The 10 Best Bumper Plates in 2022

If you want to do bodybuilding, powerlifting, Cross Fit-style workouts then you must need a bar with a bumper plate to ease your work easy, simple and effective. Bumper plates are a unit fabricated from nearly 100 percent rubber, with a tiny low metal insert within the center. With rubber bumper plates, the bar and plates can bounce without doing any harm.

Best Bumper Plates

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Bumper Plates

1. X Training Equipment Black Bumper Plate

2. Hulkfit Color Coded Olympic Plate

3. Onefitwonder Bumper Plates Set

4. Xmark Premium Bumper Plate Pairs

5. Onefitwonder Black Bumper Rubber Plates

6. Xmark Bumper Plates

7. Titan Fitness Olympic Bumper Plate

8. X Training Equipment Pink Olympic Bumper Plate

9. Rep Bumper Plates Workouts Weightlifting

10. Cast Iron Olympic Grip Plate by D1f

Reviews of the Best Bumper Plates

Bumper plates will help you with bodybuilding, Cross Fit-style workouts, powerlifting,  and many more.  Before buying bumper plates, you should check dead bounce, inner ring, and thickness of that plate.

In our busy lives, this is too much bothering to go to the market to buy a product. To reduce your stress, here we are giving reviews on the best bumper plates available in the online.

1. X training equipment black bumper plate

Best Bumper PlatesIf you are looking to add lifting plates to your commercial or home gym, X Training weight plates are an ideal choice. This company’s product is very trusted. The plates are very common in the home and commercial gym across the whole USA. X Training Olympic plates outperform the competition.

These best bumper plates for home gym feature low bounce and high durability design. The X Training odorless bumpers are constructed of 100% solid rubber to withstand punishment during any strength training or fitness workout from deadlift to max rep lifts.

X Training weight plates fit standard 2″ Olympic barbells, including hex trap bars. The steel inserts provide us a snug fit with the bar. The plates are son well-constructed with 100% durable rubber and stainless steel that it won’t do any harm to your floor if it falls.

Due to the excellent quality material, it is very durable and causes low bounce. The weight is leveled on both pounds and kilograms on the plate. Low bounce ensures safety to you and others. Besides, fitting it with the bar is effortless.


  • 100% solid rubber
  • Low bounce and high durability
  • Has no toxic odor
  • Smooth finish
  • Easy fit


  • Cracked easily
  • A bit smell of rubber

2. Hulkfit color coded Olympic plate

Best Bumper PlatesThe bumper plates have 2-inch inner ring diameter, so it fits every Olympic bar that has a diameter of 2 inches or less. It is made of solid high-density rubber with stainless steel, and that allows it to withstand repeated drops.

The rubber helps to protect the floor or gym platform if the bumper plate falls from high. Bumper plates are Olympic-sized weight plates. They are made of thick, dense rubber.

They allow a loaded bar to drop safely without damaging your lifting platform. The plates are well designed. They not only protect the floor but also protects the bar as well. It is color-coded, so you can quickly identify the plate.

And, the plate’s weight is leveled on both pounds and kilograms. You can use the plates for weightlifting, crossfire, strength training,  etc. the plates are sold singly not as a pair.


  • High-density rubber plate
  • Solid stainless steel insert
  • Protect the floor as well as bar
  • Fits any Olympic bar with diameter 2″ or less
  • Can withstand a repeated drop


  • Sold as single
  • Smells bad

3. Onefitwonder bumper plates set

Onefitwonder setIf you have barbells and you’re looking for a bumper plate to add some more weights, then these bumper plates can be the right choice for you. Black bumper plates by fringe sport are well build. It can go toe to toe with any other bumper plate on the market.

They are built with high-quality rubber, and they are well known for their durability, density, and low bounce. They pass through the most focused customer satisfaction and quality control so that you can get a high-quality product. So you don’t need to worry about the quality anymore.

It has thick rubber so if you dropped the bumper plate so that it won’t do any harm to the floor. The rubber makes a dead bounce to protect the floor, so it is very safe to use. These bumper plates have a very no odor, so it stinks your gym or garage.

Generally, the bumpers are 15000 drops tested, but for ensuring the best quality, the company tested the bumper 30000 times. You can perform your Olympic lifts, squats, and deadlifts safely and confidently with this tough Olympic bumper plates.


  • Made of high-quality, dense rubber
  • Protect the floor while dropped
  • 30000 drops tested
  • Fits any Olympic bar with diameter 2″


  • Has a low smell

4. Xmark premium bumper plate pairs

Xmark premiumXmark premium is a very trusted company in whole the United States. It found at many workplaces and houses. It is made of virgin rubber, and that’s what gives it a slim profile. It also causes low bounce as well. Because of this high-quality rubber, it provides safety to the floor if it’s fallen. It does not harm the floor.

An Olympic bar with 16.5-inch sleeves will hold 10 kilograms 45 lb. And plates and collars with room to spare. Generally, any bumper larger than 22pounds must have a diameter of 450mm, but it is smaller in diameter than others.

There is a large number of complaints that 10 pounds plates are bending or breaking. Xmark found a way to prevent the problem they reduced the height or diameter of the plate and made it as thick as a 15pounds bumper plate.

It is now very stable and smaller in diameter. The precision-tooled and polished commercial stainless-steel 2-inch inserts allow the plates to slide freely on and off the bar sleeves. It’s fixing efficiently to any bar having a diameter of 2 inches.


  • Made of rugged materials
  • Built based on hands-on experience
  • Durable
  • Smaller in diameter
  • Slim profile and low bounce


  • Not for 3-4″ diameter bar
  • Bit smaller
  • Too thick

5. OneFitWonder Black Bumper Rubber Plates

Best Bumper PlatesIf you are looking for a well-constructed and durable bumper plate for an excellent output of your weightlifting, then you can choose the OneFitWonder 190 lbs Black Bumper Rubber plates set. These bumper plates are perfect for Olympic weight lifting, powerlifting, and strength training.

It has become popular for its durability and density. This bumper also provides low bounce too. While manufacturing, producers have focused on its customer-focus and quality control. This bumper set is a combination of 10s, 15s, 25s, and 45s. This whole set is of 190 lbs of weight.

It is a great bumper set for those people who wants to add some extra rubber on the bars. The bumper is much thinner than any other bumpers competing with it. This will allow you to add more weight.

To provide you more stability and durability this bumper contains virgin rubber and stainless steel inserted hook.  Using this bumper set, you will get +/- 1% weight tolerance of the declared weight.

You can easily fit these bumpers with Olympic barbells using 2-inch shaft diameter. Overall it is a great bumper for strength training or weight lifting or powerlifting.


  • Thinner than other bumpers
  • Provides much durability and density
  • Low bouncy
  • Virgin rubber and stainless steel hook insert construction
  • Provides +/- 1% weight tolerance than declared weight


  • Smells like toxic

6. XMark Bumper Plates

Best Bumper PlatesA good pair of bumper plates can provide you the confidence in strength training or weight lifting. For this, you have to go for a good set of bumper plates which contains excellent craftsmanship, durability, density, and high impact.

The XMark XM-3393 Bumper plates are such kinds of plates which are ready to provide you the best service on weight lifting, Powerlifting and strength training. This is a trusted bumper plate set which you can use easily at your home, school, or gym.

In this bumper plate set, there have two different plates of 45 lbs, total 90 lbs. These plates are built solidly and designed to provide you hi-impact. These products are free from defects due to their excellent artistry and craftsmanship. But you will get 3- years of warranty for the personal use of these plates.

In the case of commercial use, the period is of 1 year, Premium quality Natural Virgin Rubber used to make this plate. You can slide these bars freely due to stainless steel inserts (2 inch) and polishing of these plates. These bumper plates are trendy all over the United States. So, you can choose this for the most durable, dense, and perfect strength training.


  • Two different plates of 45 lbs each
  • Made using good craftsmanship
  • Constructed using Natural Virgin Rubber
  • Three years warranty for personal use
  • Commercial stainless steel 2-inch inserts precision


  • Material is too much hard
  • Plates are too much dense and oily

7. Titan Fitness Olympic bumper plate

Titan Fitness OlympicTitan Fitness bumper plates are an excellent choice for a home gym. This is a 45-pound bumper plate, and it is red. It fits almost every bar having 2inch or fewer diameters. These maintain their shape very efficiently between uses.

These are a perfect bumper plate for use it in your home gym, and these are not intended to be dropped or thrown. It has a very durable rubber plate, and due to the rubber plate, if it falls from high on your floor, it won’t do any harm to your floor.

If a heavy bumper plate falls from the top, it can break the tour floor, but due to having a rubber plate, it won’t harm the floor. The durable rubber causes dead bounces and protects the floor. Because of rubber, it has a little bit of smell, but by deep or mid wash you can remove the scent easily.

It is made of fine steel and rubber hats why it is very durable and well quality controlled. These are also quittered than steel plates, and it has extremely low bounces so it is good quality and well builds bumper plate.


  • Fits any Olympic bar with diameter 2″ or less;
  • Also useable with 2″ dumbbell bar
  • The shape is well maintained
  • Very durable rubber plate
  • Different size and color available


  • Dead bounce not so good

8. X training equipment pink Olympic bumper plate

Best Bumper PlatesIf you’re searching for a bumper that is durable and can be used for a long time, then that’s it. These plates are used and tested by many coaches and athletes. So you can assure you about the quality of the product. These plates are well designed and can be used for any lift.

It fits all Olympic bars that have a 2-inch hole. The best bumper plates are made of good quality material and proprietary of rubber. So it is highly durable, and it causes low bounce.

If it falls from high on a floor, it won’t harm the floor due to the sustainable and high-quality rubber. If you want to add more plates for your gym or you want a set up for home to exercise these plates are the right choice.

These are well made, durable, and simple. You can add plates on a bar, and by lifting this, you can enhance your exercise. It’ll help you a lot with your training. The bar allows you to lift the bar safely and easy to move and store.


  • Low bounce
  • High durability
  • Made of 100% durable rubber
  • Fits any Olympic bar with diameter 2″
  • It’s a set of two


  • Big and bulky
  • Easily cracked

9. Rep bumper plates workouts weightlifting

Rep bumperBumper plates are a very much needed tool for new training regimens. Rep bumpers are well made and high quality controlled for ultimate function, durability, and value. They’re made to take the punishment of HIIT and Cross-Training workouts again and again.

So train with confidence knowing you have the best bumper plate that money can buy. These plates allow you to pull the weight from the right height. They come with a hook that makes it safer than any other bumper. Because of the hooks, it stays with the bar and won’t fall, and it is safer.

The most plates do not have the hook to insert it in a place. It also has a proprietary virgin rubber formula that allows making fewer odors and maintaining dead bounces.

If you use those plates, then there will be no nasty smells, no holes in your garage walls. These plates are 15000 times drop tested, so it is durable enough and won’t do any harm to the floor.


  • Fits any Olympic bar with diameter 2″
  • Rubber bumper plate
  • Highly durable
  • Made from virgin rubber with stainless steel inserts
  • Bending resist


  • Has a strong smell
  • Inside hole is not too spec

10. Cast Iron Olympic Grip Plate by D1F

Best Bumper PlatesIf you’re looking for a more challenging workout that is suitable for beginners and advanced fitness levels, then this grip plate will add that little extra effort to your exercise. These plates are made of heavy-duty cast iron that allows you to hold it under a lot of resistance and constraint.

The plates are of high quality and long-lasting. Each weight will enhance your workout more and more. These plates fit all bar and racks with a 2-inch hole. The comfortable and straightforward design of the plate makes your exercise routine more easy and simple.

Each weight boasts specially designed, smooth handle grips to make moving, loading, and storage smooth. The iron grip weight has a semi-gloss finish for a clean and professional look. It does not matter where you exercise.

The weight size is easy to read on the surface. So you need not struggle to find a specific size. The design of the plate allows you to lift the bar safely and load your weight ergonomic cutouts.


  • Grip plate made of iron
  • Fits all standard Olympic bars with a 2inch hole
  • Comfort design & safe lifting
  • Strong and durable


  • Not so well quality control

Think Before Buying a Best Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are part of the weightlifting equipment in a modern gym. If you’re considering adding bumper plates to your gym, you may require some insider knowledge about bumper plates first. You need a few factors to consider before choosing the best bumper plates for your home gym. So, in this section, we will provide you the information you need to make an informed bumper plate purchase decision.

Bumper plate Types:

Bumper plates are 4-types:

  • Training Bumper Plate: Training bumper plates are made under the weight and size specifications of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). For training bumper plates, the diameter remains constant. Only the thickness varies.
  • Competition Bumper Plate: Competition bumper plates are those that meet precise size and tolerance standards. They fit the IWF standard for color, tolerance, and size. With this bumper plate, athletes get benefit from increasing the load area of the barbell.
  • Technique Plates: Technique plates are solid, one-piece weight plates that are exactly the size of a standard bumper plate. They’re often formed with Polyethylene. In most cases, they take the form of 5lb, 10lb.
  • Change Plates and Fractional Plate: A change plate is a small plate that is significantly smaller in diameter than regular plates. Standard bumper plate weights for kg are ½ kg, 1 kg, 1 ½ kg, 2 kg, 2 ½ kg, and 5 kg.


Typically, bumper plates are constructed of rubber. It is in comparison to weight plates, which are often formed with cast iron or another metal.

Here is a list of bumper plate materials:

  1. Virgin Rubber
  2. Crumb/ Recycled Rubber
  3. Urethane

While comparing the quality of materials, you may found some manufacturers may not ensure that the urethane they have applied is pure enough. Some manufacturers use recycled rubber materials, such as shoe rubber, which may not be as durable as virgin rubber. Also, some manufacturers add cheap iron to the extensive weights to make the plate more affordable.

Weight Accuracy

Usually, the best bumper plates are consistently accurate with their stated weight. The best way to get the most out of your plate set is to buy plates that conform to their stated weight. So, if you want greater weight accuracy, invest in a pair of higher-end bumper plates that weight variance is not greater or lower than 3% or above.

Width & Diameter

If you want to lift safely and efficiently, your plates should have a diameter of approximately 450 mm. Collar opening must be around 50.4 millimeters, which is the standard of the international weightlifting federation.

Color Coding

Verify that the weight and color comply with the IWF standard. Also, identify that all of the plates are colored evenly.

Bumper Plates FAQs

Do You Need Bumper Plates?

If you do any barbell workout, bumper plates are ideal pieces of equipment to go with. Without bumper plates, you can damage your floor and even weights. Even if you aren’t dropping barbells on the floor, you will set them on the floor at some point. That’s why you need to use bumper plates as they are more of a fit with the barbell.

Can I Drop Bumper Plates on Concrete?

Bumper plates are safe to drop on concrete. If you use these plates, you don’t have to worry anymore that your concrete may get damaged after dropping the barbell.

Can I Perform Squat With Bumper Plates?

Bumper plates let you spend more time on the squat, bench press, and the deadlift. That means you can do the workout in the same way as steel weight plates. And the advantage of using bumper plates is it gives you relief from worrying so much about structural damage.

How Can I Progress My Bench Press Using Bumper Plates?

As you know, in terms of facility, bumper plates are more useful. They can help you in all instances. By using a variety of weighted bumper plates, you can improve any workout, even the bench press.

What is the High-temp Bumper Plate?

The Hi-Temp bumper plates are, in essence, vulcanized rubber plates that are adhered to steel. When you set them with the barbell, they become bouncier and less noisy. As these plates bounce on the bar, they come with outer collars that reduce friction when you load multiple plates.

How Durable Are the Bumper Plates?

Some bumper plates last for an extended period, while others last only a few years or months. So, it depends on the bumper plate’s quality. If you choose the best bumper, it will last for several years.

Final Words

For bodybuilding, powerlifting, Cross Fit-style workouts bumper plates are a much-needed tool these days. It makes your work more relaxed and comfortable. There are a vast number of bumper plates available in the market.

Among them, these plates still manage to get the best place for their performance, durability, capacity, dead bounce, and quality. We hope these reviews will be enough help for you to find out and buy the best bumper plates to help you with bodybuilding and workouts.


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