both gym and home use. Indeed, it’s a durable and attractive medicine ball at a reasonable price.


  • Double-stitched seams
  • High-quality synthetic leather
  • Easy weight identification
  • Withstands heavy use
  • Good for wall ball work
  • Straps for holding and storing
  • Easy grip
  • Effective result


  • The shape often become misshapen

7. SPRI Dual Grip Xerball


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When it comes to introducing innovative and effective fitness solution, then SPRI remains ahead among all. A distinctive design in the list which is a perfect choice for performing rotational and abdominal exercises.

Unlike others, the design comes with dual-handle that provides easy-grip for rotational motion. There are no chances for slipping or accidents as you can hold the ball tightly.

The ball allows you to use either with both hands and a single hand. That means you can push your body to the max. This best medicine ball is probably one of the best versatile balls in our list due to the wide range of applications.

SPRI Dual Grip Xerball is equipped with a blend of rubber and PVC plastic. The quality material makes the ball extremely durable. Also, it has a textured surface, which makes it easy to catch.

Moreover, the ball offers a medium level of bounce; which means it stays solid with little flex. The SPRI provides a free instruction DVD along with the ball. The price is compatible with the features.


  • Durable construction
  • Dual handle with a secure grip
  • A wide range of application
  • Effective for rotational core exercise
  • Ergonomic design
  • Textured surface
  • Safe to use


  • A strong greasy-like smell
  • The middle level of bounce; not perfect for throwing as well

8. CAP Barbell Medicine Ball


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One of the classic and round shaped medicine ball brought to you by CAP Barbell. This medicine ball is designed to use with a partner or the wall exercise. You can enjoy the extreme level of bouncing along with enhancing strength.

The bouncing medicine ball is an excellent choice for beginners, and experts can also use it to add a bit more weight. It is engineered with a quality rubber material that assures durability.

The rubber is single textured from outside, which ensures the superior grip. It offers a tacky grip for a safe exercising session. You can hold or throw with ease.

Also, it comes with stable weight so you can choose precisely the targeted weight. You can add the ball with any form of exercising except slamming. The ball helps to reach the goal faster.

Overall, CAP Barbell medicine ball is a perfect choice for increasing strength and stamina. The ball will assist your workout session for a longer time. Indeed, it’s a great buy at the lowest price.


  • Simple yet effective design
  • Secured grip
  • Assures safety
  • Increases strength
  • No chances of leakage
  • Increased strength
  • Cost-effective
  • Superior bouncing


  • The size is quite huge
  • Slightly greasy smell

9. Rep Soft Ball

Best Medicine Ball

Rep Fitness is the most intense fitness company that manufactures a wide range of fitness equipment. Rep soft medicine ball is one of the excellent addition in their fitness line.

The ball is designed to assure even and balanced strength training. It is made out of gripper leather material which is soft to touch. It has thick double stitching which causes the ball tighter.

You can use the ball with ease since it offers consistency fell across all weight. The ball is impact resistant, which helps to maintain shape. It can endure large throw or harsh use as well.

Also, it is beautifully color-coded, which make it easy to identify the weights. Though you can even read it from stitched weight labels, no matter is your size and skill level; you can easily use the ball.

The best about this traditional ball is that it offers fewer chances of injury so that you can use with ease. Indeed, it’s a great addition to the recent training session and will assist you in the hardest day.


  • Tough construction
  • Secured grip
  • Evenly weighted
  • Double stitched
  • Impact-resistant
  • Maintain shape
  • Perfect balance


  • The price is slightly higher
  • Not ideal for slamming

10. SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball

Best Medicine Ball

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The last SPRI medicine ball is a unique and versatile full-body training tool. The SPRI Xerball medicine ball helps to enhance power, stability, and joint integrity.

It is redesigned with a higher rubber material which offers better bounce. This ball can endure severe use while maintaining shape and balance. Its thicker outer layer increases the durability.

The ball comes up with superior comfort and function. Its textured surface delivers a comfortable grip even during the strengthen workout session. The ball won’t slip even when your hand gets sweaty.

Unlike others, it allows you to add air for more bounces. The professional-grade material enables you to use the ball for almost 100 times a day. It has an easy to read weight stamps which allow quick identification.

Furthermore, it can be used for a wide range of applications. Most importantly, you can use it for bouncing, tossing, and even slamming. This multifunctional bouncing medicine ball is available at a compatible price. So, check the store NOW!


  • Unique design
  • Extremely durable
  • Built to last for long
  • Allow repeated use
  • Maintain shape
  • Optimum grip
  • Easy-to-read weight stamps
  • Robust construction
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Better bounce


  • Too large to handle
  • Quite hard like a basketball
  • A bit pricey but worth it

Think Before Buying A Medicine Ball

To pick the best medicine ball, let’s take a look at the crucial attributes you should look for when buying a medicine ball.


When selecting a medicine ball, the most crucial factor to remember is weight. It determines how much progress you can make with your training. To prevent injury, the medicine ball you select should not be too heavy to lift and should also fit your skill level and physical ability. On the other side, if it is too light, you would not use it properly to achieve good results.

Moreover, medicine balls weighing 2 to 3 pounds are ideal for exercises such as leg lifts and sit-ups. Furthermore, 2-5 pound medicine balls are perfect for new performers who use these medicine balls for light exercises and other aerobic training.

For strength or muscle-building routines, a medicine ball weighing 20 to 50 pounds is preferable. But if you want to do a high-intensity workout, use medicine balls weighing 100 to 150 pounds.


Leather, synthetic leather, and rubber are the most popular materials used to make medicine balls. Leather, which is both sturdy and weather-resistant, was used to make the very first medicine balls. But over time, as technology has improved, manufacturers now make medicine balls from synthetic leather and rubber.

Though synthetic leather balls aren’t as durable as traditional leather balls, today’s synthetic leather balls are tough with a rigid outer layer. Besides, due to the excellent grip and versatility, textured rubber medicine balls are far more popular yet.


Medicine balls are available in different sizes, forms, and materials. Consider your training goals and how the medicine ball might help you reach them when deciding one. There are different sizes of medicine balls, which are suitable for different exercises.

For speedy exercises, small medicine balls are ideal. And other sizes are used for weight and strength training. Besides, one important fact to remember about Medicine balls is that the ball size is not an indicator of the ball’s weight. So, choose a reasonable size of the medical ball that suits your fitness goals very well.

Medicine Ball FAQs

What is the Best Medicine Ball?

We have done in-depth research on medicine ball available in the market and concluded a 10-best medicine ball list for you. After taking a closure look and reviewing all these 10- medicine balls, we have found the following 3- medicine balls to be the best. So, you can give a try to any of these medicine balls without any doubt. They are-

  • J/fit Soft Wall Ball, Medicine Ball
  • Amazonbasics Medicine Ball
  • Dynapro Medicine Ball

How to Choose the Best Medicine Ball?

If you are still confused about deciding the medicine ball that is best suited for you, here are some factors that may help you to find the right one yet. You need to give a close look at the medicine ball and break down the following factors or features to ensure whether the medicine ball is right for you or not. The factors are-

  • Size and Weight
  • Quality of the medicine ball
  • Material

What Are the Ways of Using a Medicine Ball?

Medicine ball helps to develop power. Though it offers limited ways to train with it, you can use it in ways by creativity. The major 6- ways to use medical ball are-

  • Roll on it.
  • Catch it
  • Throw it.
  • Lift it
  • Balance on it
  • Use it for feedback.

What Size of a Medicine Ball Should I Use?

The choice of size regarding medicine ball depends on individual preference. In most cases, people prefer such a medicine ball that provides enough resistance and allows a wide range of exercises. Usually, experts recommend 10-pounds medicine balls for men and 5-8 pounds medicine balls for the woman. 

What Are the Reasons for Using a Medicine Ball?

Medicine ball is all around a useful fitness accessory. It offers some great benefits to the body. Here are some reasons to use a medicine ball, they are-

  • Explosiveness and gaining power  
  • Abs’ workout partner 
  • Perfect for physical preparedness
  • Body-building ally
  • Develop coordination and balance

Final Words

We have spent an amount of time doing fruitful research to provide the best medicine ball to you. All our top pick will perfectly fit your home gym. You may consider them for enhancing balance, full-body strength training, and core training.

Lastly, you have to decide the purpose of use and more importantly, your requirements. Now you are ready to go. We are wrapping up for today by leaving the rest on your decision. Will be back to you soon with another exciting topic till then.

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