The 10 Best Fitness Planner in 2023

Best Fitness Planner

Thinking to start a diet program but cannot move forward? We understand! It can be tough if your desire is not well-organized. Since it comes with a lot of healthy dose of courage and motivation.

In the first few days, we stay energetic toward our fitness routine. But gradually things become frustrating, and excuses start piling up. Here is one better solution for you to keep in you in track; until you reach the fitness goal. We are talking about a fitness planner.

Fitness planner helps you to track all your proper routing; especially your gym session and progress. While purchasing the best fitness journal, you should consider your enthusiasm to give enough time to write on.

Here we present our recommendation of ten best fitness planners. Our motive is to help you to make the right choice since it is about your health. Let’s take a short tour.

Review of the Best Fitness Planner

A fitness planner is indeed a workout essential which is a must-have item in your gym bag. It is simple and way cheaper than hiring human help. You don’t have to rush to the expert to get the motivation only. Our selected best fitness planner will make your job easier.

Many of them have a detailed planning chart. So you need to fill all the gaps with your fitness value and time. They will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the right tool. All of our listed best fitness planners is the trainer’s favorites. Read on to know more about them.

1. Fitlosophy Fitbook Planner for Workouts

Best Fitness Planner

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The first one in the list from Fitlosophy offers a great way to jumpstart your fitness goal. Committing yourself to Fitlosophy Fitbook for twelve weeks may feel less frustrating than attempting a yearlong goal.

The fit book features goal-setting and weekly planning pages with enough spaces. You can enter the before and after measurements. It also has a daily food log to record healthy eating details.

The daily food log comes with a tracker for nutrients, vitamins, water, and sleep as well. The planner book has regular workout pages to track cardio and strength training.

It also provides the option to write down a reward that you want to treat yourself to if you reach weekly goals. This 5.5 inches square-shaped book entirely displays your weekly outcomes and inspirations.

Additionally, it includes pint-size pen, strap to mark the targeted place, a slot for storing gym card, and sleeve to preserve recipes. The price is extremely reasonable. So, it’s time to write it down and make it happen.


  • 12-week fitness planning pages
  • Record of food details
  • Workout pages
  • Enhance inspiration
  • Perfect size
  • Flexibility to track
  • An additional slot for storing
  • Reward option


  • Not sufficient for the severe fitness program

2. Bodyweight Exercise Poster

Best Fitness Planner

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It’s time to become the fittest, healthiest, and youngest version of you with NewMe Fitness poster. Planning to start a regular workout program? NewMe Fitness poster will help you out.

This poster is recommended by certified physical trainers who helped many to get the ultimate body transformation. It features easy to understand graphics display with detailed information.

You can entirely follow the instruction that is shown in the poster. The poster includes a full-body workout for both men and women. Each of the pictures is large and easy to see from a distance.

The bright visuals will help you to maintain proper form. The poster is divided by muscle group so choose what you are looking for! It clearly illustrated the start and finish of all the exercise form.

You need to stick the poster on the wall or frame it to make it yours. One single poster assists you for a lifetime with proper maintenance. So, it is not essential to working out outside. You’ll definitely recommend your friends and family after having one. Also, don’t worry about the budget and check the store now.


  • The full-body workout program
  • Detailed graphics display
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to read
  • Organized and classy steps
  • Last forever
  • Good for home workout


  • The poster is not laminated; so need to do by own.

3. NewMe Fitness Journal


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Have you lost your strength and want to reach your fitness targets faster? This spiral-bound fitness planner from NewMe Fitness will guide you. It shows your progress to help you achieve your goal.

It includes comprehensive tracking capabilities that keep you on course. The fitness planning book can record goals and start or ending stats. It can track workout frequency along with track progress.

The book features a bend-resistant cover with lamination protection that makes it sturdy. It includes graphics that delivers an exercise target like which muscles you need to work for losing body fat.

Besides, this high-quality spiral-bound design comes with a pen. The book also includes helpful hints and guidelines. The thick pages won’t tear so you can easily use the planner.

It comes in a convenient size, and you can carry the book outside the home as well. Whatever exercise you are doing, you can track them in the fitness planner. The price is affordable, as well.


  • Attractive spiral-bound design
  • Endorsed by experts
  • Detailed tracking
  • Sturdy construction
  • Durable thick pages
  • Laminated protective cover
  • Quick muscle and measurements guide
  • Helpful hints and guidelines


  • Need to expand the cardio section
  • A bit complicated for the newbie

4. Suspension Exercise Poster Laminated


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Want extra inspiration in your fitness journey? Then Suspension exercise poster is a perfect solution for you. This smartly illustrated poster comes with body-sculpting suspension moves.

The poster includes a full-body workout program visual. It is demonstrated with targeted muscles so you can get the faster result from your selected workout routine.

All the visual graphic shows start and stop positions of workout sessions. This is the largest suspension poster out there due to the detailed information.

The poster comes with metallic gold ink premium printing that clearly shows how to do each exercise. Besides, the poster design is authorized by professional trainers.

The sturdy construction and laminated feature make the poster long-lasting. You can stick the poster on the wall near your TRX. It always helps you to stay motivated and continue the journey. Look-over the store NOW!


  • Perfect for home exercise
  • Easy to follow
  • Simple instruction
  • Superior construction
  • Variety of graphics display
  • Full body workout


  • Some find the issue with the size
  • A bit pricey

5. GymPad Workout Journal & Fitness Book

Best Fitness Planner

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Keep every single detail of your workout plan in the stylish GymPad Fitness book. This book helps you to stay organized and increases motivation so that you can reach your goal.

Fitness professionals highly recommend this premium quality journal book for the best tracking experience. The neat visual representation design makes the book looks sophisticated.

It offers a full-color layout along with water-resistant front and back covers. So don’t worry about the accidental slipping of water. The book has a clear indication about six exercises including sets, reps, weight, and rest on a single page.

In each page, it has motivational quotes on every template. The quotes will help you to boost your energy, and it also jumpstarts the tour training session.

Besides, the spiral binding makes the book long-lasting. It comes with a pocket-size design that fits any gym bag. However, the price is reasonable, as well. So get start NOW!


  • Premium quality paper
  • Full colored layout
  • Water-resistant front and back cover
  • Includes motivational quotes
  • Pocket-sized design
  • Well-organized


  • The size is not enough for men
  • The pages are glossy; so ink smear

6. NewMe Fitness Home Workout Routines

Best Fitness Planner

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Another edition from NewMe Fitness in the list to transform your body and build muscles. This fitness guide with a workout routine will inspire you to lift heavier and heavier weight.

This fitness guide comes with easy to read illustration that clearly shows what to do next. It has detailed instructions on the entire body workout. The included exercise will help you to develop your six-pack and improve strength.

It is a perfect indoor fitness program routine. The guide features a clear illustration that shows a start or finishes position. It also displays which muscles group is targeted during each exercise session.

The guides include a clear text explanation on the other side of the guide. It contains 50 most effective exercise and seven workout program. So, don’t waste your time and money with those typical blank card.

Additionally, the guide is composed of the highest grade metallic ink. It is equipped with plastic for a durable and high-end finish.  It is comparatively larger than others available in the market. The price is also affordable, as well.


  • Quality making
  • Highest-grade metallic ink
  • Larger than others
  • Variety of exercise
  • Easy to read the illustration
  • Perfect personal trainer
  • Full-body workout
  • Durable material


  • The card is incredibly slippery
  • Dry erase feature on the card; challenging to remove the marker

7. NewMe Fitness Bodyweight Fitness Guide


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Do you want to be in great shape and super healthy? NewMe Fitness brings a bodyweight exercise workout card to help you to get back the flexibility. You will definitely get back your energy and strength. It includes almost 50 exercise program which you can follow repeatedly. Follow at least 2-sets from each section of the full-body workout.

You won’t get bored due to the variation in a workout and also it allows you to shuffle the exercise routine as well. For a better result, execute three sets of 10-15 repetitions from the total body, upper body, core, and lower body.

Besides, it has a simple and easy to read graphic display with detailed instruction. It clearly shows how to do each exercise. The workout card is divided by targeted muscle groups.

Indeed, it’s time to fix the back issue and all other physical issues. Experienced Physical Trainers endorse this card. So, you can entirely trust the workout program guide.


  • A lifetime worth
  • Easy to understand
  • Variation in exercise
  • Effective result
  • Recommend by certified trainers
  • High-quality build


  • A bit pricey
  • The fitness card is so fundamental for experts

8. Fitlosophy Fitspiration Fitness Journal


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The Fitlosophy fitness journal will keep healthy and fi with top-of-mind inspiration quotes. This is the most significant journal guide on our list. This 16-week fitness planner includes 114 entries to empower your mind, body, and soul. You can effortlessly set your daily goal, which is indeed a jumpstart to your fitness journey.

Unlike others, it includes a section to encourage and record positive thoughts. You can track daily workout and food details in a separate part. It provides journal gratitude to motivate you.

The fitness guide includes daily fitness, nutrition, and wellness tips that inspire you for healthy living. Also, the different motivational quotes to boost you with space to jot down thoughts.

However, it comes in a perfect size that fits in your gym bag. The book includes a beautiful ribbon to be used as a bookmark. This large fitness book is available at a compatible price.


  • Motivational fitness tips
  • Nice and thick pages
  • Well-organized
  • Stylish planner
  • Nice construction
  • Unique fitness tips


  • Seems a bit overpriced
  • Limited space for food detailing

9. SaltWrap Daily Fitness Planner

Best Fitness Planner

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A distinctive daily fitness planner that allows you to track all your workout and nutrition in one visual snap. SaltWrap daily fitness planner is more than just a training log and food journal.

The guide book offers enough space to track, analyze, and measure all your fitness details. If you are focused and energetic, then this fitness journal will help you become better than before.

It has a dedicated template for daily and weekly details. You can customize your daily training log, nutrition log, and many more. This guide is made for those who are ready to make dramatic leaps onward.

Its high-quality design makes the book a top choice among serious athletes. Also, the spiral binding with robust yet flexible cover assures the durability. The thicker pages can endure rough uses.

Additionally, this 16-week fitness planner comes with elastic book strap for page marking and safe-keeping. You can see your entire day details in one view. In short, SaltWrap helps you to make training and nutrition a priority.


  • 16-week planner with more pages
  • Daily exercise activity log
  • Nutrition log
  • Easily visible
  • Space for an individual meal
  • Enough space for tracking
  • Durable
  • Perfect size


  • Food input boxes are small
  • Limited space for cardio exercise

10. Fitness LogbookZenTect Updated Workout Journal

Best Fitness Planner

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A handy and straightforward best fitness planner for tracking your daily workout details. Fitbook Logbook is perfect for beginners due to easy readability. The logbook is made from high-quality HQ material. It features thick laminate on the cover, metal wire binding, round corner, and elastic closure.

This logbook is also recommended for them who does more than eight exercises per workout. It has a well-thought layout for writing down weights and reps. It also allows you to put the details of sets and reps, and speed in dedicated space.

It contains 75 workout templates, and you can use it for 25 days if used for three-day-a-week weight strength. Its durable waterproof cover ensures its durability.

Overall, the logbook comes in a size that fits easily in a sports bag’s pocket. It is also comfortable and convenient to use in the gym. The price is reasonable as well, like others. So, it’s time to start about fitness and a healthy lifestyle.


  • Simple yet effective instruction
  • Sturdy construction
  • Thicker page
  • Detailed tracking
  • Sufficient space
  • Perfect organization
  • Easy to manage
  • Perfect size
  • Cost-effective


  • The pages quality is not good
  • Some claimed that it is overpriced

Fitness Planner FAQs

Why Do People Use Fitness Planners?

People use fitness planners as these pieces of equipment allow users to schedule each event. They can set specific workout dates, meal plans, and everything that help them to stay on track. Thus, professionals recommend beginner exercisers to keep fitness planners and follow them accurately.

Is It Essential to Use a Fitness Planner?

A fitness planner helps you do more organized-work regularly, and makes you feel less stressed. You can list what types of exercises you should perform and what you should avoid. Plus, you can write down your burned calories for tracking purposes. It will keep you motivated to do the workout every day.

What is the Ideal Fitness Planner Size?

According to professionals, the ideal fitness planner size is A5, 7 x 9β€³. But it doesn’t mean that planners with different sizes are inappropriate. You can pick any size that seems to you ideal and comfortable.

What Should I Include in My Fitness Planner?

You can write down important dates. Also, you can set goals and challenges. It is the best practice to write your goals in the fitness planner. Apart from that, you can use your planner for various purposes, such as you can write the budget for fitness equipment. You can note down health appointments, ideas, fitness-related quotes, phone numbers, etc.

What is the Best Way to Memorize Your Fitness Planner?

Below we will describe how to use a fitness planner so that you can easily memorize it.

First, you should choose a planner that looks attractive to you. If you do, you will like to work with it every day. Then you should set a time when you will do your planner related tasks. Now write down your goals, meal plans, or other essential stuff. You need to keep doing this regularly and try to make this a habit. By doing so, you can easily memorize your planner and remind it when in need.

Final Words

When things become extremely serious, and you need to lose those extra weights. Then there is no better option than having a best fitness planner because your standard planner is not good enough for details. We hope you liked all our selected fitness planner.

All of them are incredibly affordable and offer the needed space to record workout sessions, meal details, and so on. So, it’s your turn to understand what your diet program requires? Make the decision accordingly. That’s all for the fitness planner. Will be back to you soon with another exciting topic. Till then, stay healthy and stay fit.

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