The 10 Best Indoor Cycling Shoes in 2023

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

Indoor cycling or spin class is a form of exercise to increase the tolerance level, intensity, stamina, power, and intervals. The equipment for indoor cycling is an indoor bicycle weighted with a heavy flywheel.

The cycle stays in one place, and the rider continues pedaling sitting on the saddle. The main focus of this exercise is to complete hard strokes on the pedal. During the indoor cycling, the proper pedaling wholly depends on the shoes we are wearing.

So, it is necessary to wear the best indoor cycling shoes for comfortable and efficient pedaling. If you invest in high-quality cycling shoes, you can use them for indoor cycling and other activities like commuting, walking, hiking as well. However, that is not the case with regular shoes. Regular shoes or footwear does not allow efficient pedaling and provide the required comfort.

Reviews of the Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

Regular shoes or snickers are not perfect for indoor cycling. Shoes become cycling shoes only if they are compatible with cleats. A cleat or stud is a conical shaped 2-bolt or 3-bolt metal or plastic attachment which is affix to the sole of the shoe.

Cycling shoes can have it although not obligatory. You can buy them separately, but cleats compatibility is unquestionably necessary for cycling shoes.

However, the best indoor cycling shoes are those which come with cleats in the sole and are compatible with SPD cleats. Separate buying can be an issue for many. Having said that, not including them has nothing to do with the quality of the shoes.

If they are of high-quality and provide extreme comfort, buying cleats separately should not be an issue. Here, we are going to make a list of 10 indoor cycling shoes and write a detailed, informative review on one of them.

1. Venzo Road Bike for Shimano Cycling Shoes

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

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Venzo is a pair of lightweight cycling bicycle shoes which features the award-winning technology for performance. It has a low cut construction, and it makes it light and provides fast fit and feel. It has a synthetic upper. The mesh is quick drying and highly breathable.

It has hard plastic cleats in its sole. It is compatible with all type of cleat systems, SPD, SPD SL, and Look KEO style pedal systems, to name a few. It is notably comfortable with the cleats on the pedals.

The flexible forefoot allows proper bend of the toe. It mimics the running shoe beveled heels. The cycling shoes are sturdy and durable, and three velcro straps allow easy adjustment according to the size of the feet. It has a snug fit. It is an excellent pair of shoes for beginners in mountain bike riding as well.


  • Award-winning technology
  • Light, low cut construction
  • Compatible to all style pedal systems
  • Breathable mesh and quick-drying upper
  • Textile lining with removable sock liners


  • Unsatisfactory Cleats

2. Louis Garneau – Multi Air Flex Bike Shoes

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

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Louis Garneau is a versatile, imported cycling shoe for women. It is flexible enough with the right amount of stiffness in the sole. It has a breathable design. The upper is synthetic and covered with mesh.

It allows the feet some room to breath. It provides a standard fit and perfect for all day riding. With this pair of shoes, there would be no room for overheated feet.  It is ideal for bicycle rides, training, commuting, and spin class.

The outsole is of Nylon composite. It flexes at the toe. It also supports the heel while walking, and the pedal maneuvering becomes easy. The HRS-80 retention cup helps to keep the heel in its place. The EVA insole ensures proper airflow.

The three straps hook, and loop fasteners allow secure wearing on and off the shoes. It is compatible with SPD cleats. These cleats are known to fit all the current mountain bike pedals. It is an ideal shoe pair for indoor cycling.


  • Imported
  • Flexible, well-ventilated, no more overheated feet
  • Hook and loop fasteners allow quick adjustments
  • Nylon composite outsole and HRS-80 retention cup
  • SPD cleats compatible


  • A bit narrow

3. Giro Treble II Bike Shoe

Giro Treble II Bike Shoe

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Giro’s Treble II Shoes is imported, has a simple, classic design. It is sturdy and lightweight. It feels very light on the feet. It’s synthetic upper provides breathability to the feet.

It has mesh for constant airflow. It helps to keep the feet protected from overheating during long day use. The Aegis antimicrobial treatment mechanically kills bacteria and fungus.

It removes odor as well and helps to retain the new-shoe smell for a long time. The cushion of the insole and perfect stiffness of the outsole offers efficient pedal strokes. It uses molded EVA insole in its footbed.

The classic 3-strap closure ensures easy adjustments. Wearing shoes become easy, and taking them off is also convenient.

It allows customized fit even while sitting on the bike sit. The outsole is nylon injected and has a universal cleat mount system in it. It is compatible with both 2-bolt and 3-bolt cleat systems.


  • Universal cleat mount system
  • Breathable, synthetic and imported
  • Three strap closure and molded EVA footbed
  • Aegis antimicrobial treatment
  • Nylon-injected outsole


  • Color rub off

4. Pearl Izumi Tri Fly V Carbon Cycling Shoe

Pearl Izumi Tri Fly V Carbon

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Pearl Izumi is imported, has a very distinctive design, and has a concave shaping. It is 100% synthetic. The fully lined mesh upper allows airflow and keeps the feet fresh. It also provides barefoot comfort. It eliminates hot spots as well.

The direct-venting technology also plays its part in cooling the feet. It also ensures proper drainage, so the shoes do not hold water, and quickly dry.

It features 1:1 anatomic hook and loop velcro strap closure. It removes the pressure from the forefoot and allows content pedal stroke.

Its sole is synthetic. The Prograde 1:1 carbon power plate provides perfect stiffness. The concave shaping increases the stiffness of the sole and gives height.

The shape also gives anatomic support. It has a built-in longitudinal arch which ensures power and efficiency. It comes with replaceable foot bumper as well. It is equally comfortable with or without socks.


  • Imported
  • Fully lined mesh upper and direct venting technology ensures no overheated feet
  • PRO. grade unidirectional carbon provides much precise stiffness
  • Dual-density ethylene vinyl acetate insole and 100% synthetic sole
  • Built-in longitudinal arch support


  • Not for big feet

5. Louis Garneau – Multi Air Flex Bike Shoes

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

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Louis Garneau Men’s cycling shoes have a synthetic, leather, and mesh upper. It is ideal for all types of riding. It has a breathable design for no overheated feet, even in the most heated condition.

It is very lightweight yet sturdy enough for rough usage. It is flexible and has a comfortable fit. The outsole is of nylon/fiberglass composite and insole is of EVA foam. Both features proper ventilation at the sole.

The outsole also flexes at the toe for secure and sturdy pedal stroke. It provides strong support to the heel along with the HRS-80 retention cup. The cup firmly holds the heels at one place.

It is compatible with SPD cleats. So, it fits all types of mountain bike pedals as they are all compatible with SPD cleats. The shoes allow for easy adjustment due to the hook and loop fasteners. Putting on the shoes and putting them off also becomes easy, even while sitting on the saddle.


  • Versatile and breathable
  • Synthetic
  • Lightweight and has a standard fit
  • Flexes at the toe and supports the heel
  • Nylon/fiberglass composite outsole and compatible to SPD cleats


  • Sizing can be an issue

6. Pearl iZUMi Select RD IV-M Cycling Shoe

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

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Pearl iZUMi Men’s cycling shoes are among the best indoor cycling shoes due to its specific use of different materials in the construction of the pair of shoes.

The upper is a mixture of rubber and plastic and has a synthetic sole. It is an imported pair of high-quality and well-constructed shoes. The straps on the forefoot have a 25-degree angle.

It allows the shoes to follow the contours of the foot better. It also reduces the pressure from the forefoot. It eliminates the hotspots from the instep as well.

The EVA foam and rubber heel bumper ensure stability and comfort while walking or pedaling. It provides excellent arch support in the longitudinal and transverse area of the foot. Its composite fiber plate ensures stiffness and makes it longlasting.

It has also used direct-vent technology for cooling and water transition and drainage. The 1:1 anatomic closure has classic three straps which allow convenient putting on and off the shoes. The shoes are compatible with all the road and SPD pedal systems. The compatibility makes it versatile.


  • Imported
  • Perfectly lightweight, stiff and durable
  • Synthetic sole with EVA foam and rubber heel bumper
  • 1:1 anatomic closure removes pressure from the instep
  • Compatible to SPD cleats


  • Need to add more sizes

7. W X-PROJECT 2.0


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The X-PROJECT 2.0 is an imported and Manmade shoe with a unique design. It has a synthetic sole and seamless construction in the toe area. It allows proper flexibility while putting pressure on the pedal with the forefoot.

It is an ideal running shoe as well. The Eva foam heel offers off the bike comfort by absorbing all kinds of impact while running. It has used Total Tune Performance Inserts in its insoles.

The TPU lug sole and rubber tips at the bottom of the shoes improve the stability and traction of the shoes in the wettest condition. Its heel and platform respectively measure approximately 0.75″ and 0.5″.

It uses a 25-degree angles strap design in its 1:1 anatomic buckle closure. The angle follows the anatomic curve of the foot. The patent-pending full-length tapered unidirectional carbon fiber plate makes it versatile by providing optimal power transfer both on the bike and off the bike. It is compatible with SPD cleats.


  • Imported and 100% Manmade
  • Seamless, lightweight and durable construction
  • 1:1 anatomic buckle closure with a 25-degree angled strap
  • Synthetic sole, 1:1 insole system and EVA foam heel
  • Full-length tapered unidirectional carbon fiber plate


  • Hard to fit the cleats

8. Giro Techne Cycling Shoes

Giro Techne

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Giro Techne Women’s Cycling Shoes are lightweight. It offers maximum comfort during a long period of use. The synthetic upper, covered with mesh fabric, provides a proper ventilation system.

It allows a constant airflow and quick dries if damps. Its sole is of injected nylon. It has the perfect stiffness for perfect and powerful pedal stroke. The 3/2 nylon outsole perfectly fits all type of mountain bike or road cleat systems.

It has used the die-cutting process to cut the insole. It uses the classic three straps hook and loop retention system for quick adjustment. The straps also provide a good range of fits.

Getting the perfect shoe size is not an issue in case of these shoes. It has universal cleat compatibility. It is compatible with all types of bicycle and mountain bike pedals.


  • Synthetic upper
  • High-quality, breathable mesh,  and roomy
  • Three hook and loop straps closure
  • Injected nylon sole and die-cut insole
  • Universal cleat compatibility


  • Slippery

9. Fizik R5B Donna B.O.A. Shoe

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

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Fizik R5 Donna Women shoe is impressively lightweight. It has a high-quality Microtex upper. The nylon mesh works as ventilation windows and maintains continuous airflow. It efficiently keeps the feet unheated by allowing them to breathe.

It uses the incredible precision of the Boa system in its closure. This system provides a perfect fit to the foot of any size. Boa closure system controls the fit in such a way that it goes through all the four anchor points of the foot and the shoe.

It also maintains ventilation, toughness, and durability. It also uses the hook and loop closure system. The straps are closer to the toe which provides near-infinite forefoot width control.

Its sole is carbon reinforced nylon and has the much-needed stiffness to it. Its outsole is also the same, and the heel cup is right at the end of the shoes.

The purpose of the positioning of the heel is to keep the foot in the perfect position always. It is compatible with 3-hole road cleats.


  • Lightweight, Microtex upper and nylon mesh
  • Extraordinary ventilation and tough durability
  • Boa IP1 closure
  • Carbon reinforced nylon sole
  • Three-hole road cleat compatibility


  • Pricey

10. tommaso Pista  Road Bike Shoe

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

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Tommaso Pista offers a high-quality pair of shoes at a reasonable price. It is a versatile shoe pair for running, walking, pedaling, commuting,  spin class, and more.  It has a durable synthetic leather upper.

The mesh fabricOpens in a new tab. on it is also of good-quality and ensures proper airflow. It allows the feet to breathe and keep them unheated even after wearing them for long hours. It offers a 100% fit guarantee.

The fiberglass reinforced polyamide sole provides maximum power transfer and stiffness during every hard pedal stroking. The pedaler can pedal faster and longer due to the stiffness and the power transfer of the sole.

It has used the classic three straps hook and loop closure for easy on and off. The cleat area has both two bolts and three bolts cleat system for versatile use. It is compatible with all type of bike pedals and comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Fiberglass reinforced sole
  • Well-ventilated mesh
  • Low profile hook and lock velcro straps closure
  • Versatile and compatible with both 2 and 3-bolt cleats


  • Poor-quality velcro straps

Think Before Buying A Indoor Cycling Shoes

In terms of spin class, using cycling shoes is almost essential equipment for all. Usually, these cycling shoes are quite different from all-purpose gym shoes. To get a pair of quality cycling shoes, we need to consider several factors first. Here’s a concise guide to help you determine which of the many types of indoor cycling shoes are best for you and why.

Gender Specified Model

Though some cycling shoes are designed for both genders, most cycling shoes are typically designed specifically for women or men. Besides, females usually have smaller feet than men, so women’s shoes are typically smaller than the options available for men.

 Again, women’s shoes tend to have narrower heels than those designed for men. Furthermore, the colors available for women’s shoes tend to be flashier or more varied than the colors available for men. So, it will be better to choose a pair of indoor cycling shoes that goes best with your gender.

Fit & Comfort

Comfort is the only way to determine whether your cycling shoes are either fit for you or not. Usually, a shoe that’s stiffer and has a more snug fit will transfer more of your power from your foot to the pedal. 

But too much tight-fitting or stiff shoes also lead to discomfort and numbness. So it would be best if you found perfect fit indoor cycling shoes that are not too constricting and are also not too loose yet.


Before choosing any indoor cycling shoes, it is essential to consider that whether your shoes have suitable cleat compatibility for your cycling trainers or not. Besides, as there are different kinds of indoor cycling trainers, it’s wiser to have cycling shoes that you can use on all cycling trainers.

Usually, there are two types of pedal systems in a cycling trainer: SPD, SPD-SL. But, the SPD system is common in indoor cycling bikes.

Breathability & Closure

As you are not getting the cooling effect of wind on your skin when cycling indoors, your shoes can also become sweaty. Therefore, ventilation is crucial. Breathable uppers and ventilation in the soles of cycling shoes will assist keep your feet cool.

Besides, an optimal closure is also necessary for making fast movements and riding in a secure position. Thereby, closure systems are also crucial for ensuring a better fit so that you can ride the cycle trainer without worrying about friction or any potential blistering.

Indoor Cycling Shoes FAQs

What Are the Best Cycling Shoes?

Based on our overall review, here are the top 5-best cycling shoes:


Do I Need Special Shoes for Indoor Cycling?

Yes. Though sneakers are usually suited best for all-purpose gyms, specialized spinning studios like- Soul Cycle, demand cycling shoes yet. So, it is essential to have a pair of cycling shoes for indoor cycling. If you don’t have your cycling shoes, you can also rent a pair from the gym’s desk.

What Are the Different Types of Cycling Shoes?

Based on usage and effectiveness, cycling shoes usually come in different forms. You will get a few kinds of cycling shoes available on the market. The types of cycling shoes are-

  • Road Bike shoes
  • Mountain Bike (MTB) Shoes
  • Indoor Cycling Shoes

Why Should You Get Your Own Pair of Indoor Cycling Shoes?

Almost every indoor cycling studios provide shoe renting- facility to their gym members. So, those who don’t want to invest in indoor cycling shoes can rent shoes from their gym’s front desk. But still, there are some reasons people find purchasing their own indoor cycling shoes crucial yet.

The reasons are-

  • Comfort
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Better Power Transfer
  • Use on other Bikes

Final Words

Shoes play a crucial part, ensuring the comfort of the feet. The efficiency of playing, exercising, and doing tasks largely depends on a good pair of shoes. Footwear at home would unquestionably be very different from the formal office shoes.

Similarly, shoes for walking and jogging would also be very distinctive than the shoes for indoor cycling. The purpose of the apparent difference in these specifically purposed shoes depends on what we are doing. It is also to ensure full comfort while doing that specific activity.

Likewise, the best indoor cycling shoes fulfill the precise purpose of comfortable yet sturdy and stable pedal strokes which other footwear can’t do that efficiently. Undeniably, you can use the same pair of shoes for multiple activities.

However, we are living in an era where we can quickly get specific shoes for particular purposes at a reasonable price. So, if you are into indoor cycling, then you need one pair of cycling shoes with the cleat system.

Hopefully, this review of ours has helped you enough to decide which type you need to buy for your spin classes. So, if you are joining a spin class or already are attending spin classes do not wait and get your pair of indoor cycling shoes.

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