The 10 Best Compact Home Gyms in 2023

Best Compact Home Gyms

You might get stuck inside your home due to bad weather. Eventually, you cannot go to the gym to do your regular workouts. Despite that, you’re probably willing to exercise at home because commercial gyms are always overcrowded.

All these reasons are enough to make your own gym at home. If you’re living in a small house or apartment where you cannot place many pieces of heavy gym equipment, a top-quality compact home gym with useful features will be the right choice for you.

A space-saving multi-home gym helps you burn fatOpens in a new tab., increase strength, build muscle, improve flexibility, and increase bone mineral density. In other words, this excellent piece of compact home gym equipment enables you to lead a healthy and prolonged life.

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Our Top 3 Picks


Bowflex PR3000

– Heavy-Duty Steel
– 50+ Gym Workout
– 310 Pounds of Resistance
– Ankle Cuffs Included
– Less Spacious & Portable

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Runner Up1st Runner-up

Marcy MWM-988

– Steel Tube Frame
– Adjustable Bicep Pad
– Dual Action Press Arms
– 300-Pound resistance
– Fordable & Portable

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2nd Runner Up2nd Runner-up

Marcy ‎MD-9010G

– Steel Frame Construction
– 100+ Club Exercises
– Cable Cross Pulley System
– Duo-act leg developer
– Olympic Free-Weight Rack

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Reviews of The Best Compact Home Gyms

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When you’re going to purchase the best compact home gyms, there are plenty of different brands and models out there on the market. Selecting the right home gym among a wide variety of alternatives is really challenging and troublesome.

To help you find the best compact gym, we’ve created a list of 10 top quality compact home gyms in today’s market. We’re going to review them below, explaining their key features. Thus, you can narrow down your choices and decide on a specific home gym.

1. Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym
Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

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The Bowflex PR3000 is our best pick and one of the top-quality, compact home gyms in today’s market. It comes with a heavy-duty steel construction frame and upholstered roller cushions to ensure long-term durability and comfort.

When it comes to working out, the machine provides you with over 50 gym-quality workouts for your whole body. It offers a power rod resistance from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 210 pounds and upgradeable up to 310 pounds.

Bowflex PR3000

Besides that, the unit includes multi-use hand grip/ankle cuffs and an instructional workout placard to add flexibility to any workout. It also offers a no-change cable pulley system that allows you to change workouts without moving between them.

Most importantly, the home gym is less spacious. It only requires around 8 × 6 feet of floor space to place. Once you’ve done your workouts, you can fold all extending parts and transport the unit with wheels against a wall.

Bowflex PR3000 HomeGym

If you like all the features and benefits of the Bowflex PR3000, you can bring it to your home without any hassle. Just make sure that your room ceiling is more than 86 inches because the unit owns this height, requiring high ceiling clearance.

Training 12 Series 2×60 Seconds With Bowflex PR3000

Key Features

– Made of Heavy-Duty Steel
– Built-in 50+ Gym-Quality Workout
– Up to 310 Pounds of Resistance
– Hand Grip/Ankle Cuffs Included
– Less Spacious and Portable

2. Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Home Gym

Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Home Gym
Marcy MWM-988 Home Gym

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Since you’re looking for the best compact home gyms, you can consider the Marcy MWM-988 Home Gym. As the name suggests, the home gym is manufactured with a durable, vinyl-coated 14-gauge steel tube frame that weighs around 150 pounds.

This excellent piece of equipment features double pulley stations that provide extra support to tone your muscles. Besides that, it comes with an adjustable bicep pad that you can effortlessly use with the lower pulley.

Marcy MWM-988 Home Gym weight stack

The unit also includes dual action press arms, including chest press and vertical butterfly, with the simple switch of a lock knob. It also has the leg developer with 4 comfortable foam rollers for easy and quick workouts.

In addition, the home gym comes with the Lat Bar that enables you to do beneficial pull-ups. Since the gym unit has a workout chart directly on it, you can easily reach your workout target. The dimension of the home gym is 68 x 42 x 78 inches.

Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Home Gym
Marcy MWM-988 Home Gym

Most importantly, the machine can resist up to 300 pounds of body weight. It has wheels that allow you to transport it anywhere you require. If you want to change the habit of your workout, the gym equipment can be your best friend.

Marcy MWM-988 Assembly

Key Features

– Durable Steel Tube Frame
– Adjustable Bicep Pad
– Dual Action Press Arms
– 300-Pound resistance
– Fordable and Portable

3. Marcy ‎MD-9010G Smith Cage Home Gym

Marcy ‎MD-9010G Smith Cage Home Gym
Marcy ‎MD-9010G Home Gym

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The Home Gym System from Marcy MD-9010G is designed with a durable steel frame coated with a powder finish. The unit features a heavy-duty aircraft cable that provides a tensile strength of up to 2 thousand pounds.

When it comes to features, the home gym comes with multi-functional press arms that allow you to accomplish over 100 club-quality exercises, including developing biceps, triceps, and other muscle groups in one machine.

Marcy ‎MD-9010G Home Gym dimensions

Besides, the home gym offers a cable-cross dual pulley system that you can use to accomplish many active exercises. It also has a dual-action leg developer with 6 oversized rocker pads to perform total body workouts and muscle buildingOpens in a new tab..

On top of that, the compact gym machine features an Olympic free-weight rack that helps you do intense weightlifting workouts at home. It also has an adjustable bench back and seat pad to ensure excellent comfort while having workouts.

Marcy ‎MD-9010G Home Gym mechanics
Marcy ‎MD-9010G Smith Cage Home Gym

Finally, the compact home gym includes a footplate underneath it to use it with the lower pulley for seated rows. It also has a preacher curl and a curl handle that targets your biceps with the help of 6 different storage pegs.

Marcy ‎MD-9010G Assembly

Key Features

– Durable Steel Frame Construction
– 100+ Club-Quality Exercises
– Cable Cross Dual Pulley System
– Dual-Action Leg Developer
– Olympic Free-Weight Rack

4. Bodyboss 2.0 Full Portable Home Gym

Bodyboss 2.0 Portable Home Gym
Bodyboss 2.0 Home Gym

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If you’re looking for the best compact home gyms, the BodyBoss 2.0 can be what you wanted. This home gym simulates all heavy compact home gym equipment into one machine. The best thing is that it’s portable, making you able to take it anywhere you want.

Bodyboss 2.0 Full Portable Home Gym

The compact gym machine features resistance bands that can provide you with up to 30 pounds. This resistance is a lot for many users, but some of them need more resistance. If you want to add more bands, you can increase them up to 5 per side.

Besides that, this excellent piece of equipment usually has the wrist/ankle straps or the collapsible workout bar that offers 300+ exercises, including lower and upper body workout, body par focus workout, and cardio resistance boxing workout.

Bodyboss 2.0 Portable Home Gym
Credit – BodyBoss

In terms of setting the unit, this home exercise machine has a non-slip bottom. It’s relatively less spacious, so you don’t require a lot of space to place it at your home. The workout unit is pretty padded to make you feel comfortable while having workouts.

Bodyboss 2.0 Home Gym workouts
Credit – BodyBoss

Furthermore, BodyBoss 2.0 is lightweight, compact, and perfect for home use. If you choose the unit, this will be your significant investment. However, you cannot get the bands short enough to give good resistance when you’re a beginner.

BodyBoss 2.0 Total Body Workout

Key Features

– Excellent Resistance Bands
– 300+ Built-in Workouts
– Non-slip, Flat Bottom
– Compact and Lightweight
– Wrist Straps & Collapsible Bar

5. Oyo Personal Compact Home Gyms

Oyo Personal Compact Home Gym

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The OYO Personal Gym is a portable piece of equipment with 1 five-pound and 2 ten-pound flex packs. It also offers door anchors, let attachments, a nutrition guide, a workout wall chart, and, most importantly, a full three-year warranty.

This excellent personal gym provides you with 10 to 25 pounds of resistance, no matter you pull it apart with your hands or push it together. Just adjust the resistance and enjoy over 60 workout programs and 197 videos.

Oyo Personal Compact Home Gyms

For both men and women, the workout machine allows you to do the beginner to advanced workout programs, including total-body exercises, muscle building, flexibility increase, fat burning, chest strengthening, cardio, yoga, and Pilates.

Surprisingly, this personal gym mimics what NASAOpens in a new tab. sends for their astronauts in space. NASA studies that the workout machine prevents quick atrophy and bone demineralization of the astronauts. That’s why you may need a bit more time to be accustomed to it.

Oyo Personal Compact Home Gym

One thing that we don’t like about the product is the door anchors are only marginally useful, and the leg attachments are slightly cumbersome. However, they’re likely to be alright when attached to the ankles during squeezing workouts and hip opening.

How to Use Door Attachment

Key Features

– A 5-Pound & 2 10-Pound Flex Packs
– 60+ Built-in Workout Programs
– Up to 25 Pounds of Resistance
– Ideal Gym Equipment for Astronauts
– Suitable for Men and Women

6. Weider Ultimate Body Works

Weider Ultimate Body Works
Weider Ultimate

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The Ultimate Body Works from Weider is another top-quality home gym that comes with a telescoping design. It allows you to do a wide variety of workouts by expanding and collapsing the unit, featuring 4 different bands with up to 50 pounds of resistance.

Weider Ultimate Body Works

This excellent home gym has a space-saver design due to the small dimension. It can also withstand heavyweight up to 250 pounds. Although the entire body is made of heavy-duty steel, the rolling seat is designed with comfortable cushioned foam.

Weider Ultimate Body Works

Besides, this piece of gym equipment features 8 levels of incline adjustments to customize and control the difficulty in your workouts. Again, the unit includes a cable-and-pulley system to ensure excellent versatility in your workout motions.

In terms of exercises, this machine enables you to do plenty of workouts, including seated chest press, squats, and v-crunch. It also strengthens muscles and tones your entire body, allowing you to do lower and upper body workouts.

Weider Ultimate Body Works

All in all, the home gym has several wheels to move, fold, and store it anywhere, especially against a wall. Most importantly, if you’ve purchased the unit, you will get a warranty of 90 days in parts and servicing.

Key Features

– Up to 50 Pounds of Resistance
– 250-Pound Weight Capacity
– 8 Levels of Incline Adjustments
– Multiple Workout Options
– Foldable and Portable

7. GR8FLEX High-Performance Gym Military

GR8FLEX High-Performance gym

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The GR8FLEX Military XL Model is a top-quality home gym with a few additional features that other brands don’t include. This home gym has 15 different resistance levels. You’ll also get extra resistance levels between 10 to 50 lbs.

In terms of durability, the gym machine is robust, with a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds. This means the unit can withstand the heavy weight of a big guy. Besides, it can allow you to perform various gym-quality exercises in one machine.

GR8FLEX High-Performance Gym

When it comes to core components, the home gym includes a leg harness/pulley system, dip bars, wing bar, cellphone holder, soft-grip handles, EZ curl bar, resistance bands, extra-large squat stand, and mats to protect the floor.

Most importantly, the gym machine allows you to add more resistance bands to enhance the challenge levels. It also offers the glindboard style with more weight capacity and more resistance levels than other top-quality home gyms out there.

GR8FLEX High-Performance Gym Military

Furthermore, the home gym is relatively space-saving. You don’t need to assemble its parts to enjoy effective workouts. Best of all, if you’re a registered owner of the machine, you’ll get a lifetime warranty for all parts and accessories.

Key Features

– 450-Pound Weight Capacity
– 15 Different Resistance Levels
– Lat Pull Down & Squat Bar
– Foldable for easy storage
– Suitable for More Resistance

8. Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym

Total Gym XLS
Total Gym XLS

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If you’re still looking for the best compact home gyms, the XLS Universal Home Gym from Total Gym can be one of your considerations. This excellent unit is made of robust steel and designed with a padded glideboard for head and back support.

When it comes to core components, the home gym features several pieces of gym equipment into one, including wing attachment, ribbed squat stand, leg pull accessory, a couple of ankle cuffs, and a workout chart of around 35 exercise options.

Total Gym XLS workout

The unit also includes an upgraded comfort system, squat stand, a pulley and cable system, comfortable nylon strap handles, Pilates kitOpens in a new tab., and many more. You can perform over 80 exercises with the machine to tone your all muscle groups.

Most importantly, this home gym has a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, much more than other gym machines. You also don’t need to assemble it to use; just unfold it to do exercises. Once you’ve done your workouts, fold it for easy storage.

Total Gym XLS

All in all, this fitness machine can help you tone your entire body without purchasing plenty of gym items. Not only does it improve your upper body, but it can also develop your lower body, cardiovascular system, and abdominals.

Key Features

– Made of Robust Steel
– Upgraded Comfort System
– Suitable for 80+ Exercises
– 400-Pound Weight Capacity
– No Need to Assemble

9. Total Gym APEX G3 Indoor Home Workout Machine

Total Gym APEX G3
Total Gym APEX G3

Check Latest PriceOpens in a new tab.

This is another top-quality home workout machine from Total Gym out there in the market. With automatically locked height-adjustment, the home gym is made of a top-quality steel frame. It also allows you to perform over 70 workouts, including fluid movements.

This excellent piece of gym equipment provides you with 8 levels of tension resistance. For a quick workout for around 15 to 20 minutes, this is one of the best home gyms. People of any age between 8 and 80 can do workouts on this machine.

Total Gym APEX G3

Irrespective of the weight capacity of 300 pounds, the home gym includes some useful fitness accessoriesOpens in a new tab., such as a squat stand, wing attachment, leg pull accessory, dip barsOpens in a new tab., exercise flip chart, and many more components.

The compact home exercise equipment is padded with an ergonomic glide board to provide comfort to the head. You can effortlessly move one exercise to the other one. Best of all, you can easily fold it and store it under any surface, especially when not in use.

Total Gym APEX G3
Total Gym APEX G3

All in all, this is one of the best compact home gyms to tone and strengthen your muscles, especially in the upper and lower body. Hopefully, it will do the best job to maintain your health, reduce your fat, and increase your ability to work.

Key Features

– Made of Quality Steel Frame
– 70+ Different Workout Options
– 8 Levels of Resistance
– 300-Pound Weight Capacity
– Useful Fitness Accessories

10. Gold’s Gym Xrs 50 Compact Home Gym

Gold’s Gym Xrs 50 home gym
Gold’s Gym Xrs 50

Check Latest PriceOpens in a new tab.

The last home gym on this list is the Gold’s Gym XRS 50, which is made of durable steel. This home gym comes with a 112-pound vinyl weight stack to perform many challenging workouts to build your entire body, especially muscle groups.

When it comes to core components, the home gym features a high and low pulley system with a lat bar that helps you target and strengthen your muscle groups. It also has a butterfly arms station that allows you to perform upper body workouts.

Gold’s Gym Xrs 50

Besides, this excellent piece of gym equipment includes a four-roll leg developer that helps you accomplish lower body workouts, especially exercises for building leg musclesOpens in a new tab.. It offers sewn vinyl seats that provide much comfort while working out.

Most importantly, you’re going to get weight resistance up to 280 pounds. In addition, the gym machine includes an exercise chart that shows you how to do a particular workout perfectly. It also has a stable platform that ensures safety.

Gold’s Gym Xrs 50

One thing that we don’t like about the home gym is you won’t find wheels to transport it from one place to another. You have to fold it and carry it to move somewhere else. Apart from that, the overall features of the gym machine are excellent for home use.

Key Features

– Made of Durable Steel
– High and Low Pulley System
– Four-Roll Leg Developer
– 280-Pound Weight Resistance
– Foldable for Easy Storage

Think Before Buy A Compact Home Gym

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced exerciser, the key to finding a home gym that meets your needs is to have a clear understanding of your goals. Because in home-gyms, you can constantly adjust the resistance or weight to your particular needs.

Bear in mind that these machines are less difficult to operate than larger models and are an excellent choice for smaller spaces. If you’re unsure which compact home gym is right for you, consider the following factors.


Home gyms come in various shapes and sizes, and each is ideal for a variety of fitness goals and available space. Some multi-gyms feature a foldable bench or a foldable rail, which allows you to make the machine more compact.

Besides, total Gym-style machines feature a sliding seat on rails that enables you to exercise using your body weight as resistance. But, it is simple to store in a closet or beneath your bed after your workout.

However, if you lack space, you may want to consider exercising at home with a ‘gym in a box.’ Therefore, a ‘gym in a box’ unit is optimal for getting a good workout and value for space.


The design of a multi-gym determines the amount of resistance. In a traditional multi-gym, resistance is provided by a traditional weight stack. It utilizes your body as the resistance, and it is pretty effective.

However, if you purchase a Bowflex machine, you can expect surprising resistance from Power Rods.


The features available are determined mainly by the amount of space available and your interests. The best home gyms enable you to perform a wide range of exercises.

If you want to train various body parts, you can purchase a home gym equipped with a pulley and squat rack. Additionally, some machines include a bench press function, eliminating the need to purchase a separate bench.


The price will vary depending on the equipment you choose. A home gym will cost between $300 and $3000. Bear in mind that a more expensive product does not always signify a superior product. Maintain a budget-conscious attitude. Afterward, you don’t need the best or most expensive equipment right now. You can also upgrade it later.


All in all, one of the best compact home gyms can help you perform a wide variety of workouts at your home, no matter you live in a small apartment or home. You can choose a top-quality home gym from the market or purchase one of our reviewed units through our links.

Whatever gym machine you opt for, you should make sure that your chosen unit meets and fulfills all your requirements. Otherwise, your investment will completely go into the vein. So, follow our recommendations and buy a compact gym machine for your home.

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