The 10 Best Arm Blaster for Biceps & Triceps in 2023

Bodybuilding is a form of developing musculature. Different physical exercise equipment and tools help to shape up the muscles. Dumbbells, different types of blasters, dip station, calf station, barbell, are some efficient equipment for developing the skeletal muscles.

Bodybuilding is a matter of determination and commitment. Full body muscle development is extremely tough, but not all are interested in building the size of their skeletal muscles from head to toe. The beauty of bodybuilding is such that it allows building up the muscles of a particular body part.

In such cases, arms are the most common body part which people prefer to build. Showing off the biceps and triceps has to be the most done action of all. You might be working to achieve bigger arms for a long time but failing.

That is because you are not doing the right thing and using the wrong tool. Barbell, dumbbells are efficient workout tools for full body workouts, building arms, and resistance training. To make the workouts with these tools more effective, the best arm blaster for biceps & triceps is a must.

Our Top 3 Picks


RAD Arm Blaster

– 24″ arm bicep blaster
– Supports posture
– Heavy-duty construction
– Lifetime warranty
– Contoured design
– Neck and elbow padding

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Runner Up1st Runner-up

DMoose Arm Blaster

– Guaranteed for lifetime
– Durable construction
– Strong rivets
– Adjustable nylon belt
– Builds stronger arms
– Supports barbell curls

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2nd Runner Up2nd Runner-up

Cannon Curl Arm Blaster

– Bicep isolation support
– Adjustable neck strap
– Neoprene neck pad
– Heavy duty aluminum
– High-quality inspection
– Lifetime guarantee

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Reviews of the Best Arm Blaster for Biceps & Triceps

Today we are going to review a few arm curl blasters. They are also known as bicep isolator or bicep blaster. It helps to keep the elbows still while doing curls, and there remains no scope for cheating. It makes the barbell curl more effective.

Bicep blasters are excellent alternatives to the preacher curls and spider curls. Those who have little knowledge of bodybuilding know how prevalent these two curls are in building biceps and triceps. Using a bicep blaster to develop bigger arms is much easier compared to the preacher and spider curls, but only if it is a quality product.

While choosing and buying the best arm blaster, make sure it is small, sturdy, and extremely lightweight. Along with that, one needs a sufficient amount of hard work and patience; this will result in bigger and attractive strong arms.

1. RAD Arm Blaster for Biceps & Triceps

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This black color isolator bar acts to enhance the bicep curls. It keeps the elbows steady even with heavy weight in hands. It isolates perfectly, and the barbell curls turn to be more on the arms. It allows the user to build lean muscles and big biceps and triceps.

The bar has a uniquely contoured design which snugs the chest perfectly and comfortably detaches the elbows from the shoulders. The distance between the shoulders and elbows always remain the same, and that is where the exercising with bicep isolator scores as it successfully freezes the momentum.

In preachers curls and spider curls, there are chances of instability on the elbows. Maximum times with heavy weights on hands, the arms get closer to the shoulders. However, this durable metal piece ensures the perfect balance there.

It has super padded, dense elbow pads. The elbow pads reduce the unnecessary stress on the elbows, unlike preacher and spider curls. The heavy plastic buckle on the clip secures the belt and fits every type of body.

It also features the quick-release mechanism on the strap. The supreme v2 foam padded neck brace gives comfort during intense workouts.

– Builds lean and big muscle
– Top quality aluminum bicep isolator
– Sturdy brass rivets and neoprene neck brace
– Heavy Plastic Buckle fits any size
– Supreme v2 foam padded and quick release neck strap
– Loose fitting rivets

2. DMoose Fitness Arm Curl Blaster


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This arm curl buster is very different from the traditional bicep blasters which can’t endure the heavyweight and starts bending and breaking down. It is durable. It has a coated finish with scratch resistant powder.

Its thick gauge aluminum body, brass rivets, and nylon belt ensure improved stability. This portable metal bar increases overall strength and makes the techniques easy-to-follow.

It becomes hard to keep the elbow still with heavy weight in hands, but this isolator bar continually keeps the elbows locked closer to the body. It forces the arms not to sway and cheat, and do all the work.

The thick neoprene elbow pads at both the ends ensure a comfortable workout. It has an adjustable strap and a weight-belt buckle. The neck brace is well-padded.

It is built from non-toxic materials and is Lead and PVC free, thus smells nothing and safe for the environment as well. It is a product for unisex. It offers a lifetime warranty.

– Thick gauge aluminum with scratch resistant powder coated finish
– Keeps the elbows locked closer to the body and isolates the arms and shoulders
– Neck padding and adjustable straps ensure premium comfort
– Non-toxic, Lead and PVC free
– Comes with a lifetime warranty
– A bit awkward for people who have a massive body

3. Cannon Curl Arm and Bicep Arm Blaster


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Cannon Curl – Arm and Bicep Support claims to be one of the strongest and the best arm blaster available in the market. The confidence comes from its efficiency in keeping the correct posture during curls.

It has a super sturdy construction of thick gauge aluminum. It comfortably supports higher weight levels. The double brass rivets and robust stitching ensures durability. It is a handcrafted, high-quality fitness tool.

Its excellent design and proper curvature of the arc allows the user to reduce the momentum during curls. It replicates the preacher curl system but makes it easier. It reduces the opportunity to cheat and improves the bicep curls.

Another feature which makes it distinct from the rest in the market is its abdominal region. It is the only isolator with an abdominal pad. It also has elbow and neck pads for comfortable workouts.

The neck pad is built from thick neoprene and the adjustable heavy -duty webbed nylon belt effortlessly fits any body type.

– Maintains the proper posture during curls
– Thick gauge aluminum construction
– Only arm isolator with padded abdomen region
– Handcrafted by experts
– Double brass rivets,  elbow and neck pads
– Neck strap could have been better

4. Body Solid BB23 Bicep Bomber

Body Solid

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The bicep bomber boasts of isolating the arms and shoulders while performing curls. It locks the back and the elbows efficiently in a perfect curling position.

It gives no scope for cheating, which is pretty common in dumbbells curls and barbell curls and ensures proper isolation. It allows building lean and big muscles with effortless efficiency.

It is a well-padded isolator which has an arched metal frame. The elbow pads are dense. The neck brace is also fine and oversized. It reduces the chance of bites on the skin.

This arm blaster ensures maximum comfort and stability during vigorous workouts. It has a webbed nylon belt with an adjustable clip to fit different body types, and this durable nylon belt has a weight capacity of 1000 lbs.

– Ensure perfect and stable isolation
– Webbed nylon belt and pads
– Locks the back and elbows efficiently
– Belt’s capacity is 1000 pounds
– Thick elbow pads
– Quality of the strap is poor

5. RIMSports Arm Isolator Blaster for Biceps

Best Arm Blaster

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It is an ideal tool for weight lifting and bodybuilding for both the beginners and experienced trainers. Keeping the elbow still during barbell curls is hard, almost impossible. This bicep isolator halts the swaying and momentum.

It locks the elbows closer to the body and continually maintains the isolation during bicep curls and tricep exercises. Its posture support technology helps to build lean and big muscles.

It comes with a unique contoured rigid design, high-grade aluminum frame, thick elbow pads, adjustable padded neck strap with quick release function, and a heavy metal buckle for the clip.

The velcro strap and neck pad are made of webbed nylon and neoprene, respectively. The adjustable belt, padded neck, and quick release mechanism ensures comfortable bicep and tricep exercises and eliminates the pain. The clip secures the tool and fits any sized body.

It is durable and doesn’t bend, break, or buckle under pressure or heavyweight. It has a  scratch resistant finish. It is one of the rare isolator bars which has a dual padded design at the ends.

– Unique curved body design act as a great arm support
– High-grade aluminum body and heavy duty metal hook
– Double sided padding for supporting the triceps
– Strap features quick release mechanism
– Supreme foam padding on the  neck strap
– Not for people with broader upper body

6. Ader Arm Curl Blaster

Best Arm Blaster

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Ader is a portable and sturdy arm curl blaster. It is stable and durable. It efficiently locks the elbows and back in position for bicep and tricep exercises.

The frame is made of heavy gauge aluminum plate. The contoured design snugly fit any body size. The belt is made of webbed nylon and has a capacity of 1000 lbs weight.

The weight capacity makes it a reliable tool for intense barbell curls and tricep exercises. The adjustable neck strap also plays a vital role to make it a versatile isolator bar for any body type.

The thick neoprene elbow pad eliminates the discomfort and stress on the elbows during heavy weight-lifting. It continues to challenge the arms by keeping the tension on them and provides stability for more efficient workouts.

– Stable, durable and efficient
– Heavy gauge aluminum plate
– Webbed nylon belt with a 1000 lb capacity
– Contoured design
– Thick elbow pads at both ends
– Thin neck strap

7. Titan Arm Blaster Heavy Duty & Isolator


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Titan arm blaster is made of solid steel and flexible neoprene fabric. The isolator bar can support up to 50 lbs in dumbbells and 100 pounds in curl bar. It is 23 1/4 inches wide and 4 inches high.

The red adjustable strap allows custom fit and measure between 11 to 17 inches. It secures the bar with a hook-and-loop closure. This blaster bar isolator provides perfect elbow support and efficiently maintains the posture by locking the elbow and back close to the body.

Both the ends of the bar are well-padded, which reduces the stress and pain caused by the momentum of curls on the elbow. It also comes with a soft, neoprene neck pad.

The top-of-the-line materials ensure sturdy construction and allow up to the wear and tear of regular use. It is portable and can be used by both men and women. It is perfect for both home and gym use.

– Safe for beginners and excellent elbow support for a master trainer
– Made of heavy-duty steel and neoprene fabric padding
– Provides stable and perfect elbow support
– For both bicep and tricep exercises
– Supports 50 lb dumbbells and 100 lb curl bar
– The strap might be small for taller people

8. ARD-Champs Arm Blaster for Biceps & Triceps


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ARD is a 12 MM black arm blaster that works as a perfect support to the dumbbells and barbells during the full body workout and resistance training. This arm blaster made of the best quality spring steel enhances the bicep curls and builds lean and big muscles.

It is a fitness tool for beginners as well as gym professionals. It develops stronger muscles by supporting the lifting and dumbbells by cutting the chances of swaying and movements.

The contoured design snugly fits the chest and abdomen area of any sized body. It isolates the arms and shoulders efficiently and locks the elbow and back for correct posture.

Its adjustable strap with the buckle for the clip allows further adjustments to fit the bar according to the preference and comfort level.

The elbow pads and v2 neck strap padding reduce the pain due to the collision of the skin and metal frame while attempting and performing curls. It is a portable and staple piece of exercise tool.

– Heavy duty ARD spring steel arm isolator
– Supreme v2 foam neck padding
– Contoured shape allows perfect isolation
– Heavy metal buckle for the clip
– Dense elbow pads
– Strap loosens quite often

9. LEBBOULDER Bicep Isolator

Best Arm Blaster

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LEBBOULDER bicep isolator isolates the arms and biceps from the shoulder for ensuring maximum muscle building. It keeps the elbows and back locked in position to avoid swaying and momentum due to lifting heavy weight.

It works as a dupe for preacher curl movement. It makes the tough bicep and tricep building process easy. It helps to keep the form while eliminates the need of putting extra effort.

It allows heavy blood pumping and successfully creates the much-needed tension on the arm muscles leading to lean and big muscles at a comparatively short time.

It has a unique contour shape design and built from heavy-duty steel. The sturdiness makes it immune to cracking and bending. It’s 100% money back guarantee expresses the confidence in its durability.

– Built from heavy duty steel
– Adjustable straps
– Perfectly contoured for flawless isolation
– Cushioned neck strap
– 100% money back guarantee
– Could have been a little longer for broader chests

10. CAP Barbell Unisex-Adult Workouts Arm Blaster

Best Arm Blaster

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The CAP arm isolator has a  steel construction which is durable and sturdy. It restricts the arm movement while doing curls. It allows the highest stability and isolation and maximizes the curl workouts.

It intensifies the strain on the bicep during vigorous workouts. It pumps the biceps by locking the elbows and back in position during heavy weight-lifting. It is a perfect fitness supporter tool for unisex.

It targets the pecs, forearms, and shoulders and helps to build lean and big muscles. The ergonomic padding with high-density foam on the neck strap and elbows ensures maximum comfort.

The padded secures the elbow and reduces the stress from them during bicep and tricepOpens in a new tab. exercises. The adjustable reinforced nylon shoulder straps fit any sized body and make it a versatile fitness tool.

– Provides maximum stability and isolation
– Keeps elbows secure
– Heavy duty steel construction
– Ergonomic padding
– Reinforced nylon shoulder straps
– Rivets and straps are loose

Arm Blaster FAQs

How Much Weight Should I Lift Without Bending the Arm Blaster?

Experts recommend lifting weights from 500 to 600 pounds. But if you are a newbie, you shouldn’t go over 300 pounds as it can be painful for your ribs.

Does the Arm Blaster Really Work on Triceps?

Yes, it works on the triceps. It does what it exactly claimed to do. An arm blaster locks your arms and extracts them in their pure form.

Does the Arm Blaster Really Work on Biceps?

You should hit arms between 2-6 times per week. The best practice is, try to train arms more frequently instead of doing maximum reps in one day. If you tend to do arm workout twice per week, you should do two-three exercises per session. And if you train arms six days, you should go over one exercise per session.

Is It Right to Lift Heavy Weights for Biceps?

Lifting heavier weights isn’t suitable for people of all ages. It depends on your fitness level. However, if you tend to lift heavier weights, you need to take rest at least two days after a bicep day. Otherwise, one day rest is sufficient if your goal is endurance, and you stick with one to three sets using moderate weights.

How Much Weight Can Average Men Lift?

Men who weigh between 120 to 155 pounds can curl 70 to 105 pounds. Again, men whose weights range from 156 to 205 pounds should be able to lift 120 to 155 pounds. And men over 246 pounds can lift 205 pounds in one rep. But this doesn’t go with all men; the exception can be found anywhere.

Final Words

Buying a high-quality isolator bar for dumbbells and barbell curls can bring a massive improvement in bodybuilding and resistance training. However, keep in mind that, owning the best arm blaster for biceps & triceps and regular progressive resistance exercises are not enough for reaching the goal of achieving bigger arms. It also needs a strict diet to follow.

The diet chart is all about protein in case of building muscles as bodybuilding process starts with gaining weight. Along with blindly following a diet get a high-quality bicep isolator and soon the result will show.

Hopefully, you are going to get your favorite isolator from our list and if not at least you can get an idea of what you need to keep in mind before buying one. We have tried our level best to gather all the information and hope it will be a great help.

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