5 Ways to Burn Calories without Exercise

Getting a fit body is everyone’s desire. Many people work hard to have perfect abs. Excessive weight is the prime obstacle to fitness. Exercising can be beneficial in this regard. But sticking to a strict and regular exercise plan may be difficult if you have a tight schedule.

5 Ways to Burn Calories without Exercise

5 Ways to Burn Calories without Exercise

Some proven tips can still help you to lose weight even when you are not willing to break a sweat. We are describing several scientific methods available that can burn extra calories of your body without the trouble of exercising.

1. Drinking plenty of water

None can deny the advantages of drinking water. Drink at least 7-8 glass water per day. Some experiment shows that it helps to lose calory by boosting metabolism. The metabolism process can not take place without the presence of enough water. The higher the metabolism rate, the lower the calory in your body.

Drinking a glass of water before every meal will reduce your appetite. Research claims that this habit can reduce up to 70 calories per meal. It removes toxins and keeps your organs in good form. So the organs can work well against fat gaining.

Besides, if you replace sugary drinks with water, it will lessen calory consumption. So this low amount of calory easily gets vanished due to metabolism. It hydrates your body, and hydration is useful for brain functionalities and weight loss.

2. Having a sound sleep

Enough sleep is essential for burning calories. Insufficient sleep results in depression and stress. They may imbalance the level ADH and cortisol and increase weight. Sound sleep protects the body from all of them. Our body burns calory at sleeping time.

If a person wakes up before a sufficient slumber, the body resumes the process of calory burning. Staying awake also leads you to feel hungry and eat more food. A sound sleep reduces the amount of Ghrelin, that signals of hunger in our brain.

It also increases the amount of Leptin, which lessens hunger. In this way, sleeping helps to lose calory. Sufficient sleep also reduces your tiredness. So you get more stamina in doing physical activities. It will surely burn calories. A person should sleep for 7 to 9 hours per day.

3. Healthy diet plan and mealtime

Make a diet plan such that it contains a lot of protein and low calory. Protein minimizes hunger, keep the belly full for a long time. It influenced some hormones to work against hunger and tiredness. It also increases the metabolism rate. Thus it can burn calories in the body.

If you take more calory than your body can burn, it will get stored as fat in your body. So select foods with low calory. Avoid oily foods and sweetened dessertOpens in a new tab.. Prefer sugarless tea or coffee over sugary drinks. Burning fat also depends on mealtime.

Don’t miss a meal. It may affect you to eat more in the next one. Breakfast should be the main meal. Sleep after 3 or 4 hours of eating at night. The foods will get digested before you sleep. But sleeping instantly after a meal hampers the digestion and calory reduction process.

4. Eating a lot of vegetables and fiber-rich foods

If you can’t resist food, don’t need to worry. You are welcome to eat vegetables and fiber-rich food as much as you want. They mainly help to burn calories. They make you feel full with a meager calory consumption. Studies show that they take only 25 minutes to digest.

Most of them promote calory burning and metabolism. Including more vegetable and fiber-rich foods in your meal shed your belly fat more effectively than anything else. The 36- grams(for man) fiber food consumption will reduce the calory even if you don’t change your previous diet plan.

Apples, sweet potatoes, beans, bananas, oranges, chickpeas as well as all dark colored vegetables are rich in fiber. You will notice a significant weight loss by eating them continuously.

5. Changing bad habits

Without avoiding some bad habits, you can not dream of a perfect body. Stop drinking all kinds of sugary drinks and beverages. Even the sugar-free drinks may contain some elements which are responsible for calory gain. We tend to eat ambiguously while being in restaurants.

Most of the items are rich in calory served in them. So you have to select foods by keeping them in your mind. Moreover, many of us have a terrible habit of eating more when we are distracted. When we concentrate on something while eating food, we don’t keep any track of the amount of food.

Smoking and drinking alcohol also contribute to weight gain. Luxurious lifestyle may make you do less physical activities. Always choose the stairs instead of lifts or elevators. Try to walk to reach the destination if it is not so far. These few changes will help to burn fat.

Final Words

You can burn a lot of calory by exercising within a short period. But if it seems problematic, you can easily maintain a fit body by following our guidelines. In this case, you have to be patient cause it won’t be a quick process and will reduce weight slowly.


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