The 10 Best Air Rowing Machine in 2023

Best Air Rowing Machine

Air rowing machines are famous among fitness junkies and indoor rowers. They are commonly used for both commercial and home workouts. Also, these exercise machines offer a pleasing feeling of generating cool air through the user effort. And so, trainees with different skill levels, including competitive athletes, prefer them most.

Though they aren’t the most expensive cardio machines available, fitness-conscious buddies love this cardio workout machine for their home and gym. Besides, these air rowing machines are also easier to maintain than other rowing machines.

Review of the 7 Best Air Rowing Machine

To make our list of the 10-best air rowing machines, we have researched all the air rowing machines available in the market. Now we are going to share the in-detail review with pros and cons of each air rowing machine.

1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Best Air Rowing Machine

Quick Specs:

Resistance Mechanism‎Air
Maximum Weight Recommendation‎500 Pounds
Meter Type‎Odometer
Frame Material‎Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Item Weight‎57.32 Pounds
Tension Level‎Resistance is adjusted by changing the damper setting
Number of Batteries‎2 D batteries required. (included)
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎24 x 96 x 14 inches
Warranty Description‎Limited 2-year and 5-year warranty included.
Model Year‎2015

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Product Details:

The Concept2 Model D is a fantastic indoor rower that has received people’s attention. With this best air rowing machine, you’ll enjoy a quiet and comfortable workout session for sure. Its ergonomic handle, adjustable footrests, and noise-canceling features will amaze you much.

The Concept2 Model D rower has many useful features. By using an integrated PM5 Output Detector, you can reliably assess the stroke rate and overall improvement. It is made with an ergonomic nature to make it easy to work. Besides, the flywheel of this portable rowing machine produces fast and silent motions, too.

Moreover, this lightweight system comes with a 96 x 24 x 14 inches dimension, including an elevated seat measuring 14″ long. It is also formed with a stainless steel track and aluminum I-beam monorail for a simple and convenient movement.

Again, this Stainless Steel and Aluminum built rower machine can be broke down into two parts for storage. Afterward, after you complete your training, you can also turn it mobile with just eight screws and shift it quickly from one place to another via its caster wheels.

Overall, Concept 2 is a well-known and competitive rowing machine manufacturer. Model D is their new and best choice for rowing, currently the most famous rowing machine in the market.


  • Features performance monitor 5- computer
  • Include adjustable footrests and ergonomic handle
  • Provide reliable real-time data
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to move


  • Suitable only for Cardio

2. Stamina ATS Air Rower

Stamina ATS

Quick Specs:

Item Dimensions LxWxH‎77 x 18 x 22 inches
Resistance Mechanism‎Air
Warranty Description‎3 years frame; 90 days parts
Material‎Carbon Steel
Manufacturer‎Stamina Products, Inc.

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Product Details:

It is only through hard work and commitment that one can shape the healthy body they crave. Stamina ATS Air Rower is an excellent piece of exerciser that takes your intensive strength-building and aerobic exercise experience to the next level. Stamina ATS Air Rower’s architecture will give you both an additional appealing edge as well as a reasonable price point.

This Stamina home rowing machine operates concurrently with each stroke in the upper and lower body to ensure quick and easy rowing exercise at home. Your workout’s resistance depends on you, and it is easy to change your level of resistance. The machine will follow your movement and the level of resistance when you row more or more quickly. Only slow down for less resistance.

Moreover, the Stamina Air Rower uses an oversized rail to ensure that the seat can slide smoothly, no matter what size you are. The rowing machine’s seat is super-comfortable, mainly though you workout for longer than usual. Textured grips and oversized footplates contribute to your convenience and keep your hands and feet secure in the rowing motions.

Overall, the use of this incredible rowing machine has many health benefits. This is one of the best air rowing machines for creating a solid back and strengthening the cardiovascular system. It helps to burn calories and fat more effectively. For sure, the Stamina Air Rower offers you a low-impact solution to running without the possibility of injuries.


  • Easily readable LCD console
  • Padded seat and rowing handle
  • Adjustable resistance and footplates
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store


  • It produces noise

3. Marcy Foldable Turbine Rowing Machine

Best Air Rowing Machine

Enjoy a full-body workout at your home gym with your very own Marcy foldable turbine rowing machine. This powerful rowing machine offers aerobic training with 8- degrees of resistance. It comes with 2- adjustable pedal platforms with braces that provide total support and safety to continue even the most challenging exercise.

Moreover, with foam-padded seating, you can follow the workout with a screen display. This display allows you to read time, volume, distance, burned calories, and RPM configurations. Its solid steel frame makes it durable enough to lasts for years. Besides, this machine is very user friendly and easy to assemble.

All the essential parts of its mechanism are easy to assemble, and you only need to connect the parts. One person can install this rowing machine in approximately 30 minutes. Overall, this is an ideal home gym exerciser with transport wheels and a folding portability system.


  • 8 different resistance levels
  • Comfortable padded foam sitting
  • Portable and easy to assemble
  • Adjustable foot straps
  • LCD monitor display


  • A little bit expensive rower

4. BodyCraft VR500 Rower

BodyCraft VR500

The BodyCraft VR500 is one of the top-notch models of BodyCraft, which brings some pretty impressive gym equipment to the market. The VR500 is BodyCraft’s most advanced rowing tool. It fuses precisely 32 degrees of magnetic resistance and infinite air resistance.

Besides, it features an aluminum trail, 12 preset exercises, wireless heart rate monitoring, and a smooth interface. The number of preset programming would help make the schedule choices both enjoyable and diverse. The BodyCraft VR500 has impressive features that integrate some innovative concepts.

This VR500’s 19-inch seat level facilitates smoother access than other low-profile rowing machines, making it well-suited for a more extensive range of users. And it comes with over 38 1/2 inches of seat travel, which accommodates users up to 6’8″.

However, it’s relatively big when assembled but can be disassembled into smaller parts, making it fit well in a home gym. Overall, this durable rowing machine offers a commercial rower’s signature feel, making it perfect for someone serious about getting fit with a rower.


  • 32-levels of resistance
  • Well-gripped Aluminum handlebar
  • Features easy fold and roll system
  • High strength T13 Aluminum construction
  • 4 Button IR Remote Resistance Controls


  • A little bit expensive rower

5. MaxKare Rowing Machine Air Rower

Best Air Rowing Machine

The harder you pull, the more intensity you will add. Although this common saying is more explicitly refers to this MaxKare Air Rower.

Though the major issue with most rowing machines is that they don’t have enough resistance, you will not face such an issue with this air resistance rower. It is well capable of offering a challenging exercise. Besides, this excellent rowing machine also features Twin Drive Belt System systems. And so, this rower resists up to six out of eight regular magnetic rowing levels, even on the lowest rowing level.

The digital display counts calculate and record exercise data. Besides, an iPad holder is also fitted with a rowing machine to get your mobile texts or watch your favorite streaming videos. A high-quality nylon grip allows you to hold the handle securely even after hundreds of pulls.

Furthermore, you’ll get extra benefit for each pull, as a fan blows an icy blast of cold air on you. Overall, this machine is lightweight and super easy to set up. Thus, you can fold it away for storage.


  • Twin drive belt system
  • Ergonomic style with enough stability
  • Digital screen display with real-time data
  • Includes iPod holder
  • Portable and easy to assemble


  • Resistance can get loose with constant action.

6. Concept2 Model E Indoor Rower with PM5

Concept2 Model E

Quick Specs:

Resistance Mechanism‎Air
Maximum Weight Recommendation‎500 Pounds
Frame Material‎Aluminum, Alloy Steel
Item Weight‎29 Kilograms
Power Source‎Battery Powered
Number of Batteries‎2 D batteries required. (included)
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎96 x 24 x 20 inches
Warranty Description‎2- year and 5-year warranty.
Model Year‎2016

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Product Details:

Concept2 has been a fitness equipment pioneer for over 3- decades. The company has a long tradition of building premium items that have also been imitated but never duplicated. The Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Display is designed to work on your entire body and offer a fully-effective workout.

The noteworthy feature of the Model E that makes it apart from other rowers is the PM5 performance display. Its PM5 Performance Monitor offers many exercises and sports and helps transfer the data to computers and online apps. This PM5 performance display shows your real-time exercise data such as stroke pace, strength, etc. It also performs as a heart rate sensor if you wear a heart rate chest brace and show your heart rate.

Moreover, Model E features a nickel-plated drive chain, a hardwearing fan, and easy to manage. Its rowing handle is ergonomically curved for support, and its raised 20-inch seat height allows users to get comfortable on and off from the rower. It has a preset workout program, and you can easily customize your workout.

Afterward, the Concept2 Model E rowing machine is easy to use. The wheel configuration of this rowing machine makes fast and quiet movement for each stroke. This rowing machine is lightweight, small, and simple to store for its portability and ease. It can be broken into two parts for better transport or storage and can also be stood upright when not in operation, which is a helpful feature for your home gym. Besides, the rowing machine offers a solid warranty of its efficiency.


  • Easy to maintenance
  • Sturdy and stylish built construction
  • Polar heart rate
  • Best suited for home use
  • Includes wireless technology


  • It comes with manual controls

7. XTERRA Fitness ERG400 Air Folding Rower

Best Air Rowing Machine

The XTERRA ERG400 Rower is designed for people at all fitness levels. It has the best computer console that you will find in this price range. It combines 16- different resistance levels, a conveniently adjustable console angle, and dual aluminum track rail systems. Its main console offers a regular readout when exercising, and there are several fitness profiles that you can turn on. These fitness profiles provide already-installed intense workouts. Through using them, you will realize that you’re receiving a perfect workout.

Moreover, the ERG400 Rower has a solid aluminum rail and a wide cushioned seat so that you feel relaxed throughout your regular exercise. Besides, the rail feature smooth and fast movement. You can also adjust the intensity by setting up the 16 resistance levels. Furthermore, it comes with a variation of air and a magnetic resistance mechanism. Therefore you will love the rowing feel.

Again, the display on this rowing machine is very detailed and shows you just about everything you need to know about your workouts. You can review all the data during the exercise, such as elapsed time, stroke rate, size, calories, and watt.

So start making waves by your exercise sessions today on the XTERRA ERG200 Rowing machine and achieve your expectations to the utmost. Overall, it’s a perfect investment that comes with many rewards.


  • Durable frame strength
  • Smooth slide rail motion
  • 16-levels of resistance
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to maintenance


  • You can face problems with resistance

Buying Guide

To find out the best air rowing machine, you need to consider the following factors to the utmost.

Resistance Levels

The first step in finding a rowing machine is the level of resistance. It is better to use a system that offers responsive and adjustable resistance. However, some best rower offers both adjustable resistance and responsive resistance.

However, on the best rowing machines, you can set the resistance manually. Even beside, the harder you push, the more intensity you will receive. Again, inexpensive rowing machines’ weakness is that they provide inconsistency and the lack of adequate amounts of resistance for all fitness levels.

Therefore, we suggest you choose the best air rowers with the highest levels of cardio resistance. Usually, the air rowing machine s comes in 2 resistance variants: 8-level resistance and 16-level resistance.

Rowing Monitor

The console is another crucial aspect of the rowing machine. It’s used to manage the different measures in a fast and effective manner. Evaluating which rowing machine is the best value, the monitor is the most important because only the best rower’s monitors provide reliable and accurate data.

The best air rowing machines used to have a backlit display, Bluetooth connectivity, and ANT/+ connection system. Their technology allows you to enter rowing apps and even compete against other online rowers.

In addition to wireless connectivity, the best home air rowing machine has an internal memory or USB connectivity that easily saves all of your results. The top-ranked rowing machine keeps tracking the relevant statistics about exercise sessions, such as- exercise time, calories consumed, speed, strokes per minute, and heart rate.

Even most of the best air rower workouts involve exercises that can only be performed if you can see the progress. Some of the best indoor rowing machines show the limit, average, and a cumulative number of workouts for the exercises.

Ergonomic Handle

It would be best if you always preferred ergonomic handles. The stylish handles are made of lightweight aluminum. When looking at various rowing machine models, pay attention to the handles’ design, size, and weight.

The inexpensive air rowing machines provide simple circular and straight handles without proper ergonomic bend/shape, mostly made of heavier steel than aluminum.

Along with the impact of air resistance, most of the best indoor air rowing machines feature ergonomically crafted aluminum handles, which are lightweight, soft, and supportive yet.

Rowing Machine Footboard

While rowing an air rowing machine, you have three connections: the seat, handle, and footboards. The foot contact to the rower is the most important thing of all these three things because that’s where you put most of the strength into it. Therefore, correct foot positioning on the rowing machine is an essential aspect of rowing.

But until the footrests are entirely adjustable, it’s not easy to find the rowing machine’s right foot position. So when you are going to purchase the air rowing machines for your home, you must consider the footplates with two adjustments.

Firm footrests for rowing machines can be moved up and down to match varying sizes of feet. They also have elastic braces to keep the foot tight in place during the workout. Therefore, keep in mind that the footboard must be adjustable, allowing you to set the right foot positions.

Seat Height

The rower that looked amazing in the showroom can be felt awkward in your first workout. And so, make sure that the rower is long enough, has a comfortable seat, and an ergonomically designed handle that is wide enough to fit you easily. If you cannot use it without proper comfort, even the best rower in the world will be a waste of money.

Seat height on an air-rowing system is significant. If you don’t have the right balance, you may want to remain closer to the ground to prevent falling. Besides, if you have trouble with your knees and back to reach the bench, you have to adjust the seat height according to your preference.

We suggest that you try such an air rowing machine that comes with the seat adjustment facility. By selecting the right height of the bench, you will be able to get on and off from the seat quickly. Usually, the best air rowers seat are mostly positioned 19′′-22′′ from the field. So, to get the right balance, the height of the seat is crucial.

Air Rowing Machine FAQs

How Do Air Rowers Work?

Air rowers provide sliding seats that support cardiovascular exercises for the entire body. Their fan-like resistance mechanisms are flywheels. When the rower handlebar gets pushed, the fan blades spin and resist the air around. If the fan flywheel is open, riders will get a little bit cold.

How Powerful Is The Resistance?

Resistance on air rowers is well capable of adjusting any user convenience automatically. It is dependent on the efforts of the user. The stronger a trainee rows, the more air is blown. Besides, few air rowers also have airflow adjustment dampers. But the major downside of an air rower is its fan’s noise.

Which Brands Are Best?

In terms of ergonomics and longevity, Concept2 leads the air rower industry for over 3-decades. Its stroke looks very similar to water rowing, and it is also suitable for team training. Furthermore, some other affordable air rowing machines from Stamina are also best considering their price range. A variety of brands like Marcy, MaxKare, BodyCraft, and XTERRA also offers medium-sized options in the market.

Why Buy an Air Rowing Machine?

Aerobics: It conducts an outstanding calorie burn and enhances our overall cardiovascular fitness. Consistent rowing practice for approximately 1 hour usually burns 600 calories.

Muscular conditioning: The typical motion of a rowing workout impacts several muscle groups and develops muscular conditioning.

Low impact: Rowing is easy, and it comparatively causes less impact on your joints. So it is less risky than other cardio exercises.

HIITOpens in a new tab. training potential: Air rowing offers an impressive level of variability through speeding up and slowing down your rowing. It helps to create high intensity without any preset built-in programs.

What is the pricing of Air Rower?

Compared to other indoor rowing machines, air rowers offer more mid-range prices. Their pricing generally lies between less costly hydraulic models and most costly water models.

$250 and under: These low-budget designs typically provide simple options, such as monitors, trackers, and preset applications.

$250-$500: Usually, these more widely used versions come with more durable frames. They typically have a few more preset programs than lower-priced options.

$500+: These models are best suited for commercial purposes. They ensure maximum durability, better build quality, and high-end modernized features than the rest.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have tried our best to cover every piece of information regarding each air rowing machine. Besides, to help you out here, we have included a buying guide as well. We hope this review of the best air rowing machine will help you make an informed decision on-air rower.

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