The 5 Best Home Gyms Under $1000 in 2023

Best Home Gyms Under $1000

Everybody knows the necessity of doing exercises to stay healthy. When it comes to having workouts, some thoughts may run through your mind. You may not have time to go to the gym, or you might be too tired to exercise, especially when you’re back from work.

Most probably, you may not be willing to pay much money for a gym membership. If these thoughts really hold you back from having workouts, you need to make a change. Start exercising at home with a top-quality, All-in-one Compact Home Gym machine.

This piece of gym equipment allows you to do a wide variety of workouts without taking up much space in your house. To build muscles, lose fat, and even improve your cardiovascular system, this gym machine can often be what you expect from a commercial fitness center.

In this article, we’re now going to test and review the 10 best home gyms under 1000 dollars. We’ll also be talking about what factors you need to consider when purchasing a quality home gym. Hopefully, you’ll meet some versatile piece of gym equipment below.

Reviews of The Best Home Gyms Under $1000

1. Bowflex Home Gym Series

Best Home Gyms Under 1000

The Bowflex PR1000 gym machine is so convenient to do over 25 workouts at home. These workouts are great for your upper body, chest, back, shoulders, arms, most importantly, abdominals. For lower body workouts, this is somewhat good.

This excellent home gym comes with expandable, 200+ pound power rod resistance. When you’re going through exercises for the first time, you may need a little more time because you may not identify what resistance weight to go with.

Besides, this piece of gym equipment features a horizontal bench press that allows you to do aerobic rowing. It includes multiple cable pulley positions that help you increase the usefulness of many workouts. With the price of 800 bucks, you’ll also get an integrated media rack.

Key Features

  • Ideal Tool for 25+ Workouts
  • 200+ Pound Power Rod Resistance
  • Horizontal Bench Press
  • Multiple Cable Pulley Positions
  • Built-in Media Rack

2. Weider Ultimate Body Works

Weider Ultimate

If you’re looking for the best home gyms under 1000 bucks, The Ultimate Body Works Home Gym from Weider can be a suitable option for you. This gym machine is excellent for those who need physical therapy or have muscle injuries.

The home gym comes with a 250-pound weight capacity. It also features 4 bungee cord system resistance bands, which can be upgraded to extra 50 pounds. Besides, it includes the cable-and-pulley system that ensures a convenient range of motion.

With offering 8 levels of incline, the gym machine has a cushioned seat that helps you do multiple workouts, including seated chest press, squats, v-crunch, and lateral pull-down. You can also fold it to smaller dimensions and store it in any suitable place.

Key Features

  • 250-Pound Weight Capacity
  • 4 Resistance Bands
  • Cable-and-Pulley System
  • Suitable for Multiple Workouts
  • Easy to Fold and Store

3. Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Steel Home Gym

Best Home Gyms Under 1000

When it comes to high-quality and excellent performance, the Marcy MWM-988 is one of the best home gyms out there in today’s market. This gym machine is manufactured with a durable, 14-gauge steel tube frame, weighing around 150 pounds.

In terms of core components, the home gym features double pulley stations, an adjustable preacher curl pad, and a dual-function press arm (chest press and vertical butterfly) to strengthen your body muscles. It also provides you with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

With full-body workouts, the gym machine allows you to do leg development workouts on comfortable Foam Rollers. It also helps you do upper pulley workouts, including lat pull-downs. In addition, you’ll get a workout chart attached to the machine.

Key Features

  • 14-Gauge Steel Tube Frame
  • Double Pulley Stations
  • Adjustable Preacher Curl Pad
  • Dual Function Press Arm
  • 300-Pound Weight Capacity

4. Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym

Total Gym XLS

The Total Gym XLS is an excellent gym machine that allows you to get fit at your home. With many top-quality workouts, the home gym has a 400-pound weight capacity. It comes with a padded glideboard to ensure support to your head while exercising.

In terms of core features, this piece of gym equipment includes an upgraded comfort system, ribbed squat stand, squat stand, pulley and cable system, wing attachment, flexible nylon strap handles, Pilates kit, and a chart with around 35 workouts.

Using this gym machine, you can do over 80 exercises to strengthen your upper body, lower body, cardiovascular system, abdominals, and core. To start exercising for the first time, you don’t need to assemble it; just unfold it and set in a suitable place.

Key Features

  • 400-Pound Weight Capacity
  • Padded Glideboard for Head
  • Excellent Comfort System
  • Suitable for 80+ Workouts
  • Flexible Nylon Strap Handles

5. ICON Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 50

Best Home Gyms Under 1000

Since you’re looking for the best home gyms under 1000 dollars, the Gold’s Gym XRS 50 from ICON Fitness can be a suitable option for you. This piece of gym equipment is versatile enough to get quality total body workouts, including a lat pull-down and chest press.

When it comes to key features, the home gym includes wing attachment, high/low pulley system, 4-roll leg developer, multi-grip lat bar, and sewn vinyl seats. It offers a 112-pound vinyl weight stack with a maximum weight capacity of up to 280 pounds.

Besides, the gym machine comes with an exercise manual that allows you to do multiple workouts with ease. If you want to become creative in total body workouts, then the home gym has some limitations. In fact, it only hits the basics.

Key Features

  • Versatile Piece of Gym Equipment
  • 280-Pound Weight Capacity
  • High/Low Pulley System
  • 4-Roll Leg Developer
  • Multi-Grip Lat Bar

Buying Guide

When you’re going to purchase a high-end home gym, you should consider several factors, including key features, benefits, and how the gym machine works. We’re now going to talk about some essential factors you shouldn’t overlook before buying home gyms under $1000.

Construction Material

Typically, the home gyms made of 14-gauge steel tube frame are the best options to choose from. They ensure high-quality, durability and last for a long time. You should avoid those home gyms that come with aluminum construction.

Build Quality

In terms of purchasing a home gym machine, considering overall build quality is pretty essential. Your preferred home gym should come with a combo of better material and good quality control over your workouts.

Space-Saver Design

Since you’ll use a home gym at your home where you may not have enough space to place the machine, your preferred home gym should be foldable for convenient storage. So, make sure that you’re purchasing a home gym that features a space-saver design.

Core Components

In terms of core components, quality home gyms under 1000$ must include a pec deck, lat pull-down, leg developer, preacher pad, a weight-squat rack, and cable crossover station to strengthen the entire body and build different muscle groups.

Some top-quality home gyms may offer aerobic rowing for excellent cardiovascular exercises. These units usually come with plenty of accessories to ensure workouts for your back, chest, arms, shoulders, and legs.


As you’re looking for one of the best home gyms under 1000 dollars, considering the resistance is pretty essential. Typically, modern, top-quality home gyms have their own resistance made of either vinyl or metal between 200 to 400 pounds.

However, home gyms have some limitations in this case. You cannot increase the resistance level because the weight stack of these home gyms is built-in. If you choose a home gym without any weight stack, you can adjust one according to your requirements.

Big Bench Press

If you want to make a big bench press at your home through a home gym, home gyms with plates and Olympic bars could be what you’re looking for. It provides you with more advantages than a fixed chest press.

Seat and Weight Capacity

Your preferred home gym should have a comfortable seat made of cushioned foam. If the gym machine has a padded glideboard for supporting your head, then you can go with it. When it comes to weight capacity, the ideal number of pounds is from 250 to 400.

Pulley and Cable System

Since almost all weight-based home gyms feature pulleys, you have to make sure that the pulleys come with excellent materials and designs. Top-quality home gyms include three types of pulleys, such as low, medium, and high, to target muscle groups more effectively.

Building Muscles vs. Losing Fat

When you’re willing to exercise for getting fit, you need a quality piece of home gym equipment. However, home gyms are of mainly two types: building muscles and losing fat. It will be excellent if you know the type before purchasing one.

If your goal is to build the muscle groups of your body, then you should go with one that is equipped with a weight plate or weight stack. When you’re lifting heavyweight, your muscles will tear and repair themselves, and finally, build strong muscles.

On the other hand, if you want to use a home gym as a cardio machine, like a treadmill, then you should purchase a resistance-based home gym. You can lose many calories and reduce your body fat by using low weight but with frequent repetition.

Available Workouts

When you’re considering buying a quality home gym, it should allow you to use it for 50 to 80 types of workouts. The exercises usually include toning various muscle groups, such as leg, chest, abs and back muscles, biceps, and triceps.

However, you can add supplements to your home gym. For example, you can purchase a quality pair of dumbbells separately. Dumbbells are pretty useful to develop your upper and lower body parts, including abs, back, arm, and shoulders.

On a good quality multi-gym machine, you can build your core using an additional ad roller, a Medicine Ball, or a Swiss ball if your home gym doesn’t include these. It helps you enhance a complete physique and a durable midsection.

Extra Features

Sometimes, top-quality home gyms include DVDs, workout plants, an incorporated squat rack, and YouTube tutorials. If you’re looking for a home gym with bonus items for helping your workouts, you should go with one that comes with these additional accessories.

Easy Assembly

Once you’ve considered all the features of a particular home gym, you should take a look at the ease of assembly of the machine. Home gyms might be slightly technical, causing injuries if you cannot properly install them.

Some home gyms, like the BodyBoss 2.0, comes as one unit, so you don’t need to assemble the different parts of the gym machine. On the other hand, the ICON Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 50 is slightly complicated to install, requiring some bolts to get screwed.

Now, this is your choice, whether you prefer the assembled one or the other option. If you purchase a home gym that is not assembled but features many useful things, you can assemble the machine easily within a concise time.


Warranty is a must, especially a lifetime warranty when you’re buying the right product. If you’re willing to purchase a quality home gym, you shouldn’t forget to concentrate on the warranty the manufacturer offers.

Make sure that it covers the steel frame, upholstery, pulleys, cables, and roller pads. Remember that you have to purchase one between building muscle and losing fat. So, determine which one you require. You can also combine the two.

Home Gyms Under $1000 FAQs

Are Home Gyms Worth It?

Although you may require a large investment to purchase a quality home gym, it costs you less than many gym memberships. Home gyms are convenient to use right at your home. It comes with multiple workout equipment into one machine, allowing you to do various exercises with no hassle. For those who need physical therapy or have muscle injuries, a quality home gym could be what they’re looking for.

Is Exercising at Home as Good as The Gym?

Exercising at home is as good as the gym, but how? When you’re working out at your home, you don’t need to travel to the gym and pay for an expensive gym membership. If you exercise at your home, you can avoid the crowd in the gym and do excellent total-body workouts from various angles.

When you’re going to exercise at your home, you may use some big machines, like a treadmill, a heavy pair of dumbbells, an ab roller, and a pullup bar. If you use a multi-gym, you’ll get more living space, the right equipment, and the willpower to exercise every day.

What’s better Total Gym or Bowflex?

The Bowflex might be slightly better than the Total Gym in terms of external resistance. The strength building potential of Bowflex is excellent, but regarding the Total Gym, that is relatively good. When it comes to size, the Bowflex is larger than the Total Gym, allowing more exercise options than its counterpart.

What Are The Downsides To Home Gyms At This Price?

Although home gyms are designed to be pretty versatile, they have some downsides compared to commercial gyms. Home gyms are not for those who are looking for strengthening their body with free weights. They also have limitations in their weight capacity, but in commercial gyms, you’ll get more weight resistance.

Which Exercise Machine Is Best for Losing Belly Fat?

If you’re looking for the best machine to lose belly fat, a quality treadmill could be the right choice. Treadmills work excellent in burning belly fat relatively faster (at the highest rate of any cardio machine). You have to run on the machine to get the best results.


Now that you know how to choose the best home gyms under 1000 bucks, it will be easier for you to select a quality home gym for yourself. If you purchase a high-quality one, you won’t need to be concerned about the features; just pay attention to building muscles and losing fat.

Whatever the home gym you opt for yourself, you should ensure that the unit fulfills all your gym requirements. Although a home gym cannot be a perfect substitute for a commercial gym, the home gym can be the only useful option when you cannot go to outdoor gyms.

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